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Offspring of GB Ch Kupros Master Mariner (8/14/1983-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Millhangers India Gin Sling:

Millhanger Leave It To Me (10/14/1990-) [BVA 3/3]

Out of Glenarem Peppermint Of Bromestead:

Bromestead Ebony Lady (4/10/1991-) [BVA 5/4]

Out of GB Ch Brigburn Broom:

Brigburn Carna (12/19/1988-)

Out of GB ShCh Lougin Lamara:

Gothleed Brutus (4/16/1992-) [BVA 3/2]

Out of Veralea Razzle Dazzle:

Veralea Flashback

Out of Dusky Amber Of Roscote:

Glencoe Storm

Out of Follytower Silk Braid Of Wardmark:

Wardmark Lauralie

Out of Tomsgrange Ebony Lady:

Tomsgrange Nut Cutlet (7/4/1989-)

Out of Wharram Tan of Keepers:

Mansditch Shadow

Out of Newinn Eve of Tissalian:

Tissalian Master Mack (1991-)

Out of Camilla Carnivaltime:

Fetching Caramel Musketeer (8/5/1988-)

Out of Clare of Charnwood at Newinn:

Newinn Wood Sage (11/22/1985-)
Newinn Wild Cherry (11/22/1985-)
Newinn Wild Thyme

Out of Winsome Whispa:

Mistlee Phantom (3/14/1989-)

Out of Luggsmill Saving Grace of Primsland:

Parsley Perkins
Primsland Master of Comedy (11/5/1987-)
This Time Lucky at Trigona (11/5/1987-)

Out of Baanbirch Bow Belle:

Baanbirch Britannia (11/12/1989-) [BVA 2/2]

Out of Emmelli Lucy of Llangeinor:

Queen of The View

Out of Taraloch Bobetta:

Tarkos Twinkle Toes of Jimjoy

Out of Barnham Bramble Bee:

Barnham Beaver (7/19/1990-) [BVA 3/3]

Out of Hobbsfield Choclate Connie of Badgersleigh:

Badgersleigh Wood Gin of Kymin (5/17/1989-)

Out of Jemaphia Nutmeg at Veldalsk:

Veldalsk Marinka (1986-)
Veldask Marinka (8/12/1986-) [0:0]

Out of Oakwood's Solar Girl of Thirlmere:

Thirlmere Honesty (8/17/1990-) [BVA 2/3]
Thirlmere Forget Me Not of Tawnybank (8/17/1990-) [7:8]

Out of Dawn Whispa of Annakay:

Annakay Moon Light Over Nunneyswood (7/1/1988-)
Annakay Master Gunner at Nunneyswood (7/1/1988-) [BVA 3:3]

Out of Stradbrook Hot Diggety:

Baringa Cee Otter
Baringa Cee Eagle
Aust Ch Baringa Cee Sprite

Out of Bryndafydd Phaethusa at Inkerman:

Inkerman Asphodel

Out of Waintree Secret Design:

Ch Zenchel Blue Peter (4/18/1996-2009) [2:3]
Zenchel Bellbottom Blues

Out of Aust Ch Trenow Prelude:

Southbank First Edition

Out of Bonnie of Follybreeze:

Follybreeze Annabella (1989-)
Follybreeze Angus (1989-)
Follybreeze Amy of Allenie (1989-)
Follybreeze Amish (1989-)
Follybreeze Alice (1989-)
Follybreeze Alfee (1989-)

Out of Copperbloom of Nunneyswood:

Nunneyswood Elysa Jane Of Camrid
Nunneyswood Emma Loo (5/30/1988-)
Nunneyswood Elisa Jane of Camrid (5/30/1988-) [BVA 4:4]

Out of Nunneyswood Twylight Carrianne:

Nunneyswood Day Break Dameon (3/13/1988-) [OFA Fair]
Nunneyswood Dusky Dawn (4/26/1992-) [BVA 6:7]
Nunneyswood Day Dream of Annakay (3/13/1988-) [BVA 3:3]

Out of Suley's Sinful Lady:

GB ShCh Suley Supersonic Sidney (1987-)
GB ShCh Suley Super Sam (8/23/1987-)

Out of Suley Sea Surfer:

GB Sh Ch Suley Sensational Sadie (3/7/1993-) [BVA 5:5]

Out of Miss Jessica of Allenie:

Allenies Maronite (5/26/1989-)

Out of Nunneywood Twylight Carrianne:

Nunneywood Day Dream of Annakay (3/13/1988-) [BVA 3:3]

Out of Susalyn Royal Emblem of Courtbarns:

Courtbarns Garter Sash (4/8/1988-)

Out of Jayncourt Revelation:

Jayncourt Summer Breeze (5/28/1993-)

