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Offspring of FTCh Ben of Mallowdale (5/12/1988-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Spruce Grove Ellie:

Funnel Whisp (4/14/1998-) [BVA 6/3]

Out of Teresa Of Devon:

Sweet Sophistication (5/4/1995-)

Out of Keness Pure Velvet:

Mellow Reveller

Out of Middlegate Tessa:

Goosemoor Gordon (1994-2008) [A1]

Out of Shirak Crystalus:

Enwann Dlws

Out of Fossewynd Tess:

Potterswood Piper

Out of Sweet Lady:

Tam of Goss

Out of Midnight Penny of Millay:

Millay The Bombardier

Out of Pechasi Crusader:

Grousebutt Buzzer (1993-)
Grousebutt Daniel (1993-)
Grousebutt Dipper (1993-)
Grousebutt Nettle (1993-)
Grousebutt Tinker (1993-)
Grousebutt Swallow (1993-)
Grousebutt Tide (1993-)

Out of Stanthorn Cassie:

Kenvee Alice Of Styperson (1995-) [4/5]
Keness Calendar Girl
Keness Rhue (2/5/1992-)

Out of Roving Menna:

Gingernut Joey (1995-)
Blue Moon Bella

Out of Beeston Blackbird:

Nordic Sam

Out of Ciroteseye Bashfull:

Tawnyhill Crepis Of Beatbush (1994-) [8/8]
Tawnyhill Clary (1994-)
Tawnyhill Coix of Drewbrook (1994-) [5/6]

Out of Gartshore Bea:

Keness Marchioness
FTW Keness Marsh

Out of Diamond Blush:

Apedale Annie (1995-)

Out of Glenbriar Tammy of Follybreeze:

Follybreeze Crusader (1995-)
Follybreeze Cora (1995-)
Follybreeze Comanche (1995-)
Follybreeze Cobbler (1995-)
Follybreeze Clipper (1995-)
Follybreeze Charmer (1995-)
Follybreeze Cassie (1995-)
Follybreeze Cassandra (1995-)
Follybreeze Casper (1995-)
Follybreeze Carman (1995-)
Follybreeze Captain (1995-)
Follybreeze Cameo (1995-)
Follybreeze Chivas (1995-) [5/3]

Out of Belle Vienna:

Kenzed Egypt (1999-) [6/3]
Disco Diva
Raindance Domino of Cynhinfa (1997-)

Out of Black Bryony Fern:

Tidepool Sunrise

Out of Higher Week Quest:

Kentee Little Jade (1993-) [5/5]

Out of Tina of Littledale:

Ebony Lady of the Strand (1995-) [8/5]

Out of Tosh Meg:

Horizon's Skye

Out of Magic Circle of Ropehall:

FTW Ropehall Gem [8/5]

Out of Leicester's Princess:

Bess of Queni at Dealminster

Out of Penny Way:

Little Sally (Ben of Mallowdale x Penny Way)
Leesway Duke

Out of Squareclose Elle:

Squareclose Garry (1997-)
Squareclose Geri of Birchgate (1997-)
Squareclose Ghillie (1997-)
Squareclose Gina (1997-)
Squareclose Ginny (1997-)
Squareclose Gordon (1997-)
Squareclose Greg (1997-)

Out of Violet Beauty of Deytheur:

Deytheur Shot Of Ben (1992-)

Out of Patanavac Heather:

Patanavac Topaz (1997-)
Patanavac Ruby (1997-)
Patanavac Jet (1997-)
Patanavac Diamond (1997-)
Patanavac Amber (3/3/1997-) [BVA 5/4]

Out of Sandbrook Meg:

Dask Derville (7/31/1991-) [BVA 6:7]
Sweet Georgia (Ben of Mallowdale x Sandbrook Meg) (9/8/1990-) [BVA 5/5]

Out of Knobhill Champerto:

Knobhill Cathy [7/8]

Out of Smagill Sally:

Gartshore Clan Commander

Out of Leawyn Capercaillie:

Leawyn Blondie

Out of Lady Perfection:

Enchanting Ivy (4/13/1993-)

Out of Tamar Of Cryfield:

Floodlit Teal [8/4]
Rainbow Fly [4/5]
Isaacs Kelly
Derwent Bracken Aire
Westwood Harriet
Ben Of Coombe
Sam Of Newton Manor
Broad Lane Buster
Godiva Jet
Happy Hoover Lad
Luke Of King's Chase
Dancing Dee of Speycast [6/3]

Out of Carrie's Black Silk:

Ruthin's Delilah Delight
Magical Master Michael
Serene Sunburst Symphony (7/10/1996-) [BVA 9/30]
Teddy Bear Tobias
General Julius Jubilee
Sweet Starlight Steffi
Nesta's First Choice
Jinksy's Miles Of Smiles
Mister Moonstruck
Kenwu Damson Delight [4/3]

Out of Wyken Sarha:

Penlea Lady [FCI A/A]

Out of FTCH Highdunscott Alice of Wiscombe:

Wiscombe Chianti
HRCH Wiscombe Cid JH (5/17/1998-) [BVA 4/4]

Out of Grove Wonder Of Cheweky:

FTW Cheweky Spartium

Out of Hoptoncastle Jet Black:

Hoptoncastle Black Jet
Hoptoncastle Trixy

Out of Hillside Tina Of Moraira:

Moraira Lucina
Moraira Diana [4/5]
Moraira Rhea
Moraira Pheobe
Moraira Pluto
Moraira Juno
Moraira Jason
Moraira Remus
Moraira Echo [36/5]
Moraira Cassiopia [4/5]

Out of Drakeshead Hope:

Hillside Pip
Kenar Eastend Lad
Kenar Zestful Zara
Social Climber
Emerald Moon [BVA 3/5]

Out of Symington Coral:

Mallowdale King

Out of Flashmount Tress:

Staftly Monarch
Staftly Morison
Staftly Marcus
Staftly Moondust At Berkswell [5/6]
Staftly Mercedes Of Blackisle (2/24/1993-) [BVA 7/7]
Staftly Majestic (1993-) [6/8]
FTW Staftly Mayfly of Barweston [3/6]

Out of Dyfi Ebony Princess of Northash:

Northash Holly of Pixalot (11/16/1990-) [BVA 3/3]
Northash Jet (11/16/1990-) [BVA 1/1]
Northash Sam [5/7]

Out of Mossbriar Wagtail:

Greenbriar April (6/11/1990-) [BVA 1/2]
Greenbriar Amber of Artistryn (6/11/1990-) [BVA 4/4]
Greenbriar Acorn (6/11/1990-)
Greenbriar Ash (6/11/1990-)
Greenbriar Ace (6/11/1990-)
Greenbriar Austin (6/11/1990-)
Greenbriar Angus (6/11/1990-)
Greenbriar Archer (6/11/1990-) [BVA 2/4]

Out of Nellie of Killuney:

Ulstare Rummy of Brocklebank (1996-) [4/0]

Out of FTW Mallowdale Dora of Saxaphone:

Saxaphone Tweed (1992-) [4/4]
Saxaphone Tucker (1992-) [4/5]
FTW Saxaphone Trout (1992-) [6/9]

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