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Offspring of Marjamez My Guy at Rossgilde (1/25/1997-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Camrose Songstress Of Pipeaway:

Pipeaway Diamond Sparkle [32:42]

Out of Saintcloud Shrule:

Saintcloud Smart Alec [8:12]

Out of Mapleoak Matilda of Cerigold:

Cerigold Celtic Princess (7/18/2002-2013)
Cerigold jumping jack (1/17/2002-2014)

Out of Remington Romancing The Gem Among Goldkitts:

Goldkitts Up Town Girl [5:5]
Goldkitts Fillious Fog (2004-) [BVA 6-5-11]

Out of Mitcharron Memphis Belle:

Mitcharron Memphis Jazz (6/7/2000-) [BVA 6:8]

Out of Tamsbrook Tricia Rose:

Tamsbrook Tilia [9:32]
Tamsbrook Tawnyday Lily Of Tavasar [4:6]

Out of Bernewode One Wish:

Bernewode Witchdoctor [11:24]
Bernewode Witchcraft [10:12]

Out of Bryndafydd Tellus:

Edgeley Excels [3:8]
Edgeley Ecclipse
Edgeley Electrifying [4:3]
Edgeley Everlasting [3:3]
Edgeley Enthralls JW [7:4]

Out of Rosslana Secret Mystery:

Rossgilde Candyfloss (9/1/1999-)
Rossgilde Jester (9/1/1999-) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]

Out of Cantel Bessie At Crisansa:

Crisansa Keepsake (3/6/2000-) [BVA Hip Score 13:8]

Out of Amblemere Sea Queen:

Bekatlea Spirit Bear At Forbendale (5/4/2004-) [4-4]

Out of Rosslana Sea Portia:

Rossgilde Sea Lily [5:8]
Rossgilde Sea Eagle (9/11/1999-) [BVA Hip Score 6:5]
Rossgilde Sea Breeze (9/11/1999-) [BVA Hip Score 16:11]
Rossgilde Portia (9/11/1999-) [BVA Hip Score 3:4]

Out of Kennelridge Classy Lady:

Kennelridge Rifleman [3:3]
Kennelridge Town Cryer At Allouemdan [13:19]
Kennelridge Gamemaster
Kennelridge Travelling Man To Bernewode (11/2/1999-) [BVA Hip Score 26:12]
Kennelridge Come Fly With Me (11/2/1999-) [BVA Hip Score 5:7]

Out of Gunhills Dancing Darby:

Gunhills Dancing Dudley [20:23]
Gunhills Dancing Trumpet to Coombstock (3/20/2002-8/2013) [BVA 7:7]
Sh Ch Gunhills Dancing Mandolin of Meloak JW (3/20/2002-) [BVA 11-12]
NLCh, NLVCh, rVWW Gunhills Dancing Dexter (3/24/2000-11/2013) [B1/B2]
Gunhills Dancing Dream Of Wheatcroft (3/24/2000-) [BVA Hip Score 6:7]
Gunhills Dancing Delilha (3/24/2000-) [BVA Hip Score 6:4]

Out of Glengilde Maggimae:

Rossgilde Miami (11/21/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 4:3]

Out of Glengilde Bucksfizz:

Rossgilde Scotch Lace at Lawpark (2/12/2000-) [BVA Hip Score 3:4]
Rossgilde Statesman (9/30/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 4:6]
Rossgilde Scotsman J.W. (2/12/2000-) [BVA Hip Score 4:4]
Rossgilde Scotch Mist over Caffimbra (2/12/2000-) [BVA Hip Score 13:14]

Out of Eng.Sh.Ch. Gatchells Royal Orchid JW:

Gatchells Bewitched to Lovehayne KCJW (11/25/1999-) [BVA Scheme 4 - 10]
Eng.Sh.Ch. Gatchells Ruby Tuesday J.W. (11/25/1999-) [BVA Hip Score 4:4]

Out of Gunhills Silver Darby:

Gunhills Silver Legend (11/12/2000-)
Gunhills Silver Moments [4:7]
Gunhills Silver Thistle To Bencoe [9:10]

Out of Gracewood Jemimah:

Gracewood Gemini [BVA 6-5]

Out of Golmas Gisela:

Golmas Guyan At Hailsham (1/1/1999-)
Golmas Geneva Of Tislaw (1/1/1999-) [BVA Hip Score 8:8]
Golmas Gin Sling With Jontell (1/1/1999-) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]

Out of Gunhills Star Spangle Over Vanzela:

Vanzela Clio [22:5]
Vanzela Sonnet (11/9/1999-) [BVA Hip Score 4:5]

Out of Tippastree Pandora:

Tippastree Ruby Serenade [6:5]
Tippastree Ruby Gracia (5/23/2003-)

Out of Fairfield Firebird of Laurenley:

Laurenley Corin (5/27/2000-)
Laurenley Constantine (5/27/2000-)
Laurenley Cailean (5/27/2000-)
Laurenley Francine (5/27/2000-)
Laurenley Aneurin (5/27/2000-)
Laurenley Adeline (5/27/2000-)
Laurenley Colleen (5/27/2000-) [BVA 10:10]
Laurenley Celestine (5/27/2000-) [3:4]

Out of Lawpark Sunshine of Glengilde:

Rossgilde Plover Over Pajival [6:5]
Rossgilde Pips Girl
Ind.Ch. Rossgilde Partridge (6/17/2000-) [5:4]
Rossgilde Peregrine J.W (6/17/2000-) [BVA /KC 6:3]
Rossgilde Pipit (6/17/2000-)

Out of Kinlochlagan Pearlie Queen at Lawpark J.W.:

Lawpark Imperial Lord (10/26/2002-)
Lawpark Imperial Guy for Rossgilde (10/26/2002-)
Lawpark Imperial Magic (10/26/2002-) [3:8]
Lawpark Imperial Wizard (10/26/2002-) [8:3]
Lawpark Imperial Prince Of Rossgilde (10/26/2002-)

Out of Golmas Grace N Favour:

Golmas Guy's Doll (4/13/1998-)
Golmas Great Guns (4/13/1998-)
Golmas Giango (4/13/1998-)
Golmas Gianfranco (4/13/1998-)
Golmas Gaelic Boy (4/13/1998-)
Golmas Gaelic Rover With Locquay (4/13/1998-)
Golmas Gilded Lily (4/13/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 4:5]
Golmas Guy's Moll At Rossgilde (4/13/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 3:4]
Golmas Gilded Rose at Rosegrove (4/13/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]
Eng. SH. CH. Golmas Governor JW (4/13/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 3:5]

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