Out of GB ShCh Angolcroft Shula:

Angolcroft Moonstar (3/30/1987-)
Angolcroft Memories (3/30/1987-)
Angolcroft Seamus (3/30/1987-)

Out of Tyton Casca:

Tyton Lady Anne

Out of Follytower Faith:

Hamdon Mood Music of Bramthorn (9/17/1991-) [BVA 2/2]

Out of Farringford Extra Special:

Farringford Indianna (1/19/1991-) [BVA 6:11]

Out of Ballyduff Kanga of Blackfriars:

Blackfriars Byzance (4/27/1989-)

Out of Rooklane Corianna:

Rooklane Coountryman
Rooklane Countryman (6/1/1987-)
Rooklane Juniper (6/1/1987-)

Out of Rooklane Miss Rosemary:

Rooklane Cormorant (5/17/1992-) [BVA 4:8]

Out of Sans Mal Sweet Reflection:

UK ShCh Sansmal Seafarer (4/28/1986-)

Out of Subar Kontessa:

Subar Ships Belle (12/29/1987-)

Out of Fieldvalley's Frida:

Watch-Out's Holly (11/3/1996-) [A/A]

Out of Kensix Hazel:

Colhook Hutton at Leospring (8/20/1988-) [BVA 5/3]

Out of Norw. Ch Surprising's Theresa:

Norw. Ch Surprising's Christina (10/5/1992-) [A]

Out of Kupros Gypsy Rose:

C.C.W. Kupros Sea Hawk (6/14/1993-) [BVA 1:2]
Kupros Blackberry (6/14/1993-) [OFA LR-64405G24F]

Out of Quest of Lyndhurst:

Lyndhurst Quite Amazing (7/12/1991-)
Lyndhurst Quite Audacious (7/1991-)

Out of Oakrowan Solitaire:

Oakrowan Crusader (12/5/1986-)

Out of Bryndafydd Pandora of Jeater:

Inkerman Andromeda of Bryndafydd (7/15/1986-)

Out of Abbydron Sophia of Insley:

C.C.W. Insley Issa (12/1/1985-)
GB ShCh Insley Idas (12/1/1985-)
GB Sh Ch Insley Iasus (12/1/1985-) [BVA 4:3]

Out of Fulbeck Fairday of Marfell:

GB Ch. Marfell Seafarer (4/28/1993-) [BVA 5:6]

Out of Langdale Stormcloud:

Lancroft Sea Breeze (3/31/1987-)

Out of Primsland Gossamer:

Primsland Match Maker At Kupros JH (2/1/1993-) [OFA LR-61451E24M]

Out of Donalbain Julia:

Donalbain Bertram (6/21/1991-) [OFA LR-51547G33M]

Out of UK ShCh Sandylands Bella:

Sandylands Moire of Hazelbeach (7/18/1986-) [BVA 2/3]
Sandylands Match Box (7/18/1986-)

Out of Brightwalton Bossy Boots:

Brightwalton Black Beauty (1/31/1988-)
Brightwalton Born A Star (1/31/1988-) [BVA 0:0]

Out of Follytower Brownthorn:

Follytower Brigantine (7/4/1986-8/30/1997) [Normal]
Follytower Little Brown Jug (8/17/1987-)
Follytower Brown Derby at Brenneil (8/17/1987-) [BVA 4:3]
Follytower Brilliant At Brenneil (8/17/1987-)
Follytower Harborton Belle (8/17/1987-)
Follytower Sweet Georgia (8/17/1987-) [BVA 2:2]
Follytower Brazen of Merrymills (7/4/1986-)

Out of Stajantor Amy Of Ballyduff:

GB ShCh Ballyduff Dawn of Bannowbridge (10/1/1986-)
Ballyduff Baringo (10/1/1986-)
NL/Bel Ch Ballyduff Mara (7/11/1988-) [A]
C.C.W Ballyduff Statis (10/1/1986-) [BVA 3:5]
Ballyduff Cheetah (10/1/1986-)

Out of Miss Purdey of Forgemartins:

Forgemartins Mistique (1/22/1991-) [BVA 7:11]
Forgemartins Spruce (1/22/1991-) [BVA 5:3]

Out of Glosmere Chocolate Minstrel at Lougin:

Lougin Brown Bomber (3/4/1986-) [BVA 0:1]
Lougin Bracken (3/4/1986-)
C.C.W. Lougin Lucy Locket (9/28/1987-) [BVA 0-0]
Lougin Nut Cluster (3/4/1986-) [BVA 4:3]

Out of Lasgarn Lyric:

UK ShCh Lasgarn Laurdup (3/4/1986-) [BVA 5/1]
GB Sh. Ch. Lasgarn Laudrup (3/4/1986-1996) [BVA 1/5]

