Golden Retriever

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Offspring of DKCH(U) Tyrol Victorious Voyager (4/28/1994-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Cheryl van het Lukkensveld:

Jewel Victory van het Lukkensveld

Out of Woodstar Tessa:

Woodstar Zennia

Out of Woodstar Dixie:

Woodstar Debbie (2/24/1998-)

Out of Gembaek's Sweetnes of Music:

Gembaek's Music Voyager (9/6/1997-)
Gembaek's Music From My Heart (9/6/1997-)

Out of Kulawand Nordic Sky:

Woodstar Victory Lady (7/27/2002-)
Woodstar Victory Tilly (7/27/2002-)

Out of Kvilimare Ferrari Daytona Magic:

Kvilimare Miss Evita (5/19/2000-)

Out of Waterloo's New Generation:

Woodstar Jessi (7/15/1999-)
Woodstar E. Niki (2/28/1998-)
Woodstar Elina (2/28/1998-)

Out of Legendary of Glen Sheallag:

Ego's Golden O'shine

Out of Woodstar Kelly:

Woodstar Nikita
Woodstar Cinderella (10/5/1997-)
Woodstar Camille (10/5/1997-)

Out of West Jutlands Konstanze:

Stanzes Golden Aphrodite

Out of Keep on Karamel Kayou von der Räuberburg:

Let it be La Luna von der Räuberburg (7/24/2001-) [A1]
Let it be Lexa von der Räuberburg (7/24/2001-) [C1]
Let it be Luara von der Räuberburg (7/24/2001-) [B1]
Let it be Lacita von der Räuberburg (7/24/2001-)
Let it be Lomax von der Räuberburg (7/24/2001-)
Let it be Lennox von der Räuberburg (7/24/2001-) [C2]
Let it be Lucky Luke von der Räuberburg (7/24/2001-) [B1]
Let it be Lancelot von der Räuberburg (7/24/2001-)
Let it be Lovis-Lia von der Räuberburg (7/24/2001-) [B1]
Let it be Lionheart von der Räuberburg (7/24/2001-10/11/2012)

Out of Moorfield Morning Butterfly:

Little Grumbler Armstrong (2/24/2000-5/28/2013)
Little Grumbler Attention

Out of Inassicas Water Carnation:

Inassicas Viktoria (6/2/2001-) [2002-05-30 HD grad A]

Out of Dasty Lily of the Valley:

Engahöjdens Calvin Klein (6/6/1998-)
Engahöjdens Oscar de la Renta (6/6/1998-) [B0]

Out of Ørnhøj's Daybrake Beauty:

Farmer Hill's Mitshja (6/10/1998-)

Out of Plover of Glen Sheallag:

Ocean Blue of Glen Sheallag (5/1/1998-) [HD A/A (19??)]

Out of IntCh, ChFin, BDSG-00 Dream Max Pulp Fiction:

S VCH SU(U)CH Tottelina Roulette (6/1/2001-)
IntCh, ChRus, Bye, Geo, RKF Tottelina Remy Martin (6/1/2001-)
Tottelina Rumbling Rose (6/1/2001-)
Tottelina Razzmatazz (6/1/2001-) [C/B (2002)]

Out of D.CH. Unter Dem Thies Brinja:

Beech Hill's Dynamic Kyra (4/16/1996-)
Beech Hill's Dyjan (4/16/1996-)
Beech Hill's Duchess Tamy (4/16/1996-)
Beech Hill's Dream Sweet Ida (4/16/1996-)
Beech Hill's Dirty Ruscal (4/16/1996-)
Beech Hill's Dooley (4/16/1996-)
Beech Hill's Doolin Doolittle (4/16/1996-3/16/2011) [B1]

Out of Tanja (DK 08084/97):

High Style's Nice and Sweet (10/26/1999-)

Out of Hummel Vom Mohnfeld:

Usinora vom Mohnfeld (7/22/2000-) [A1]
Naike vom Mohnfeld

Out of Baltic Golden Ups A Daisy:

Baltic Golden Cinderella (5/11/1998-10/30/2012) [C1]

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