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Offspring of FTCh Swinbrook Twig (5/8/1984-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Tyndale Harmony:

Bondi Peach

Out of Raughlin Diamond Of Saxaphone:

Saxaphone Yellowkite

Out of Whinreek Della Ft.W.:

Symington Brownie (1989-) [3/4]

Out of Middlegate Dionne:

Middlegate Ria
Middlegate Rock

Out of Bonny Of Mallowdale:

Mallowdale Anna Of Orsett (9/9/1988-)

Out of Treckers Tara of Follybreeze:

Follybreeze Rose (1988-)
Follybreeze Tulip (1988-)
Follybreeze Twig (1988-)
Follybreeze Willow (1988-)

Out of Woodland Gypsy:

Gem of Hollinwell

Out of Stanthorne Meg:

Weaverbrook Bracken Dan

Out of Cocklebarrow Flycatcher:

Gargon George Of Sarloy Glen (3/6/1995-)

Out of Bonnie of Shipmeadow:

FTW Bueastead Linnet (4/3/1990-) [1/4]

Out of Whiterow Annabella:

Thornwood Koi (1992-)

Out of Donna Lar Diamond:

Penyfedw Pal of Fleensop

Out of Ragpath's Jazzeroo:

Drummer of Vasterkogens

Out of Holly of Larden:

Jessica Jones

Out of Sandbrook Fern:

Tybie Lucky (4/10/1988-)
Jill of Halkmoor (4/10/1988-)

Out of Bumble of Aldertree:

Aldertree Holly

Out of Lady of Chippenham:

High Kite (7/21/1990-) [BVA 3/7]
Lady in the Shadows

Out of Ferndale Holly:

Grangeland Thistle
Blackthorne Lass

Out of Treckers Dawn of Follybreeze:

Swiftwater Jeannie

Out of Ebony of Wheatley:

Shamdale Kestrel of Dunterton

Out of Beech Mast Bella:

Hot Foot Maze (7/16/1992-)
Cold Ash Tospy (7/16/1992-) [BVA 3.4]

Out of Edgefield Tessa:

Gwyne Of Spring Grange

Out of Cilla of Springhill:

Blackjack Arabella
Gypsy of Kenar

Out of Bellsard Lady:

Wansford Toff
Bellground Fern

Out of Margerywing Banjo:

Stonesdale Skylark

Out of Seren Gemma:

Digger of Capercail (3/14/1989-) [BVA 6/3]

Out of Drakeshead Ballad:

Mallygill Equerry

Out of Sord Flush:

Keepersmoor Musket
Keepersmoor Widgon (12/18/1990-) [BVA 0/3]
Keepersmoor Amber

Out of Princess of Malwell:

Malwell Donna

Out of Drakeley Ivy:

Amber Angel Delight

Out of Forever Black Juno:

Black Thorn Wonder

Out of Sweet Shona:

Roughbank Rugar (1994-) [6/7]
Braveoak Becki

Out of Drakeshead Nina:

Soft Shadow Lady (1989-)

Out of Bonzer Maltease:

FTW Bonzer Dandy
Bonzer Black Adam

Out of Superb Breeze:

Silky Dark Girl

Out of Yubberburr Ruby:

F.T.W. Burryubber Wizard

Out of Mandacre Black Grouse:

Mandacre Wren
Mandacre Storm Petrel [6/4]

Out of Kes Of Honiley:

Cheerful Girl of Artistryn (1991-) [7/6]

Out of Smagill Sally:

Gartshore Fresia (9/9/1994-)
Gartshore Dynamite (8/4/1992-)
Gartshore Chianti of Garagill (9/9/1994-) [BVA 5/5]
Gartshore Tweed of Leadburn (8/4/1992-) [BVA 4/5]
Gartshore Geisha (9/9/1994-) [BVA 7:6]
FTW Gartshore Clyde of Smagill (8/4/1992-) [BVA 3/3]

Out of Staindrop Rose Hip:

Burnwood Holly [4/5]

Out of Perrydean Polly:

OFTW Mister Blue (4/27/1990-) [6/7]

Out of Witney Sarah:

Spatchcock Penny
Spatchcock Anne
Spatchcock Drake
Spatchcock Broom
Spatchcock Val (11/28/1989-) [3/3]

Out of Roxy of Ulstare:

Ulstare opal of littleowls

Out of Gablescroft Penny:

Keness Ash [5/5]

Out of Purdey's Friend:

Merch-Y-Tywod (8/29/1989-)

Out of Scolopax Midnight Lady:

Scolopax Midnight Silk (4/8/1991-) [BVA 4/6]
FTCh Scolopax Quail Of Gunstock (10/30/1989-) [BVA 1/2]

Out of Irish Ft.Ch. Turramurra Lady of Ernevale:

Ernevale Blake
Ernevale Bessy (7/27/1989-)

Out of Black Cassie of Brockton:

Kentee Sunny Sophie [BVA 3/2]

Out of Tiggle Tina of Whitlocks:

Whitlocks Chaff of Grangewater

Out of Linksview Vogue:

Gartshore Bea
FTW Gartshore Blaise

Out of FT Ch Park Lane Jenny:

