Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Can CH GMOTCH GMH NMH Zaniri Letter By Letter UD WCX CCA Can RM WCX UTD TD DD VG ETD CGN MH(18); GRCC VHOF OBHOF VCX (12/16/2012-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Zaniri's Just Gabby JH:

Zaniri's Trillium Bliss (3/17/2020-)

Out of GMH Zaniri Orange Twist Can MH Am MH **:

Zaniri Miller The High Life (9/3/2022-)
Zaniri's Kbar Lady Hudson (9/3/2022-)
Zaniri's You Can Be My Wingman (9/3/2022-)
Zaniri's Touch of Grey (9/3/2022-)
Zaniri Play On Words JH (9/3/2022-)
Zaniri Braveheart The Free (9/3/2022-)
Zaniri A Talisman Gem WCX JH (9/2/2022-)
Zaniri Take A Shot (9/3/2022-)

Out of Macey's Golden Krush Of River Ridge:

River Ridge's Just Keep Swimming (5/17/2019-)
River Ridge's Follow Your Arrow DJ DS (5/17/2019-)

Out of Four Lakes Dreams of Golden Wings SH WC CGCA BN CCA:

Columbia River's Piper Down R2d2 (6/12/2018-)
Columbia River's My Sweet Lou (6/12/2018-9/18/2022)
Columbia River's Marvelous Zinnia Rose (6/12/2018-)
Columbia River's Aquaman UD BN RN VER NAJ TKN (6/12/2018-) [OFA GR-132288G32M-VPI]
Columbia River's Into the Freyja (6/12/2018-)
Columbia River's Zelda (6/12/2018-)
Columbia River's Hulk (6/12/2018-)
Columbia River's Pepper (6/12/2018-)
Columbia River's SG Porta-Bellandia (6/12/2018-)
Columbia River's Flight of the Valkyrie (6/12/2018-) [OFA GR-130866G27F-VPI]

Out of SHR Golden Plains Fire In The Sky:

Golden Plains Rocket Man (12/2/2020-)
Golden Plains Tiny Dancer (12/2/2020-)
Golden Plains Goldens Lets Stay Together (12/2/2020-)
Golden Plains Pula Dolly Hockman (12/2/2020-)
Golden Plains John Denvers Starwood In Aspen (12/2/2020-)
Golden Plains Star Man Waiting In The Sky (12/2/2020-)
Golden Plains Born To Run (12/2/2020-)
Golden Plains Take A Chance On Me (12/2/2020-)
Golden Plains Thor?s 70?s Revival (12/2/2020-)
Rambo De Los Ramcheros Y Casa Rock Chalk Jayhawk (12/2/2020-)

Out of MapleHills A Night at the Roxbury:

MapleHills Murphy (11/4/2018-)
MapleHills Orla Mona Remi (11/4/2018-)
MapleHills Lucky Kalous (11/4/2018-)
MapleHills Ireland (11/4/2018-)
MapleHills Chip off the Old Block (11/4/2018-)
MapleHills Winnie the Poo (11/4/2018-)
Maplehills Playing For The Gold (11/4/2018-)

Out of HR UH Harbor City Zaniri's All That Jazz SH WCX *** Can MH WCX:

Viscount Stumpy Cooper of Zaniri (11/4/2019-)
HRCH Zaniri Jazzin It Up Note By Note RE BN SH WCX CCA (11/4/2019-) [OFA GR-135309E24M-VPI]
NMH Zaniri Let The Games Begin *** MH WCX (11/4/2019-)
Zaniri Wild Highland Rose CD CCA (11/4/2019-)
Zaniri Blazing Fire (11/4/2019-)
Zaniri Quizz Me Quick (11/4/2019-)
Zaniri All That Glitters (11/4/2019-)
Zaniri?s Dynamite (11/4/2019-)
Zaniri Back Hook All Thar Jazz (11/4/2019-)
Zaniri Duchess of Funk (11/4/2019-)

Out of Tidewaters Git R Done Daisy JH, WC:

Sak's O Gold Gettin on Course (2/18/2016-)
Sak'sOGold Hudson River Miner (2/18/2016-)
Sak's O Gold Shilo (2/18/2016-)
Sak's O Gold Klondike rush (2/18/2016-)
Sak'sOGold jump for Joy Riley (2/18/2016-)
Sak's O Gold Autumn Ash (2/18/2016-)
Sak's O Gold Woodstock (2/18/2016-)
Sak's O Gold Coal Digger (2/18/2016-)
Sak'sOGold Keen Senses on Alert (2/18/2016-)
Sak'sOGold stowed in my heart (2/18/2016-)
Sak's O Gold Charlie (2/18/2016-)
Sak's O Gold Rico (2/18/2016-)
Sak'sOGold sixninesfine Karrae (2/18/2016-) [OFA GR-122207G25F-VPI]

Out of Idafab's Snazzi Yazzii's Story:

Idafab's Lotsa Life Lola (8/4/2015-)
Idafab's Masterpiece Mikka (8/4/2015-)
Idafab's Jake Houston III Risk (8/4/2015-)
Idafab's Triple Bird Score JH (8/4/2015-)
Idafab Marley's Monopoly (8/4/2015-)
Idafab's Mitchell Mahjong (8/4/2015-)
Idafabs Dinarii 50 Point Bonus WC (8/4/2015-) [OFA GR-120301E24F-VPI]
Idafab's Remington Rook (8/4/2015-)
Idafab's Go Fish Grrady (8/4/2015-)

Out of Bandalong Water Otter:

Calhoun's Pink Water Lily (2/10/2016-6/25/2016)
Wild Boone Otter Be A Gun Dog (2/10/2016-)
Scout (Green) (2/10/2016-)
Stella (Orange) (2/10/2016-)
Calhoun's Cleopatra Luna (2/10/2016-11/29/2022)
Moira (Yellow) (2/10/2016-)
Calhoun's Mungo Of The Swan (2/10/2016-)
Jasper Hendrix (2/10/2016-)

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