Out of Beltarn Princess Goda:

Beltarn Hrypadum (10/13/1986-) [5/3]
Beltarn Black Magic of Newinn (10/13/1986-) [4:6]
GB ShCh Beltarn Diuma Of Newinn (10/13/1986-)

Out of Naiken Adisi:

Naiken Elegant Elisa (7/15/1991-) [BVA 6:6]
C.C.W. Naiken Eduardo Esquire (7/15/1991-) [BVA 6/8]
Naiken Evening Echo (7/15/1991-)
Naiken Elusive Elspeth C.C.W. (7/15/1991-)

Out of Rangeway Susie-Whoo:

Rangeways Raffles (2/22/1987-)
Rangeways Ribbons N'Bows (2/22/1987-)

Out of Jayncourt Earth Angel:

AmCH Jayncourt The Professor (7/8/1986-)

Out of Davricard Browned Off:

GB Sh.Ch. Davricard Bobby Shafto (5/25/1990-)

Out of Zanys Penny Lane at Cannonridge:

C.C.W. Cannonridge Jackdaw (3/29/1990-) [BVA 1:1]

Out of Kupros Moonriver of Follytower:

Follytower Admiral Moon (2/17/1986-) [FCI A1]

Out of Rocheby Cherish at Birchbrook:

Birchbrook Plum Pudding (3/23/1989-) [BVA 6/12]

Out of Glosmere Black Beauty:

Glosmere Black Prince (7/1/1986-) [4/4]
Glosmere Just in Time (8/28/1988-)

Out of Keysun Ruling Star of Bradking:

GB ShCh Bradking Molly-Mo (6/5/1986-)
Bradking Marquesa of Bowstones (6/5/1986-)
Am/Can CH Bradking Mike (6/5/1986-) [OFA LR-65020E109M]
ShCh Bradking Music Maker of Kingstream (6/5/1986-) [BVA 13/5]
Ch Bradking Solo (12/24/1988-)

Out of Gallybob Genie:

Gallybob Odin (12/7/1990-) [BVA 0:0]

Out of GB SH CH Cambremer Madonna:

Cambremer Thatcher (7/12/1987-1997) [BVA 0:3]
Cambremer Star Trekker (12/7/1987-) [B2]

Out of Charway Sally Brown:

AmCH Charway Maverick (9/9/1985-)
Charway Sea Aster (9/9/1985-) [BVA 2:3]
FIN Ch. Charway Sea Badger (9/9/1985-) [BVA 0/3]
Int.Ch./Dt.Ch./VDH.Ch. Charway Sea Beaver (9/9/1985-2000) [0]

Out of Sandylands Bramble:

Sandylands My Hearty (11/3/1987-)
Sandylands Martin (11/3/1987-)
Am Can CH Sandylands Marshal Am JH (11/3/1987-) [OFA LR-33586G24M]
Eng Sh CH Sandylands My Guy (11/3/1987-) [7/7]

Out of C.C.W. Cambremer Montclair:

Cambremer Classical Jazz (7/4/1989-) [BVA 20/13]
Cambremer Silhouette (7/28/1987-) [BVA 2:2]
Int Ch Cambremer Vallon de Villard (7/28/1987-)
Int. CH Cambremer Bluebell (7/28/1987-)
Cambremer Downtown Girl of Blackfyne (7/28/1987-)
Cambremer Magic Moment (7/4/1989-)
GB Sh Ch Cambremer Jazz Singer (7/28/1987-) [BVA 4/4]
SU CH Cambremer Copy Cat (7/28/1987-) [BVA 3/6]
Sh Ch Cambremer All That Jazz (7/28/1987-) [3/3]

Out of Kupros Kirsch:

Kupros Maroon (6/4/1985-)
IntCh/VDH-Ch B/FCh Kupros Macduff at Zanys (6/4/1985-) [6/6]

Out of Lindall Mollie Malone:

Can.Ch. Boothgates Krazy Kaper (6/27/1986-) [4/4]

Out of Brandham Hot Choice for Oulsmi:

Brandhams Imperial Wizard at Dumbledale
Brandhams Imperial Wizard
Bel./Lux.Ch. Brandhams Make Me A Star for Oulsmi (6/19/1992-) [A (0)]
Brandhams Hold Me Close

Out of Rocheby Shady Lady:

SA Ch Rocheby Ship Shape (1/10/1993-)
NZ Ch Rocheby Sailing Along at Follytower (1/10/1993-)
NL Ch Rocheby Royal Marine (1/10/1993-4/22/2008) [FCI B]
Rocheby Sailing By (1/10/1993-8/2001) [BVA 5:5]

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