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Offspring of SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Braeduke Silsdale Music Man (1963-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Minväns Cijoppa:

Minväns Atilda (12/27/1971-) [UA]

Out of Vagants Brocade:

Vagants Clarkia (1967-)

Out of Fifi (S06673/71):

SE LCH Porthos (S22754/73) (5/2/1973-)

Out of Skallsbackens Assa:

Skallsbackens Camilla (1968-)

Out of Black-Bonnie:

Yellow Delphi (1972-)

Out of Aloette (S33374/64):

Beauty (S07529/67) (1967-)

Out of Rahja (S09715/66):

Borelands Tanja

Out of Minvans Cijoppa:

Minvans Atilda (12/27/1971-) [0]

Out of Vagants Lucille:

Dark-Sandy (S43506/71) (7/24/1971-)

Out of INT UCH, NO UCH, SE UCH Dorrfield Yellow Tango:

SE UCH Vagants Elektron

Out of Friarsgrange Sunshine:

Plashbrook Peachy

Out of Centa av Oppensten:

SE UCH SE JCH Vagants Dainty [ua]
SE UCH FI UCH SE JCH Vagants Golden Shandy (1968-) [ua]

Out of Vagants Ludmila:

Stallyktans Genista (1970-)

Out of Dorrfield Honey:

DK UCH Dorrfield Yellow Max

Out of Waterbaby Jesca:

Waterbaby Teal (11/8/1964-)
Waterbaby Gannet (11/8/1964-)

Out of Wendover Crocus:

Wendover Simon
Wendover Sorcerer

Out of Bonnie Pipit:

Millette Moonranger

Out of Spinneyhill Lilac of Lawnwood:

Sweet Viola of Lawnwood
GB CH Gay Piccolo of Lawnwoods (7/9/1965-)

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