Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Ro.Ch,Srb.Ch, Srb.Jun.Ch Dewmist Salentino Jun.Clubwinner 2010 (6/21/2009-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Savannah Lola's Grace:

IntCH Sleepy Morning Goldens Rajah (6/10/2017-) [OFA GR-126102F24F-VPI]

Out of Savannah's Sweet Sadie:

Savannah Goldens Sweet Chantilly Lace (5/1/2017-)

Out of Oxana Sleepysong:

Kasons Dewmist He Goes The Miles (6/8/2014-)
Kasons Dewmist Sophia's Choice (6/8/2014-)
Hyatts' Jasmine (6/8/2014-)
Carolina Country Golden's Tori Oxana (6/8/2014-)

Out of CH Mia (JR 82776 ZR):

Quasimodo Fowler's Land (8/23/2013-)
Querena Fowler's Land (8/23/2013-) [OFA GR-115886G31F-VPI]
Queen Fowler's Land (8/23/2013-) [OFA GR-115151G27F-VPI]

Out of Ch Srb Sleepysong Shoshana:

Sleepysong Stay With Me (4/15/2014-) [OFA GR-117394G28F-NOPI]
Sleepysong Summer Day (4/15/2014-)
Sleepysong Sound Of Silence (4/15/2014-)
Sleepysong Surprise For You (4/15/2014-) [FCI A]
Ch Srb Sleepysong Stardust (4/15/2014-) [FCI HD A]

Out of Int.Ch,Srb - Mk.Ch,Srb.Jun.Ch. Evita The Golden Promise:

Soul Simphony Fleetwood Mac (4/11/2014-) [OFA GR-116762G26M-PI]
Soul Simphony Fifth Element (4/11/2014-)
JCh SRB,Ch SRB Soul Simphony Forever Mine (11/4/2014-) [FCI HD-A]
JCh.Srb Soul Simphony Firestarter (4/11/2014-) [FCI HD-A]
Soul Simphony Firestorm (11/4/2014-)
Soul Simphony For Sleepysong (4/11/2014-)

Out of Ch Srb Sleepysong Gwen Stefany:

Vineyard Hill Harmony (12/19/2011-) [OFA GR-111366G31F-VPI]
Ch Srb Vine Illusion Sleepysong (12/19/2011-) [HD B]

Out of ChSrb Field Trial Simonis Gabi:

Lacky Sanitacteam Day (6/6/2014-)
Logan Sanitacteam Day (6/6/2014-)

Out of ChSrb Field Trial Simonis Marbo Monica:

ICH/CQ/SRB/MNE/MAK/BG Paddy Sanitacteam Day (5/20/2013-) [FCI HDA 2014]
Padruig Sanitacteam Day (5/20/2013-)
Placido Sanitacteam Day (5/20/2013-)
Pilar Sanitacteam Day (5/20/2013-)
Pinotte Sanitacteam Day (5/20/2013-)

Out of Sleepysong Gladys Blues:

Sleepysong Call Me Dasha (10/22/2014-)
Sleepysong Call Me Beautiful (10/22/2014-)
Sleepysong Clever Jump'n Jack Flash (10/22/2014-)
Sleepysong Hair Color (1/10/2013-) [OFA GR-113244G26F-NOPI]
Sleepysong Huckle Berry (1/10/2013-)

Out of Jch Srb Dina (Swanavly San Francisco x Aida):

Vineyard Hill Salentino Yunior
Pidina (Dewmist Salentino x Dina) (10/10/2010-)

Out of ChSrb Ester Heidi Angels of Baranya:

Helmar Sanitacteam Day (6/13/2012-)
Haisy Sanitacteam Day (6/13/2012-)
Haylan Sanitacteam Day (6/13/2012-) [FCI HDA0 2013]
Hulla Sanitacteam Day (6/13/2012-) [FCI HDA0 2013]

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