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Offspring of AmCH Sandylands Rip Van Winkle (4/23/1980-1993)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of KR Rahfeek Maarne Saaid Naab:

Ransom's Faith of Graycroft

Out of Whiskey Bottom's Mellow Majesty:

Dove Hills Classic (8/15/1988-) [OFA Good]
Whiskey Bottom's Rip Van Magic (8/15/1988-) [OFA Good]

Out of Trialer Ondine (LOF 9180/1473):

Uxelle de la Garenne Aux Eglantines (12/12/1983-)
Ubac de la Garenne Aux Eglantines (4/18/1983-) [A]

Out of Oona (LOF 10494/1602):

Vega du Gue Laurie (5/8/1984-)

Out of Whitethorn Summer Mist:

Mtn Vista's Stargate

Out of Fantasy's Winchester Abbey:

Can Ch Abbey Downs Southern Belle

Out of Sherwood's Licorice Lolipop:

Scherwood's Seawind Ingenue (1/7/1988-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of Sunnybrook Acres Serenade:

Sho-Me's Meramec Mermaid (9/16/1988-) [OFA Good]

Out of AmCH Winroc Goforit Of Sundalane JH:

Winroc's Uptown Girl

Out of Ciabka's Karill Jessie Jane:

Sables Moonlight Dancer (1/25/1989-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of Ker-Beckwith of Deerlea:

Ker-Morojes My Charmayne (6/3/1986-)

Out of Spindrift Night Sea of Tintagel Winds:

Viva Voce des Bruyeres de Monteney (1984-)

Out of Samba (LOF 13055/2624):

Ch. Ursus du Penhoeat (11/21/1983-) [C]
Utopie du Penhoeat (11/21/1983-)

Out of AmCH Venetian Shababas Hit Parade:

Heroncourt G Wizz (1/1/1986-) [OFA LR-26824G24F]

Out of Shadowvale Just A Love Song:

Ch Cirques Curtain Call (11/1/1986-) [OFA Good]

Out of CH Amberfields Jersey Girl:

Albelarm Ambrfld S'Hill Pride (12/2/1986-) [OFA LR-30630G26F]
Albelarm Ice Castle (12/2/1986-) [OFA Good]

Out of Shababalands Wild Wild West:

Princess Ashley Sandylands

Out of Chilbrook Oriole Of Overlea:

AmCH Belquest To The Point (5/17/1988-) [OFA LR-38699G31F-T]
Am. Can CH Chilbrook Solitaire CD TDI CGC (11/25/1987-) [Good]

Out of Ch Follytower Blackberry WC JH:

SaltMeadow Rugby At Kahilani (6/5/1987-)
Saltmeadow Hoodwink (6/5/1987-) [OFA Good]
Ch Saltmeadow Blackwatch (6/5/1987-) [OFA Good]

Out of Int. Ch. Rhapsody of Tintagel Winds:

Vanity of Tintagel Winds (2/7/1984-)
Int. Ch Victory of Tintagel Winds (2/7/1984-) [A]
Int Ch & Trialer Velvet of Tintagel Winds (2/7/1984-8/1994) [A]
Int CH Vivacity of Tintagel Winds (2/7/1984-) [A]
Vrience of Tintagel Winds (2/7/1984-) [A2]

Out of Kellydown Arpeggio:

Kellydown Vanity Fair (12/2/1985-)

Out of Can Ch Lachienvale Lydia:

Rickways Evangeline Imp (10/31/1991-) [OFA Excellent]
Can. Ch Rickways Nahannie Moonlit Maid
Ch Rickways Renegade (9/3/1986-) [OFA Fair]
Am Ch Rickways Tuscaroura (9/3/1986-) [OFA Good]

Out of Dormark's Tugboat Annie:

AmCH Blackwing Ballon Jumper (10/8/1988-) [OFA LR-38581G27M]

Out of CH Peche des Vergers de la Tour:

Silent Night of Tintagel Winds (12/23/1981-)
Int Ch Anais Nin Of Tintagel Winds (2/25/1985-) [A]

Out of Sunnybrook Acres Desert Hayes:

Desert Hayes Blame It On Rio (5/26/1990-) [OFA Good]
Micons Desert Hayes Storm W.C. (3/7/1991-) [OFA Good]
Am. CH. Val Lee's Indian Summer (5/26/1990-) [Good]

Out of Sissi Du Gue Laurie:

Anouk Du Mont D'Athiela (5/18/1985-) [B]

Out of Reverie of Tintagel Winds:

CH Union Jack of Tintagel Winds (12/28/1983-) [0]
CH U Know Who of Tintagel Winds (12/28/1983-)

Out of Ch Coalcreek's Pick Wick:

Can Ch Southwyck's Boris Badenov

Out of Brentcastle's Ginger Song:

Sandylands Bridget Of Winkle (12/4/1986-) [OFA Excellent - LR-35128E37F]

Out of CanCH BNB's Diamond in the Ruff:

BNB's Storm Warning

Out of Nimloth Family Jewel:

Am Ch Nimloth Kaley at Ravencrest (7/21/1988-) [OFA Excellent]
Ch Nimloth Knight Light (7/21/1988-) [OFA Excellent]
Am Ch Nimloth Krackersjack Jewel (7/21/1988-) [OFA Fair]

Out of Onion Creeks Sunnybrook Lass:

AmCH Sunnybrook Acres Zip Code (3/21/1989-) [OFA LR-39792E24M]
AmCH Sunnybrook Acre Sir Lancelot (3/21/1989-) [OFA LR-41586G28M]

Out of Ch. Muskelunge Champagne Lady:

Muskelunge's Lockerbie Tramp
CH Muskelunges Miss Sandalwood (8/29/1985-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of Muskelunge's Tara:

Shababalands Gen' Bullwinkle (2/27/1986-) [OFA Good]
Muskelunge's Tawna (2/27/1986-) [OFA LR-27372G24F]

Out of Graemoor Broad Reach Madcap:

AmCH Broad Reach's Amber Mist CD (1/22/1986-) [OFA LR-35961G51F]

Out of CH Ballyduff Sunflower:

Uproar of Tintagel Winds (6/12/1983-)
Ufo of Tintagel Winds (6/12/1983-)
Utmost Delight of Tintagel Winds (6/12/1983-)
Unchained Melody Of Tintagel Winds (6/12/1983-)
Ch Upstart of Tintagel Winds (6/12/1983-)

Out of Allegheny Twilight:

Allegheny's Cameo (7/13/1985-) [OFA Good]

Out of AmCH Sir Henry's Kila Of Braemar:

Vision Shababaland Sizzle
Vision's Lady Alexi JH (10/27/1985-) [OFA Good]

Out of Valleywood Crow Haven Fiddle:

Valleywood Windfall Chelsea (7/3/1986-) [OFA Excellent]
Crow Haven's Stradivarius (10/20/1987-) [OFA LR-37658E34M-T]
Can. Ch. Balcroft's Valleywood Classic (7/3/1986-)
Valleywood Siesta (7/3/1986-)

Out of AmCH Sunnybrook Acres Summers Eve CDX:

Sunnybrook Acres Guy Winkle (7/1990-)

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