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Offspring of Eng Sh Ch, CIB, CIE, Ee/Fi/Lv/Ltu/Balt Ch, Ee/Lv JCh Linirgor Pied Piper At Meiepere V-WW'14, Balt W'15'17, Ee JW'13 (4/20/2012-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Carnaval Dorado Swiss Chocolate:

Zoagolden My Little Gilthead (8/26/2018-)
Zoagolden Surprise

Out of Zenevieva Upon Reflection:

Askaval November Rain (1/22/2020-)
Askaval Ad Infinitum with Alubyc (1/22/2020-)
Askaval Anarchy with Alubyc (1/22/2020-)
Askaval Lets Dance at Alubyc (1/22/2020-)
Askaval Escapade at Goldempress (1/22/2020-)

Out of Aurelie von der Lübbelau:

Schlottes Pippa (3/10/2016-)
Schlottes Pebbles (3/10/2016-)

Out of Soft Soul Easy To Please:

EST CH Soft Soul Inspired By Kindness (7/12/2017-) [A/A]

Out of Eveninghill Mad As A Hatter:

Eveninghill Detroit Red (10/18/2020-)

Out of JCH Olvinglay All Eyes On Me BW-BE '17 BJW-NL '17:

Hamilton v.d. Corner Brook
Hazel v.d. Corner Brook (1/3/2020-) [FCI A]

Out of Hardhome de Bosque del Trasgu AW’17:

Ikki de Bosque del Trasgu (7/10/2019-)

Out of Rigerin Miss Moneypenny:

Rigerin Merrie Melodies At Torcarhian (2017-) [8:7]
Rigerin Barnyard Dawg At Auchinbreck [4:5]

Out of Meiepere Ultraviolet:

Meiepere Yo La Tengo (6/1/2017-) [B/B (2018)]
Meiepere Yo Trippin (6/1/2017-) [B/B (2018)]
Est & Lv J Ch, Balt JW'18 Meiepere You Are My Sunshine (6/1/2017-) [A/A (2018)]
Meiepere You Are My Heart (6/1/2017-) [A/A (2018)]
Meiepere Your Candy Kisses (6/1/2017-)

Out of Vuokkosen Midsummer Mirage:

Vuokkosen Chun Jie (4/12/2015-) [B/B]
Vuokkosen Chun Cao (4/12/2015-) [A/A]

Out of Vofcit's Seventh Heaven:

Vofcit's Touch O'Heaven (10/31/2014-) [BA]
Vofcit's Gift From Heaven (10/31/2014-) [AA]

Out of Gunhills Boots Are A Bover At Lillieslea:

Lillieslea Am I Bovered At Gunhills JW (8/23/2014-) [5:5]
Lillieslea All Eyes On Me At Jenala (8/23/2014-)

Out of Zenevieva Kos I Kan Jun Ch, JD:

Zenevieva Sherbet Dip (5/23/2016-) [6:3]

Out of EST & LV JUN CH EST JUN W-13 TLN W-14 EST CH Soft Soul Dream For Me:

Ir Jun Ch Soft Soul Gift For Rathcloon (4/13/2015-)
Soft Soul Gift From Heaven (4/13/2015-) [FCI A]

Out of SPA CH Chabiscar Martina Navratilova:

Chabiscar Oh, Carol! (5/21/2019-) [AVEPA A/A BVA 4-5]

Out of FI W-13 C.I.B. FI CH EE CH Pepstep Solar Storm:

Pepstep Pretty Crasher (1/23/2015-) [FCI A/A]
FI CH EE CH LV CH LT CH BALT CH Nord JW-15 He JW-15 Fi JW-15 RIGAW-18 Pepstep Party Crasher (1/23/2015-) [C/A]
Fi JW-15 Pepstep Crashback (1/23/2015-)
Pepstep Crashanova (1/23/2015-)
FI JVA Pepstep Candy Crasher (1/23/2015-) [A/A (2016)]

