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Offspring of Hedenhampark Mallard (4/13/1971-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Anin Fantasia:

Crecca Slaughden

Out of Elsa Surprise:

Ashmeadow Mandy

Out of Goodevstoen Bess:

Pinefield Lucas

Out of Kelly Calista:

Susie Of Willowridge

Out of Framlingham Hall Tess:

Kazan (son of Hedenhampark Mallard)

Out of Honeybee of Reed:

Benjamin of Wyd

Out of Westwood Tarn:

Vasterskogen Magpie

Out of Bishopsnaith Lass:

Bishopsnaith Moss (10/31/1977-)

Out of GB.Ft.Ch. Tripwire Mona:

Tripwire Of Kenwunn
Tripwire Merry

Out of Joyful Jill:

Blackbird of Petsue

Out of Black Bess O'Gallygun:

Keywood Heidi

Out of Zamba Soot:

Delshots Cinder

Out of Windylea Teal:

Windylea Happy Widgeon

Out of Mangreen Tina:

Mangreen Tinee

Out of Pippa of Dellows:

Refflyns Joseph The King Pin

Out of Crowfield Cindy:

Stancroft Saba
FTCh Meld of Thoresby (7/2/1975-)

Out of Evelington Pippa:

Black Fen Breeze

Out of Springstreet Kate:

Cresthaven Fern
Hogarth Dan

Out of Flightline Jammy:

Flightline Jester

Out of Sandringham Tilly:

Sandringham Primus
Sandringham Eider

Out of Ledenbrook Bonnie:

Toby Of Osprey (8/17/1975-)

Out of Flightline Jenny:

GB.Ft.Ch. Flightline Streaker (4/13/1974-)

Out of FTCh Trentlock Bluey:

Spioncop Helmsman
Spioncop Hiram
Spioncop Heather
Spioncop Hurricane

Out of FTCh Sandringham Slipper:

Sandringham Cygnet
Sandringham Dipper (4/2/1974-)

Out of Sandringham Pippit:

Sandringham Brent

Out of Nando Jane of Styleside Ft.W.:

Styleside Berry of Drakeshead (3/22/1979-)

Out of Bunting of Moat Lodge:

Teal of White Fen Drove

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