Golden Retriever

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Offspring of AmCH MY Sky Watcher SDHF OS (9/10/2000-9/19/2013)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of BOSS MBVISS GCH Rainyday's Secret Garden:

Rainydays Wochica My Band Plays On (10/11/2015-)
Rainydays Out Of This World (10/11/2015-) [OFA GR-124968G40F-VPI]
Rainydays Wochica My Comeback (10/11/2015-) [OFA GR-121225G27F-VPI]

Out of CH Woodlyn Divinesecretso'Gldilcks CCA:

Woodlyn's Summer Wind CCA (6/21/2009-) [OFA GR-103923G25F-VPI]
Woodlyn's Summ'r Dreamin Of The Keys CCA (6/21/2009-)
Deep River's Twilight Magic N Vodka (6/21/2009-) [OFA Prelim Mod. Uni Left @ 13 mo.]

Out of Tarameg's Calendar Girl CCA:

Taramegs All Revved Up (11/14/2006-) [OFA GR-97043G24M-VPI]
Taramegs Big Island Sunset CCA (11/14/2006-)
Tarameg Macgilly Cuddy RA (11/14/2006-)

Out of Birch Run Yesterday:

Birch Run's Heart-N-Soul CCA,CGC,CD,WC,JH (7/23/2006-4/28/2017) [OFA GR96342G24F]
Birch Run Young at Heart (7/23/2006-) [OFA GR-96332F24M-VPI]
Birch Run Brave Heart CCA (7/23/2006-) [OFA GR-96333G24M-VPI]
Birch Run Heart of Westbrook CCA CGC RE (7/23/2006-) [OFA GR-100323G43F-VPI]

Out of Overlooks Soft Autumn Light:

Overlook Sky Over Sutton Place (6/1/2007-) [OFA GR-98488G24M-VPI]
Overlooks Coonawarra Cowboy (6/1/2007-)

Out of Mischief Magik Uptown Girl NA NAJ:

Mischief's Notorious Windsor UD RAE JH WC THD CCA VC CGC (5/21/2004-7/28/2016) [OFA GR-90174E25M-PI]
Mischief Unsinkable MollyBrn CD (5/21/2004-)
Mischief Chance To Stand By Me (5/21/2004-)

Out of Am. CH. Ar-Kels Cinnamon Toast OD:

Wochica's Ar-Kel MY Electra (5/11/2005-)
SHR,Am/Can CH Wochica Ar-Kel Landmarks MVP JH,MHUA,WCX,RN,NW1,TKN,CGC (6/28/2007-8/18/2018) [OFA GR-99069F26F-NOPI]
Ch. Wochica Ar-Kels MY Right Stuff (5/11/2005-) [OFA GR-93322E26M-PI]
Ch. Wochica Ar-Kels MY Amazing Space (5/11/2005-)
Wochica MY Ar-Kels Mr Blue Sky CCA (5/11/2005-)
Wochica Ar-Keis Quite Contrary OD (6/28/2007-)

Out of Bonacres Winning Ticket:

Ruffian's MY Winning Ticket (6/8/2004-)

Out of AM./CH Edgecombe's Sirens Song:

Moongate's Laird O'The Moors (11/27/2003-)

Out of Daymark's HighSeas Navigator JH WC CCA:

Daymark Suncoast Supernova JH WCX (12/24/2003-4/17/2013) [OFA GR-88790G25F-NOPI]
Daymark Faeden Fly Me To The Moon (12/24/2003-)

Out of Wochica's Stirring The Pot:

Wochica's MY Heavenly Body (3/18/2003-) [OFA GR-88079F31F-NOPI]
Wochica MY Celestial Body (3/18/2003-) [OFA GR-85935G24F-PI]
AmCH Wochica My How High The Sky (3/18/2003-) [OFA GR-88080F31M-PI]

Out of Wochica's Sweet Charity:

CH Wochica's My First Edition (12/24/2006-)

Out of Gemstar's Sweetest Taboo CCA:

Backgammon MY Quest For Nova CCA (1/1/2004-7/2/2015) [OFA GR-89414G27F-PI]

Out of Am. CH. Wochica's Point Of View:

Wochica's MY Best Friend (2/6/2004-) [OFA GR-90433G29F-PI]

Out of Am CH Aquest Short Hop To O'Hare RE WC VC:

Aquest Notting Hill Summer RN (3/15/2006-) [OFA GR-95487F24F-VPI]
Aquest Covent Garden RAE, JH, WC (3/15/2006-10/27/2016) [OFA GR-95392F24F-PI]
Aquest Call Scotland Yard RN (3/15/2006-) [OFA GR-96176G27M-PI]
Aquest Downing Street Dynamo CDX (3/15/2006-) [OFA GR-105630G73M-VPI]

Out of MY Cross Country Flight:

MY Halley's Comet UD, RN, CGC, TDI (4/22/2003-2/14/2017) [OFA Severe @ 69 mo.]
Senetto's Duke James O'Dover (4/22/2003-)

Out of AmCH Highmark Torn Between Two Loves OD:

Happy Hour Highmark Now U See Me (1/7/2003-11/23/2003)
BIS Am GCH CH Happy Hour Highmark Toasty OS SDHF (1/7/2003-9/2/2017) [OFA GR-85420G25M-PI]

Out of CH Aubridge Garden Angel OD:

Am./Can. CH PACH2 Aubridge Aimhi For The Sky CDX RAE JH MXP7 MXPS MJP7 MJPG PAX2 WCX VCX (11/30/2003-8/11/2015) [OFA GR-109059F115M-VPI]
Aubridge American Sky Doll (11/30/2003-)
Aubridge My Sky Boat (11/30/2003-)
Aubridge Skyrocket In Flight RN CGC (11/30/2003-8/21/2010)

Out of Edgecombe's Carolina Wren OD:

Am CH Edgecombe's Ringing Rocks (5/28/2003-) [OFA GR-87087F25M-PI]
CH. Edgecombe HH Cote D'Or CCA (5/28/2003-)
U-Ch Edgecombe Westor Stargazer CCA (5/28/2003-) [OFA GR-87217F26F-PI]

Out of Malagold's Mimosa:

Malagold's Zinfandel (3/30/2003-)
Malagold Krispy Kreme at Cedar (3/30/2003-)
Malagold Karaluna Luminosa (3/30/2003-)
CH. Malagold Augusta's Genuine Article UD, MH WCX VCX DDHF (3/30/2003-8/16/2016) [OFA GR-86659G26M-NOPI]

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