Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Sir Wall-E Of Canterbury (4/17/2010-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Welkers' Willow:

Aspen Ward (6/12/2019-)

Out of Isa II:

Maggie Snow Cub (10/8/2013-)

Out of Bailey Of The Daylilies:

Judith of the Jewkes (11/10/2018-) [OFA GR-132798G28F-VPI]
Rylee Of Stantonbury Fields (11/10/2018-) [OFA GR-131870G26F-VPI]
Rocky Mountain Golden Lola (7/9/2017-)

Out of Lucy Lu XXVIII:

Levan's Almosta Ranch Colonel (7/7/2015-)

Out of Sadie Smith V:

Louie The 1st (5/10/2017-)
Pumba Lee (4/19/2016-) [OFA Mild Unilateral Left (Jun 26 2018)]
Jessy Lee (4/19/2016-) [OFA Mild Unilateral Left (Jun 26 2018)]

Out of Penelope Golden Lady Of Newcastle:

Kramer's Luna (1/31/2018-)
Aquilles (SS08067401) (9/3/2018-) [OFA GR-131555G27M-VPI]
Sadie My Lady Of Hidden Achers (1/31/2018-) [OFA Mild]

Out of Molly Belle Sundance:

Grrus Youbelongamongthewildflowers (3/10/2015-)
Sundances Max The Magnificent (9/5/2014-)
Luna Flower Merrill (9/17/2013-) [OFA Mild (Jul 21 2016)]
Mickey Of Bear Lake (9/5/2014-)

Out of Little Lady Starlight:

Heavens Little Miracle (8/9/2015-)

Out of Taylor's Zoey II:

Hazel Of Frosted Dawn (5/29/2016-)

Out of O'Brien's Lady:

Missy Belle Of The Ball (4/30/2014-)
Zoey Isis Fackrell (5/10/2017-)
O'Brien's Reina (10/28/2015-)

Out of Bear of Gold G Dor Angona:

Taylor's Lilly (8/8/2015-)
Carters Nellie (2/9/2018-)
Sir Duke Of Canterbury (8/8/2015-) [OFA GR-120274G25M-VPI]
London XVII (8/8/2015-)
Lady Kimber Agape (2/9/2018-)
Lady Emerson Ariella (2/9/2018-)
Henry Snl (8/8/2015-)

Out of Sweet Summersette:

Duke Of North Creek CGC (10/5/2018-)
Canterburys Lady Layla (10/25/2018-)
Stevie Reigna Of Maui (10/5/2018-) [OFA GR-130815G24F-VPI]

Out of Bear Of Gold G Izildora:

Lady Bailey Stucki Of Canterbury (4/1/2017-) [OFA Mild Unilateral Left (Sep 23 2019)]
Lady Liddie Du Lac (1/21/2016-) [OFA Moderate (Jan 31 2018)]
Lucille Golden Lady of Newcastle (4/1/2017-)
Nessie Canterbury Macbeth (4/1/2017-)
Miss Betty Of Grimley Dyn. (1/21/2016-)
Sourdough's Magical Luna Lovegood (7/23/2018-)
Baxter White of Shaggy Mountain (4/1/2017-) [OFA Prelim Borderline Unilateral Left (Jul 20 2018)]
Her Majesty Luna of Liberty (8/5/2016-)
Lone Cedar Sky (1/21/2016-) [OFA GR-124965F37F-PI]
Lucy The Duchess Of Canterbury (1/21/2016-)

Out of Chandra White Moon Of The Rockies:

Lucy Daisy Snow Cub (7/22/2015-)
Sir Dukeous Of White Snow CGCA CGCU (1/4/2017-)
Chandra's Angel Eyes Of The Rockies (7/22/2015-)

Out of Siesta Sands Oriental Jewel:

Princess Navi (2/1/2015-) [OFA GR-118282G24F-VPI]
Sadie Canterbury Jewel (1/24/2014-) [OFA GR-115590G25F-VPI]
Walt-D of Magic Kingdom (1/24/2014-)
Princess Roxy Diamond Polar Arctic (2/1/2015-)
Star Angeline (1/24/2014-)

Out of Princess Phoebe Athena Of Mt Olympus:

Lady Star Of Broadwick (5/5/2016-)

Out of The God's Sweet Baby Girl - Leila:

