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Offspring of GB Ch Sandylands Alpha (9/14/1967-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Ingmos Elvira:

Von Dem Nepotismus Susanna (1973-)

Out of Isis (S02053/68):

Black Laika (1970-)

Out of Licithas Libelle:

Licithas Nirvana (1972-)

Out of Jidjis Slice of Cake:

Ingmos Balalaika (1970-) [UA]

Out of Candy (S22960/68):

Leja (S33414/70)

Out of Pella (S06499/67):

SE UCH NO UCH Pellas Alphie (9/10/1969-) [FCI UA]
Alphonse (S38309/69)

Out of Sabine of Teppola:

Lurvens Betten (7/9/1972-)

Out of SE BCH Puhs Kanin:

SE UCH FI UCH SE JCH Tjorven (S44483/69)

Out of FI Ch Miss Chin of Mansergh:

Puhs Paddy Mcginty (1970-)

Out of Int.Ch., SE, DK Ch Nattens Solange:

Alltid Sun Flower (1/19/1971-) [A]
Sandylands Daffodil
INT NORD UCH Alltid Dandelion (1/19/1971-) [FCI 0]

Out of FI UCH FI JCH SE LCH SE JCH FI LCH Duchess (S11384/68):

Minto SF20567/70
FIN Ch Molli (SF20566/70) (1970-)
FINCh. Max (SF20570/70) (1970-)

Out of Nattens Odetta:

Tidernas Flitiga Lisa

Out of Tekla I Vassen:

Horseman's Horseman Mali (1970-)

Out of Sandylands Georgina:

Surprising's Alexander (1970-)
Surprising's Amanda (9/28/1970-) [0]
Surprising's Amigo (9/1/1970-)

Out of Erikits Black Beauty:

SE UCH Gun-Smoke Asterix (1970-) [FCI UA]
Gun-Smoke Amulette (1970-)

Out of SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Aroscas Arosca:

Int. Ch. Aroscas Fair Lady (1971-)
NORD UCH INT UCH SE JCH Aroscas Fight (10/1969-)

Out of Garpabackens Nana:

SE UCh Mallards Black Muddler (1972-)
Mallards Black Spinner (9/10/1972-)

Out of SUCH FIUCH INTUCH SJCH Vestvollens Petra:

Nattens Delta
Ch Nattens Akilles (9/28/1969-)
NORD UCH INT UCH Nattens Elsinore (1969-)
Nattens Aladdin (1969-)

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