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Offspring of FTCh/IrlFTCh Tasco Dan (3/24/1985-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Blackbrae Pippit:

Blackbrae Sam (6/22/1990-)

Out of Delightful Lass:

Byturn Chance Of Tasco (9/27/1994-) [BVA 6/7]

Out of Maylandlea Duster:

Maylandlea Widgeon (10/31/1994-)
Maylandlea Jill (10/31/1994-)

Out of Lady Luck of Ulstare:

Carnochway Cane (4/22/1988-)

Out of Foxie Lady:

Strule Megan of Dannan (1992-)
Strule Tyson

Out of Coniferhill Widgeon:

Coniferhill Teal
Coniferhill Lapwing

Out of Oakelwood Caprice:

Oakelwood Phebe

Out of Crony of Craigenros:

Craigenros Thistle (1990-) [7/4]

Out of Skeet of Tasco:

Tasco Springing Teal (1990-) [4/4]
Tasco John Moses (1990-) [7/8]
Tasco Express (1990-) [5/8]
Tasco Smoke (1990-)
Tasco Blue Light Of Templecorn (1990-)
Tasco Clay of Collyers (1990-) [6/0]

Out of Swinbrook Tina:

Tasco blaeberry

Out of Downshire Black Ace:

Anna of Tasco
Drifting at Drakeshead (12/2/1988-)

Out of FTCh Pocklea Tide of Middlegate:

Middlegate Cherry of Hamford
FTCh Middlegate Cleo of Glebespray (4/22/1990-) [BVA 6/5]

Out of Glenbriar Sally of Conneywarren:

Conneywarren Robin [4/5]
Conneywarren Swift [2/3]
Conneywarren Swollow
Conneywarren Fly [5/4]
Conneywarren Flint Of Stonedower [3/6]
Conneywarren Guy
Conneywarren Rook
Conneywarren Tess (2/13/1995-4/14/2001) [B0/B0]

Out of Seanbaile Sherry:

Killerisk Beever (1991-)
Tasco Killerisk Kerry
Killerisk Float
Killerisk Stewart

Out of Tasco Yellow Sally:

Tasco March Brown (3/4/1993-) [BVA 3/2]
Tasco Black Hopper [A2]

Out of Treo's Shena of Tasco:

FTCh Tasco Boris

Out of IRL FTCH Glenbriar Skippy:

Glenbriar Dwight

Out of Palgrave Nancy:

Newgrange Neat
Findemall Dusty
DK FTCh Newgrange Dance Of Muninn (10/13/1988-) [FCI A]

Out of Palgrave Queenie:

Tweedshot Nector
Tweedshot Nyalia [4/4]
Tweedshot Nymph
Tweedshot Newman
Tweedshot Nelson
FTW Tweedshot Nero [3/3]

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