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Offspring of Ch. Sandylands Sovereign of Suddie (1975-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Leweston Silver:

Lenhay Simone

Out of Ranchaven Jemima:

Ranchaven Jill (1982-)

Out of Trewinnard Not A Care:

Trewinnard No Credit (11/25/1982-)
Trewinnard No Account of Nonairbra (11/25/1982-)

Out of Echodale Panglima:

Trendlewood Early Bird (1983-) [BVA 2/1]

Out of Suddie Cylla of Ratley:

Clansman of Suddie (11/12/1979-)

Out of Emma Gem of Charnwood:

Pearl of Charnwood

Out of GB.Sh.Ch. Poolstead Pictorial:

Poolstead Penny (1/28/1983-)
Poolstead Palmerston (1/28/1983-) [2-2]

Out of Cora of Suddie:

Serenade of Suddie of Trewinnard

Out of Follytower Bandbox:

Follytower Silk Braid Of Wardmark (2/22/1984-)
AmCH Follytower Sabre (2/18/1983-)
Follytower Sweetbriar (2/22/1984-)
Follytower Shortbread (2/22/1984-)
Follytower Silver Ballad (2/18/1983-) [B]

Out of GB. Sh. Ch. Heatherbourne Top Tune:

Heatherbourne Song Bird (10/13/1979-)

Out of Kupros Moonriver of Follytower:

GB. Sh. Ch. Follytower Kirsty (1980-)
Follytower Sir Ken (9/15/1980-) [BVA 1:1]
ShCh Follytower Charlotte of Rocheby (12/1/1981-) [BVA 11/4]

Out of Carpenny Veuve-Cliquot:

Carpenny Camargue (12/2/1981-)

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