Wiltonpark Coral (4/21/1988-)
Wiltonpark Cantata Of Mallowdale (4/21/1988-) [BVA 2/2]
Wiltonpark Carnival (4/21/1988-)
FTAW Wiltonpark Carousel (4/21/1988-)

Out of FTW Treckers Peggy Of Craigfelin:

Craigfelin Kate
Craigfelin Kane
Craigfelin Kizzy (1991-) [22/33]
FTW Craigfelin Kandy (6/6/1991-)

Out of Jenny of Flock Farm:

Tuddenham Black Bruce (1988-)
Rita of Readhead (1988-)
Flockfarm Benbecula (1988-) [3/5]
Bringwood Corrie (1988-) [4/3]

Out of Drakeshead Hope:

Teresa Of Devon (10/30/1991-)
Kathy Fair [BVA 3/6]

Out of FTW Tibea Tipp:

Mallowdale Judy (2/6/1988-) [BVA 1/1]
Mallowdale Bill of Millbuies

Out of Birdbrook Easter of Brackenbird:

Brackenbird Gypsy [5/5]

Out of Treo's Nettle:

Brave Mark
FTCH Treo's Bold Solo

Out of FTCh Linksview Lena:

Smagill Dunlin (1993-) [1/4]
Smagill Driver of Saxaphone (6/6/1993-) [BVA 2:2]
Smagill Dash (6/6/1993-) [BVA 3:3]

Out of Manymills Molly:

Sealpin Storax (1993-)

Out of FTW Black Moll of Wapsac:

Llanover Fay [4/4]
FTCh Whistlestop Scamp [BVA 2/2]

Out of Glebespray Angel:

Bruce of Roebuck
FTW Seastorm of Thornlands

Out of Irish Ft.Ch. Shooting Pal:

Peregrine of Loughtown
Linnet of Glenloch (1988-)

Out of Susie of Mallowdale:

Mallowdale Frisky
Mallowdale Flurry Of Greenbriar (2/17/1991-)
Mallowdale Flash
Mallowdale Factor
Mallowdale Faithful [7/6]
Mallowdale Olwyn
Mallowdale Olivia [10/8]
Mallowdale Olive [7/3]
Mallowdale Olga
Mallowdale Orchid [6/6]
Mallowdale Officer
Mallowdale Ossie [1/2]
Mallowdale Ollie Of Keveanda
Mallowdale Odette (5/31/1994-) [7/6]
Mallowdale Fancy (2/17/1991-) [A]
Mallowdale Oscar (5/31/1994-4/6/2009) [A/A (1995)]

Out of Hollins Sunflower of Horton:

Horton Field Hoover (9/22/1990-) [BVA 4/5]
Horton Rainbelle (4/15/1992-) [BVA 4/5]
Horton Rainfall (4/15/1992-) [A]

Out of Broadville Damsel of Mallowdale:

Mallowdale Chauntress (1989-) [7/9]
Mallowdale Charmer (1989-)
Mallowdale Graceful
Mallowdale Guilesome [3/5]
Mallowdale Gaylass
Mallowdale Gunner Of Leeglen [2/4]
Mallowdale Glancer
Mallowdale Gamestar
Mallowdale Gameboy
FTCh Mallowdale Giddy of Staftly (9/12/1991-) [BVA 0/0]

Out of FTCh Munro Tess:

Garendon Caper
Garendon Corporal
Garendon Cindy (1/23/1994-) [BVA 5/4]
Garendon Corma (1/23/1994-) [BVA 7/6 ]
FTCh Garendon Captain (1/23/1994-) [BVA 6/5]
Garendon Chubb (1/23/1994-) [BVA 4/2]
FTCh Garendon Cassie of Ropehall (1/23/1994-) [BVA 2/3]

Out of Beautiful Black Shadow:

Mallowdale Hero
Mallowdale Heedful
Mallowdale Hector Of Cadnant (1992-) [5/5]
Mallowdale Hearty
Mallowdale Hazard (1992-) [4/4]
Mallowdale Hasty (4/20/1992-) [BVA 8/7]

Out of IrlFTCH Raughlin Rose:

Raughlin The Whip
FTCh Raughlin Rachel (7/25/1988-) [BVA 3/2]
Raughlin Rebecca [A1]

Out of Palgrave Slippery Sue:

Harriet Of Hyndford (7/9/1988-)

Out of FTCh Flashmount Larch:

Flashmount Myrtle
Flashmount Acer Of Clancallum
Flashmount Alder (1993-) [18/9]
Flashmount Spruce [6/4]
Flashmount Teak (4/7/1993-) [8/6]

Out of Chippinghurst Ptmarmagin:

Endacott Centurion (1990-)
Endacott Commander (1990-)
Endacott Cavalier (1990-)
Endacott Carnival Cassie (1990-)
FTCh Endacott's Queen (3/2/1990-) [BVA 2/2]

Out of IR FTCh Ann of Cleary:

Tup's Indispensable (5/12/1988-)
Seafin Ruby (5/12/1988-)
FTCh Ben of Mallowdale (5/12/1988-)
FTW Ashbrooke Alfie (5/12/1988-) [BVA 5/2]

Out of FTW Mallowdale Dora of Saxaphone:

Saxaphone Ginger Nut

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