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Offspring of GB FTCh Westead Shot of Drakeshead (7/26/1974-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Ridley Jana:

Kelsykes Tyke

Out of Princess Of Kenwunn:

Haulwen Fern (1984-)

Out of Gunstock Ghillie Girl:

Gunstock Pirate

Out of Knobhill Cora:

Knobhill Inca of Treckers

Out of Eland Gemma:

Brinscall Teal

Out of Brenjon Dipper of Willowric:

Willowric Blaze (2/26/1981-)

Out of Wheatrig Belle:

Nelson Trip (6/17/1981-)
Hurstwood Brook

Out of Swinburn Tara:

Swinburn Saracen

Out of Frithco Shambles:

Southfields Cider
Cublington Kite

Out of Broadwick Britt:

Tish of Hinderclay

Out of Venmeth Vix:

Aughentaine Torrish
Davy of Orchardton
Davy of Orchards Town

Out of Lady Tanker Top:

Tessa of The Tilleries

Out of Edenlea Bright Button:

Tobias Black Satin

Out of Norwood Gem:

Mallard Queen

Out of Staindrop Medlar:

Staindrop Sheena

Out of Redsyke Jen:

Redsyke Mitch
Redsyke Pendle

Out of Bella Of Talibeth:

Talibeth Merry Of Woodfold (3/20/1984-)
Talibeth Gypsy

Out of Mallardhurn Abby:

GB FTW Mallardhurn Don (3/20/1978-)

Out of Bankend Cara:

Ulleybrook Drive
Ulleybrook Oak Shadow

Out of Sally of Biteabout:

Featherholme Tan of Highplains

Out of Jet Black of Kenstaff:

Jessica Lass of The West

Out of Sandy Country Girl:

Crookrise Golden Glory (3/12/1978-)

Out of Sheba of Mapplewel:

Edgerton Park Samba (10/10/1982-)

Out of Blackberry of Housty:

Housty Tempest

Out of Jen of Fernshot:

Cindy of Willowdene
Weystone Beth

Out of Offerton Lady:

Blithfield Bo
Antique Lady

Out of Standwall Judy:

Hatcliffe Jenty (3/4/1978-)
Standwall Nita (3/4/1978-)

Out of Ridley Sana:

Greystone Peggy
Golded Eagle

Out of Glengarron Flora:

Trebagil Shot

Out of Baydale Dove:

Shotley Forge Epee

Out of Tess of Elenive:

Vanburgh's Kim of Elenive

Out of Kentoo Rocky:

Bessie Vee (6/16/1982-)

Out of Corriewood Flick:

Homewood Amber Shot
Homestar Jet (<1980)

Out of Tixall Teal:

Genseng Gypsey of Keveanda
Drakeshead Tessa

Out of Judy of Scawton:

Sherryboo Cottage Lady
Brooklet Becky

Out of Wortley Minnie:

Drakeshead Trip

Out of Halkmoor Tara:

Bracken Fern

Out of Rebecca of Drakeshead:

Drakeshead Will (6/15/1984-)

Out of Blacksweep Bitch:

Bonnie of Brooklyn (3/18/1978-)

Out of Sandringham Tickler:

Clevedale Lord
Clevedale Fearless
Clevedale Fawn Of Lumsbank

Out of FTCh Drakeshead Swift:

Bickerton Raffingora
Bickerton Cavodoro
Bickerton Fandango (7/17/1977-)
Bickerton Beattie

Out of Blacksweep Beech:

Glan-Coed Glyn (3/18/1978-)

Out of Bickerton Kiora:

Bickerton Dior
Bickerton Amazing Grace of Drakeshead (1/14/1976-)

Out of Lea Town Jenny:

Mystical Midge Of Rasenfeld
Lea Town Sandy
Hielost of Halamy (2/14/1981-) [BVA 0/0]

Out of Venmeth Bonnie of Trioaks:

Staindrop Seal Of Staxigoe
Staindrop Smut of Drakeshead

Out of Belway Teena:

Baashill Rosie (5/9/1977-)
Grand Sovereign

Out of Flitchamfugler Wagbi:

Flitchamfugler Finder

Out of Clevedale Rhoda:

GB.Ft.Ch. Clevedale Sage (8/4/1977-)

Out of Styleside Berry of Drakeshead:

Drakeshead Austin (8/30/1984-)
Drakeshead Anthony of Halamy Ft.W. (8/30/1984-)
Drakeshead Amy (8/30/1984-)
Drakeshead Alice (8/30/1984-)
Drakeshead Adrian (8/30/1984-)
Drakeshead Amos (8/30/1984-)
Drakeshead Annabel (8/30/1984-)
Drakeshead Angus (8/30/1984-)

Out of Veraton Belinda Fair:

FTCh Veraton Viking (4/21/1977-)

Out of Lucky Gift of Leawyn:

Leawyn Briar (6/1/1980-)

Out of Farmacy Ness:

Foveran Ness

Out of Dupplin Queenie:

Shamdale Seal
Shamdale Fern (7/20/1982-)

Out of Bramble of Birchstone:

Birchstone Afton [3/5]


Snipe Of Budworth (4/4/1983-)
Purdius Of Serai (4/4/1983-)
Fairways Ebony (4/4/1983-)
Haulwen Gypsy (4/4/1983-)

Out of Terranova Empress:

Terranova Elsa (2/20/1979-)

Out of Well Green Ester:

Tessa of Briarnook [1/2]

Out of Drakeshead Scouse:

Drakeshead Mirth

Out of FTCh Welston Bonnie:

Welston Sheena (4/30/1980-)
Welston Sherry

Out of Glencoin Rosemary:

Glencoin Daffodil Ft.W. (4/24/1976-8/17/1987) [BVA 3/3]

Out of Kenstaff Rachel:

Brocklebank Sir Frederick
Drakeshead Tosca

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