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Offspring of INTCH DKCH DKBRCH Timspring Sultan (4/13/1973-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Lawnwood Rosemary:

Dear Queen V.h. Koningsdiep

Out of Pooles Maritza:

Starlette de la Longe-Coca

Out of Anlotte (DKK 26437/73):

Anlottehaves Sapri-Bitola
Anlottehaves Bantu-Bayanga (4/1/1975-) [B]

Out of Ch Anlottehaves Kali-Kama:

Anlottehaves Jua-Alto (9/25/1975-)

Out of Tina Gwyneth:

Dweerbeekhof Bodo (5/22/1980-) [0]

Out of Lawnwood Happy Talk:

Happyjet (DK 11826/76) (2/27/1976-)

Out of Clubsieger Batjana vom Keien Fenn:

Kim vom Keien Fenn (7/15/1980-) [A]
Kent vom Keien Fenn (7/15/1980-) [B]

Out of DKCH Jollytopp Auntie Lizzy:

Jollytopp Culotte

Out of Ann (DKK 03761/76):

Colette (DKK 19403/78) (7/22/1978-)

Out of Sorte Saras F. Trine:

Brit (DK 20979/79) (4/25/1979-)

Out of Curnafane Charlady:

DK CH Dunsinane Buller (6/22/1977-) [B]
Dunsinane Mimi (1977-) [0]
Dk Ch. Dunsinane Norma (4/12/1979-) [B]
Dunsinane Marquis Posa (6/3/1980-)
Dän Ch. Dunsinane Kate Pinkerton (8/13/1978-) [B]
Dk. Ch. Dunsinane Aida of Miska (6/3/1980-) [A (0)]

Out of Ingmos Hessian:

Misha (DK 07033/83) (1/22/1983-) [A2]
DKCH Sultana (DK 07032/83) (1/22/1983-)

Out of Tana (DK 12301/76):

Donna (DKK 09812/81) (2/1/1981-)
Gilhojlulu (09811/81) (2/1/1981-) [B]

Out of DKCH DKBRCH Sortesara (DK 13779/68):

DKCH DKBRCH Sorte Saras D. Hero (6/1/1975-)

Out of Puch (DK 03787/80):

Kozac (DK 11498/82) (3/1/1982-)

Out of Clubsieger Cita vom Keien Fenn:

Juma vom Keien Fenn (6/2/1980-) [A0]
Janos vom Keien Fenn (6/2/1980-)

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