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Offspring of FTCh Glencoin Drummer of Drakeshead (3/9/1978-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Drakeshead Orchid:

Cressett Crystal

Out of Benfoot Black Gem:

Longside Prince (6/28/1983-)

Out of Black Satin Shot:

Black Velvet Rose Of Rosside

Out of Sasquatch Suky:

Ebony of Stanworth

Out of Dudland Kimber:

Sea Breeze Popcorn

Out of Pinkwun Of Gunnerside:

Pooh Bear Of Gunnerside

Out of Toisland Gwen:

Happy Shooter

Out of Birkhaugh Belle:

Birkhaugh Bonny

Out of Towson's Black Fiver:

Karne Orbitor

Out of Baas Hill Rosie:

Baashil Fern of Rasenfeld

Out of Megaera of Bentley Hay:

Penny of Warrington

Out of Andola Bracken Cream Cracker:

Andola Whincourt Whisper (1985-) [1/1]

Out of Belle of Lingrise:

Lingrise Drummajorette

Out of Copster Golden Honey:

Eliza Doolittle (1981-)

Out of Black Jade of Cambrian:

Cambrian Jet (3/22/1981-)

Out of Flagmarsh Gale:

Eastlodge Bryn

Out of Baashill Rosie:

Baashill Anna (1981-)
Baashill Fern of Rasenfeld
Baashill Jason (5/26/1981-) [BVA 1:1]

Out of Veraton Tintinnabulum:

Veraton Viceroy of Tweedshot

Out of Glenbriar Heidi of Drakeshead:

Drakeshead Digby (1985-)

Out of Mansa Magic Mandy:

Hawkestone Ghillie

Out of Manwood Black Ostrich:

Well Green Ester

Out of Ebony Rainbow:

Lady Penny

Out of Shamdale Fern:

Glen of Warren (3/24/1985-)
Dipper of Oakmeadow

Out of Gorseinon Sian:

Jenny of Flock Farm (6/7/1983-) [BVA 3:3]

Out of Cadnor Girl:

Barber Shop Black Silk
Rievaulx Lad (5/3/1980-)

Out of Penney Pippa:

Bracken Lord of Braydeston

Out of Dee of Hall-Cross:

Derry of Hop Cottage

Out of Angeltowns Black Tanita:

Anglesey Star (1/31/1981-)
Franscombe Kate (1/30/1981-)
Black Jess of Kenwunn

Out of Sarahs Silky Moonlight:

Aucklands AmberTeal
Tig of Hardill (10/23/1984-)

Out of Leawyn Chrissy:

Leawyn Pollyanna (5/27/1986-)
Leawyn Black Ace

Out of Rebecca of Drakeshead:

Drakeshead Dora (1985-)
Drakeshead Diana (1985-)
Drakeshead Della (1985-)
Drakeshead Dawn (1985-)
Drakeshead Darcy (1985-)
Drakeshead Daphne (1985-)
Drakeshead Dagmar (1985-)

Out of Wybersleigh Tika:

FTCH Glentika Lad (3/6/1986-)

Out of Henderland Geecee:

Drummer's Distant Dream

Out of Wingbeat Serenade:

Wingbeat Willow

Out of Leawyn Saiga:

Leawyn Tracker (1985-)

Out of Styleside Berry of Drakeshead:

Drakeshead Rosie

Out of Donna of Burnmoor:

Brackensby Tessa (4/5/1983-)

Out of Leawyn Black Gem:

Leawyn Coronet
Leawyn Capercaillie (1985-)

Out of Leawyn Tina:

Leawyn Yellow Hammer

Out of Dupplin Queenie:

Shamdale Ben

Out of Symonstone Cassandra:

Moelfre of Dean Top

Out of Knobhill Cilla:

Knobhill Crystal

Out of Drakeshead Fern of Hoptonwood:

Drakeshead Quilt
SE JCH Drakeshead Svea (9/5/1981-) [A]
Drakeshead Nutmeg of Treckers (9/5/1981-)

Out of Dusky Solitaire Of Haydown:

Cuillin Sound
Carrie's Yellow Ember (11/15/1985-) [BVA 5/3]

Out of Drakeshead Ingle:

Drakeshead Oonagh of Sladeway

Out of Haretor Megan of Drakeshead:

Drakeshead Brand (1985-)
Drakeshead Braid (1985-)
Drakeshead Blanche (1985-)
Drakeshead Blackberry (1985-)
Drakeshead Bilberry (1985-)
Drakeshead Beige (1985-)
Drakeshead Bazaar (1985-)
Drakeshead Banter (1985-)
Drakeshead Banner (1985-)

Out of Madford Yellow Tarka:

Madford Spice (12/29/1983-)
Madford Silk of Wyvernaxe

Out of Black Sky Gypsi/Black Sky Gipsy:

Verona Gipsy
Rambo of Downfarm Ft.W. (8/30/1985-) [BVA 0/0]

Out of Staindrop Smut of Drakeshead:

Drakeshead Kirk
Drakeshead Kay

Out of Drakeshead Scouse:

Jetta Of Drakeshead (4/12/1986-)
FTCh Piper Of Halamy (5/12/1982-)
Drakeshead Impact (5/27/1980-)
Highground Flyer
Nuthall Bess
Sea Breeze Bella (4/8/1983-)
Priam of Drakeshead
Gablescroft Flax
Drakeshead Ivy of Malwell

Out of IrlFTCH Raughlin Rose:

Raughlin Simon
Raughlin Jobe
Raughlin Rob
Raughlin Ruby of Drakeshead (1987-)
Raughlin Roland of Kelvinhead (1/23/1987-) [BVA 0/0]
FTCH Raughlin Eppy
FTCh Raughlin Pete of Drakeshead (1/23/1987-) [BVA 4/4]

Out of Willowyck Briar:

Willowyck Ebony
Willowyck Elad Wotstado (1985-) [1/1]

Out of Carrington Fay:

Ton Le Tarra

Out of FTCh Drakeshead Anna:

Drakeshead Piper of Derryboy (2/15/1982-)
Drakeshead Pepper

Out of Terranova Bracken:

Janis of Drakeshead (8/15/1986-)

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