Out of UK Sh Ch Linirgor Luv Song JW, BOB at Crufts 2016:

Linirgor Piper's Song [6:8]
Linirgor Perfect Symphony Of Cairnglen [6:6]
Linirgor Play My Song For Glenbuie [7:7]

Out of RUS & EST & LV JCH BALT & EST & LV & LT CH Zhesabel Princess:

EST LT RUS JCH Rogerwiek Enigma (12/5/2015-) [A/A]
Rogerwiek Edelweiss (12/5/2015-) [FCI C]

Out of Rathcloon Hunter in Pink for Berrymeade JD:

Berrymeade I'll Be Yours (5/22/2016-) [BVA 5:8]

Out of Meiepere Orange Blossom (3*CC):

Meiepere Vanilla Sky (1/16/2016-)
Meiepere Valley Girl (1/16/2016-) [FCI A]
Meiepere Valerie (1/16/2016-)
Meiepere Veni Vidi Vici (1/16/2016-)
Meiepere Vincent (1/16/2016-)

Out of Amirene Up Up And Away To Applecote:

Applecote You Make Me Smile of Gavalat (9/3/2014-) [BVA 3:8]
Applecote Say It With A Smile (9/3/2014-)

Out of Meiepere Mahogany (1*CC):

Multi Ch. Meiepere Scottish Fiction (1/6/2015-) [A2/A2]
Meiepere Sail on Sailor (1/6/2015-)
Meiepere Saturday Sun (1/6/2015-)
Meiepere Sweedeedee (1/6/2015-)
Meiepere Spring Again (1/6/2015-)
Meiepere Summer Breeze (1/6/2015-)
Meiepere Sophia (1/6/2015-)
Meiepere Sally Cinnamon (1/6/2015-) [C/C (2016)]
Meiepere Sara Smile (1/6/2015-)

Out of Meiepere Lotus Flower:

Meiepere Flower Fairy (3/6/2015-)
Meiepere Flower Art (3/6/2015-) [C/C (2020)]
Meiepere Flower Boy (3/6/2015-)
Meiepere Flower Bud (3/6/2015-)
Meiepere Flower Crochet (3/6/2015-)
Meiepere Flower Crown (3/6/2015-)
Meiepere Flower Of Life (3/6/2015-)
Meiepere Flower Power (3/6/2015-)
Meiepere Flower Princess (3/6/2015-)

Out of SPA JCH Tiritiritiri de Atrapasuenos:

Kasukabe de Atrapasuenos (12/27/2014-)

Out of RU Ch, BLR Ch, NRC Ch, RKF Ch, Grand RU Ch, rez. CACIB Leymary Rudbeckia:

Ru Ch, NRC Ch, RU jCh, NRC jCH New Sunny Cefey (3/15/2015-) [B]
New Sunny Celestial Glow (3/15/2015-)
RU jCh New Sunny Cerellya (3/15/2015-)

Out of Est Ch, Est Vet Ch Meiepere Kissed By The Sun:

Meiepere Pearly (3*CC) (2/3/2014-) [FCI A/B]
Meiepere Primrose Hill (2/3/2014-)
Meiepere Portobello Belle (2/3/2014-) [B/A (2015)]
Est JCh Meiepere Paris In The Rain (2/3/2014-) [A/A (2015)]
Meiepere Pretzel Logic (2/3/2014-)
EST CH Est & Ltu & Lv & Balti JCh Meiepere Peppermint Twist (2/3/2014-) [A/A (2015)]
Est Ch, Est & Lv & Ltu & Balt JCh Meiepere Pure Morning (2/3/2014-) [B/B (2015)]
Meiepere Prairie Wind (2/3/2014-)
Meiepere Putting On The Ritz (2/3/2014-)
Meiepere Prospect Lane (2/3/2014-)

Out of TQ Gill of Garth:

TQ X-tra (5/2/2018-) [B1/B2]

