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Offspring of GB FTCh Endacott Stoer of Quabrook (6/5/1993-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Baywood Black Magic:

Cottared Midnight Magic (2003-) [3/3]

Out of Charway Ballyapril:

SA Ch FT Charway Stormpetrel of Trevena GMHR (4/1/2003-) [BVA 15/15]
Charway Rainstorm (4/1/2003-12/28/2011) [B/B]
FTW Charway Summerain (4/1/2003-12/12/2013) [BVA 7/7]

Out of Hatchfield Minnow:

Hatchfield Ann (1999-)
Hatchfield Anna (1999-)
Hatchfield Ace (1999-)
Hatchfield Actor (1999-)
Hatchfield Athlinne of Quabrook (1999-)
Hatchfield Abarach at Berrytree (1999-)
GB FT Ch. Hatchfield Ash (1999-) [5/3]
Hatchfield Athlinne

Out of Willowyck Wag of Bedgebrook:

Bedgebrook Bella
Bedgebrook Barley
Bedgebrook Banner [5/6]
Bedgebrook Bracken
Bedgebrook Bugler
Bedgebrook Blue [3/5]
Bedgebrook Braid [4/3]

Out of Scolopax Lali of Conneywarren:

Conneywarren Danny
Conneywarren Finsbury
Conneywarren Anna
Conneywarren Finchley Of Bedgebrook [3/5]
Conneywarren Holly
Conneywarren Chelsea [3/3]
Conneywarren Bromley [3/19]
FTW Conneywarren Tammy of Derrity (8/2005-) [5/7]

Out of Conneywarren Faith:

Conneywarren Lord Wren Of Fallowfen (5/2/2005-) [4-6 =10]

Out of Willowyck Hope Burn of Quabrook:

Quabrook Fara Of Roundcopse (2000-) [4/4]

Out of Pocklea Nymph of Trioaks:

Trioaks Cameo (1999-) [3/3]
Trioaks Corby

Out of FTCh Brockweir Vanda of Shadowbrae:

Shadowbrae Mango Of Flyline [9/3]
Shadowbrae Melody [3/5]
Shadowbrae Maggi
Shadowbrae Millie
Shadowbrae Mandarin
Shadowbrae Marcus
Shadowbrae Maestro
Shadowbrae Moonshine
Shadowbrae Musto [4/7]
FTCh Shadowbrae Mist of Levenghyl (2003-) [BVA 7/4]

Out of FTCH Barweston Ebb of Braidenvale:

Braidenvale Spice [28/25]
Braidenvale Sprightly
Braidenvale Spellbrook
Braidenvale Sprite Of Pasturelands [6/6]
FTCh Braidenvale Speiran Of Quabrook (3/10/2005-) [5/4]
FTCh Braidenvale Spinnaker (3/10/2005-1/3/2017) [BVA 4/8]

Out of Merry Magnolia:

Fenfern Fay
Fenmarc Jade at Kayteens [BVA 3/4]
Fenbrook Sweep (2/17/2005-)
Fenthorne Bracken (2/17/2005-) [BVA 4/3]
Fenhunter Shot (2/17/2005-)
Fenbriar Alice of Swinbrook (2/17/2005-) [BVA 4/5]
Fenmhor Kay (2/17/2005-) [BVA 7/4]

Out of ChTf & ChTa Haredale Ivyglen Tessa:

Glenoak Sedge (8/13/2004-)
Glenoak Skye (8/13/2004-)
Glenoak Swift (8/13/2004-)
Glenoak Skerry (8/13/2004-) [FCI A]
DRC-Arb.-Ch. Glenoak Siskin (8/13/2004-3/16/2017) [FCI A2]

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