Sadie Duchess Of Cottonwood Lane (7/26/2015-)
Money Penny IV (7/26/2015-) [OFA Mild (Jan 9 2019)]

Out of Princess Marley Of Highland:

Miss Maddie Hijinx (1/24/2015-)

Out of Grandpa Jay's Miss Meggie:

Symbol Of Purity CGCA CGCU FDC TKA VHMA (6/6/2015-) [OFA GR-119541G24F-VPI]
Miss Maggie Canterbury (8/25/2014-)
Lady Belle Ayre CGC (8/25/2014-)

Out of Sadona Raye:

Frosted Sugar Cookie (7/11/2014-)

Out of Lovely Lexie Of Porters Quarters:

Steiner's Sadie (7/17/2016-)
Zeke Land, But Leslie''S Only Hoover (7/17/2016-)

Out of Golden Havoc Sitka (Harlow):

Golden Havoc Elsa (12/16/2013-) [OFA GR-115252G24F-VPI]

Out of Int/NatCH Fayre Snowfire Supernova:

Love My Icy Chill, ''Mia'' (3/4/2014-) [OFA GR-117225G29F-VPI]
IntJRCH,NatJRCH,BISS Moonray Maisy Snowfire (3/4/2014-) [OFA GR-119699E40F-NOPI]
Bondells Snowfire Oso (3/4/2014-)
Huebners Snowy White Olaf (3/4/2014-)
Snowfire Rogue Valley Celestial Sphere (3/4/2014-)

Out of Annie Get Your Gun XVI:

Sir Winston of Canterbury Oz (6/24/2014-)

Out of Daisy Dun It:

Gunnison River's Golden Bristol (4/28/2012-)
Coya Golden (4/28/2012-)

Out of Miss Lady of Canterbury II:

Haven's Deity Of The Sun (3/4/2013-)
Miss Gracie Of Idaho (4/11/2014-) [OFA GR-116218G24F-NOPI]
My Dear Nanna (9/29/2013-)
My Dear Lady (9/29/2013-)
Diamond Belle of Canterbury (8/14/2016-) [OFA GR-123361F24F-VPI]
Sir Olaf Of Crown Rose (4/11/2014-)
Sir Lucius Of Canterbury ''Lucky'' (4/24/2014-)
Annabella's Golden Zoe (3/4/2013-)
Sir C.S. Lewis of Narnia CGC (3/4/2013-)
Beautiful Goldens Miss Maggie May (9/29/2013-)
Daisy Grove (8/17/2012-)

Out of Contessa De Montana:

Double C's Olaf (3/12/2014-)
Jackson Taylor Cochran (3/12/2014-)
Lord Remington Jb Of Torrey (3/12/2014-)

Out of Princess Miyuki Honeygirl:

Sir Wally's Midnight Walk-A-Bout (7/30/2011-)
Lordsofthemanor Star Is Born (7/30/2011-)

Out of Halls Sweet Summers Eva:

Grismers Trak Tor (3/27/2012-)
Ms Grace Rises From Morning Valley (3/27/2012-) [OFA GR-111161G26F-VPI]
Mohonri Moriancumer (3/27/2012-) [OFA GR-112736G34M-NOPI]

Out of Golden Havoc Mayzy:

Golden Havoc Piper (12/22/2013-) [OFA GR-115251E24F-VPI]
Oasis Fourth Of July Surprise (7/4/2013-)

Out of Sandar's June Blues:

J's Clairese Girl (7/17/2013-)
Princess Harley Tucker Ward (8/10/2012-) [OFA GR-112009E26F-VPI]

Out of Bailey-Ann Bridges Over:

Princess Sadie Hera Of Mt Olympus (4/30/2013-)
Star Spangled Sammie (4/11/2015-)
Raging Kenai River (4/30/2013-)

Out of Edelweiss Midnight Mazie:

Rosie Amazing Goldens Mazie (3/20/2014-) [OFA GR-121125G45F-VPI]
Lady Daizy May Of Midnight Mazie (3/20/2014-) [OFA GR-117039F28F-VPI]

Out of Star's Good Golly Miss Molly:

Yeckel's Abby (8/27/2012-)
Lazar's Daisy (8/17/2012-)
Ava VII (8/17/2012-)
Lacy Star Of Canterbury (8/17/2012-)

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