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Offspring of Ballyduff Maroon (4/29/1973-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of FI CH Susanset Inez:

Follies Blacktulip (1/31/1980-)

Out of Staminas Yonga:

Stifinneren Imlach (1979-)

Out of N UCh Britt (N06681/75):

N UCh Pangro's Claudius (8/22/1979-)

Out of Vättlestugans Daphne:

Fairfield's Cayenne-Mannen

Out of Minvans Esmaralda:

NORD UCH INT UCH NORD V-79 NORD V-80 Minvans Junior (2/18/1976-) [0]

Out of Berna (S33666/74):

Cornelia (S17068/78) (1/24/1978-)

Out of Bonita (S54396/73):

Salka ( S47951/75) (7/26/1975-) [0]

Out of SE UCH FI UCH Fredrika (S34400/73):

Liza-Jane (S54167/80) (8/6/1980-)

Out of Puhs Artiga Marta / Puhs Ärtiga Märta:

SE UCH Winnie's Folio Bold (9/14/1978-)

Out of Ellerthwaite Lace:

NORD UCH INT UCH Attikonak Mister-McCloud (7/4/1977-6/15/1989) [FCI UA]

Out of Puhs Chocolate Best:

SE UCH NO UCH Kwinana's Farda (7/8/1975-) [0]

Out of NO UCH Puhs Tongue-Twister:

Puhs Tweeny (9/5/1976-)

Out of SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Isolde (S48205/72):

SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Imperial (S19008/75) (4/28/1975-)

Out of Garpabackens Virginia:

SUCH Alexander (S15559/77) (1/15/1977-)

Out of Gun-Smoke Amulette:

Puhs Rozet (8/19/1975-)
Puhs Bond (8/19/1975-)

Out of NORD UCH INT UCH Nattens Elsinore:

Nattens Drottning (3/20/1976-)

Out of Nattens Ygraine:

FIN CH Nattens Sportsman (12/30/1976-)

Out of NUCH NJCH N LCH Licithas Lipiet:

F.T.Ch Licithas Liguster (7/11/1975-)

Out of Garpabackens Nana:

NORD UCH Mallards Big Hole Demon (9/8/1974-) [0]
Mallards Deep Purple (9/12/1975-) [0]

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