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Offspring of FTCh Fernshot Olivia (3/23/2007-8/2017)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

By FTCh Fendawood Ale:

Edward Aguzannis (3/7/2014-) [A/A]
Elder Aguzannis (2014-)

By Int FTCH Lesser Burdock Abbotstone:

Candy Aguzannis (2013-)
Candle Aguzannis (2013-)
Captain Aguzannis (2013-)
Clue Aguzannis (2013-)
Cole Aguzannis (2013-)
Cezane Aguzannis (2013-)
Cassius Aguzannis (2013-)

By FTCh Delfleet Neon Of Fendawood:

Freeman Aguzannis (8/20/2014-) [FCI A2/A2]
Fizz Aguzannis (2014-)
Fame Aguzannis (2014-5/28/2015)

By Int FTCh Ragweed's Travel:

Aliha Aguzannis (4/3/2010-)
Appolis Aguzannis (4/3/2010-)
Batiatus Aguzannis (8/15/2011-)
Ballantines Aguzannis (8/15/2011-)
Britannia Aguzannis (8/15/2011-)
Aegon Aguzannis (4/3/2010-)
Bakchus Aguzannis (8/15/2011-)
Bonaqua Aguzannis (8/15/2011-)
Airton Aguzannis (4/3/2010-) [A/A]
Black Bliss Aguzannis (8/15/2011-7/10/2015) [A]
FTCh & Int. FTCh Beileys Aguzannis Of Fendawood (8/15/2011-) [BVA 3/5]
April Aguzannis Of Ragweeds (4/3/2010-) [A]
Baron Aguzannis (8/15/2011-) [A2/A2]
FTCh Asterix Aguzannis Of Chatsworth (4/3/2010-)
Abba Aguzannis (4/3/2010-)
FTW Amelie Aguzannis (4/3/2010-) [A/A]
Axis Aguzannis (4/3/2010-)
Amanda Aguzannis (4/3/2010-) [A]

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