Out of Est & Lv Ch, Est JCh, Est Vet Ch, Est W'13 Meiepere Joy Division:

Meiepere Tangerine (5/2/2015-)
Meiepere Timshel (5/2/2015-) [A/A (2016)]
Meiepere Tictactoe (5/2/2015-) [A/A (2016)]
Meiepere There's Only Love (5/2/2015-)
Meiepere Till There Was You (5/2/2015-) [B/B (2016)]
Meiepere Tomorrow Never Knows (5/2/2015-)
Meiepere These Eyes (5/2/2015-)
Meiepere Teddy Picker (5/2/2015-)
Meiepere Tangled Up In Blue (5/2/2015-)
Meiepere Wizard (3/3/2016-)
Meiepere Wonder (3/3/2016-)
Meiepere Wild Honey Pie (3/3/2016-)
Meiepere World Of Joy (3/3/2016-)

Out of C.I.E.-Slo CH.- RSM CH.- Osterr. CH., -Attitudinal test English Breakfast at Chelsea's:

Linwood Talisker (10/26/2015-) [FCI B1 (FSA)]
Italian Junior CH. Linwood Port Ellen (10/26/2015-) [BVA 6/7]
Linwood The Caledonian (10/26/2015-)
Linwood The Glenlivet (10/26/2015-)
Linwood Ennis Mc Trigger (10/26/2015-)
Linwood McEvan (10/26/2015-)

Out of Meiepere Here Comes The Sun (1*CC):

Belgian Champion Meiepere Quite A Delight (9/28/2014-) [BVA 7/6]
Meiepere Quite Rightly So (9/28/2014-)
Meiepere Quiet Storm (9/28/2014-)
Meiepere Que Sera Sera (9/28/2014-)
Meiepere Queen Lullaby (9/28/2014-) [AA]
Meiepere Quanta Qualia (9/28/2014-) [B1/B1]
Meiepere Quick Sand Love (9/28/2014-)
Meiepere Quest For Fire (9/28/2014-)
Meiepere Quite Contrary (9/28/2014-) [C/C (2016)]

Out of Eng Ch Tamniarn Sybil SGWC:

Tamniarn Johnny Jump Up to Meiepere (5/15/2016-) [BVA 6/3]
Tamniarn Forget Me Not Sandaula JW ShCM (5/15/2016-) [BVA 5/4]
Tamniarn Pepper Pot (5/15/2016-) [3:3]
Tamniarn Dizzy Daisy (5/15/2016-) [4:3]
Tamniarn Cheeky Cherry (5/15/2016-)

Out of CIB,CIE,Rus,Cz,Lt,Lv,Ukr,Blr,RKF,Club,Grand Ch Riera Buena Vista:

Ch Ukr/Rus/Mld, JunCh Ukr/Rus/Mld Riera Jet Engine (1/16/2016-) [FCI A]
Riera Jackpot (1/16/2016-)
Ch Rus/Blr/Est/Club/2*RKF/Grand Ch., JunCh Rus/Club Riera Jean Jacques (1/16/2016-) [FCI A]
Rus,Blr,Est,Club,RKF,Grand Ch. Riera Just a Dream (1/16/2016-) [FCI B]

Out of EST VET CH FT Duck Rogerwiek Lady Lavinia:

Rogerwiek Art Of Love (5/8/2014-) [FCI D/D]

Out of Meiepere Footprints In The Sand (1*CC):

Meiepere River Guard (1/2/2015-)
Meiepere Ramble Tamble (1/2/2015-) [BVA 3/6]
Meiepere Razzle Dazzle (1/2/2015-)
Meiepere Ready Teddy (1/2/2015-)
Meiepere Ruby (1/2/2015-) [A1/A1]
Meiepere Rendezvous (1/2/2015-) [FCI A]
CH KO, MNE, HR, Rip Sel Meiepere Road to Joy (1/2/2015-) [BVA 4:4=8]

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