Golden Retriever

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Offspring of GCH CH Shyan's Blu Christmas OS (12/26/2012-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Cross My Heart's Cherished Treasure Of Gold:

Shyan's Mister Mischief Is Good As Gold (2/1/2021-)

Out of Whiskey Creeks Storm Warning BN, RN, FDC,RATN, DN,CGCA,CGCU,TKN:

Whiskey Creeks Fruit of My Work CGC TKN (1/17/2021-)
Whiskey Creeks Working On A Honey Pot TKN (1/17/2021-)

Out of Shyan's Reese's Pieces:

Shyan's Season Of Change (9/1/2020-)

Out of Shyan's Tessa Rose of Sharon:

Shyan's Snow Storm (6/6/2020-)
Shyan's Blu Tessa Aloha Bertbin TKN (4/9/2021-)

Out of Whiskey Creeks Ripples In Water:

Riverside's Summer Daze Maple Craze (5/24/2021-)

Out of Shyan's Stop Look And Listen:

Shyan's Look At Me Now (6/27/2019-) [OFA GR-134220G25F-VPI]
Shyan's Look'N Good In The Neighborhood (6/27/2019-)

Out of Hearthside's Country Acres ''Morgan'':

Country Acres ''Bea'' (7/12/2019-) [OFA GR-134031G24F-VPI]

Out of Hood River's Ruby Tuesday:

Hood River's Mountaintop Dreams (1/18/2020-) [OFA GR-136648G25F-P-VPI]

Out of Shyan's Climbing To The Top:

Shyan's Gun Powder And Lead (12/17/2017-)
Shyan?s N Treasure Sweet Success (12/17/2017-) [OFA GR-129764G30F-VPI]

Out of Shyan 'N' Whiskey Creeks Braken Hearts:

Shyan's All My Love (2/14/2017-)

Out of Shyan's Final Temptation:

Shyan's Risk'N Love At Whiskey Creek (2/16/2016-) [OFA GR-121848F24F-VPI]

Out of Shyan's Good To The Last Drop:

AmCH Shyan's Captivate Sweeter Than Wine (2/3/2017-) [OFA GR-124804G24F-NOPI]
Shyan's Come Dance With Me (3/16/2018-) [OFA GR-131283G31F-VPI]
Shyan N Deer Crests Dance With Me in Vienna (3/16/2018-) [OFA GR-129141G25F-NOPI]
Shyan's Dance 'N' Under Starlight @ Whiskey Creek CGC TDI (3/16/2018-) [OFA GR-129274F25F-VPI]

Out of GCH. CH. Lakesyde And That's The Truth:

CH Pebble Creek Lakesyde Blu Us Away At Four Seasons CD RN BN (6/3/2019-) [OFA GR-133507G24M-VPI]
Pebble Creek Blue Note (6/3/2019-)
Pebblecreek Out Of The Blue At Misty Meadows (6/3/2019-)

Out of Am GCH. TrueStar's One in a Million:

GCH. Sterling's EZ Once Upon A Dream (2/21/2020-) [OFA GR-137480G26M-P_VPI]
GCH CH Sterling's EZ as Pie (2/21/2020-) [OFA GR-137473G26F-P-VPI]

Out of CH Whiskey Creeks Gossip Column:

Whiskey Creeks Unforgettable Rumors (5/26/2018-) [OFA GR-129220G24F-VPI]
Int'l CH Whiskey Creeks The Devil's Cut (5/26/2018-) [OFA GR-129864G25F-VPI]

Out of Shyan's Let's Keep N Partying:

Shyan?s Keep on Partying (6/17/2017-)

Out of Technique An Echo Of The Heart WC:

Traditional Technique Celebrate Anew (3/24/2017-) [OFA GR-126818G26F-VPI]
Traditional Technique Celebrate The Dance RM TKA CGCU CGCA BN CD (3/24/2017-)

Out of GCHS Whiskey Creeks Taken The Midnight Train TDI, CGC SDHF:

CH Whiskey Creeks Mysteries Over Moonlight CGC TDI (11/13/2016-) [OFA GR-124685F26F-VPI]
CH Whiskey Creeks Mysteries & Moonshine (11/13/2016-) [OFA GR-124703G26F-VPI]
Whiskey Creeks Mystery Solved @ Shyan (11/13/2016-) [OFA GR-127143G34F-VPI]

Out of Goodtime V Lakesyde Red Vevet Cupcake:

CH Lakesyde's Cheese With Your Whine OD (5/23/2015-) [OFA GR-119237F24F-VPI]

Out of CH Lakesyde's The Story Of Us:

Gingerrun N Lakesyde Yours, Mine, N Ours UD (12/25/2017-)

Out of CH Anthem Broxden Eggspialidocious:

Aura's The Beauty Among Us (5/5/2018-)

Out of AmCH Sandpiper's Click Your Heels:

Ray Sandpiper's Americone Dream TKN (5/27/2017-)
Ray Sandpiper Urban Bourbon NAP OJP OFP DSX (5/27/2017-)

Out of Wonderlands Welcome To The Jungle:

Wonderland's Angel Kiss CCA RATO DSA DJA HDN CGCU TKA ATT RATI (3/1/2018-) [OFA GR-132409G35F-VPI]
CH Wonderland's Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky (3/1/2018-)
CH Wonderland's Kiss My Grits (3/1/2018-)

Out of CH Goodtime's So Fine:

Goodtime?s TTYL (3/29/2018-)

Out of BISS Am GCH/Can CH Tamarack's PB&J BISS:

Am CH Tamarack Cinnameg Irish Colcannon DM (9/3/2019-)
CH Tamarack Taters Of The Lost Ark (9/3/2019-)

Out of Captivate's Do That To Me One More Time:

Captivate's Blu Water Cruiser (12/4/2017-)
Captivate's I'm A Natural Blue (12/4/2017-)
Am CH Captivate's Red White And Boom CGC (7/3/2018-) [OFA GR-130786G26M-VPI]
Captivate?s Just Smile and Wave (12/4/2017-)
BISS GCHB Captivate's When In Doubt Paddle Out BOSS, BPISS (12/4/2017-) [OFA GR-127716G24M-VPI]
Captivate's Makin' Waves (12/4/2017-)

Out of Golden Melodies Butter Cup As U Wish:

Golden Melodies Yukon Gold (5/27/2016-)
Golden Melodies Summertime's Suite Sonata (5/27/2016-)
Golden Melodies Tesla (5/27/2016-)
Golden Melodies Cooper (5/27/2016-)
Golden Melodies Bronco (5/27/2016-)
Golden Melodies Little Lambo (5/27/2016-)
Golden Melodies Woody (5/27/2016-)
Golden Melodies Porche (5/27/2016-)
Golden Melodies Purple Mercedes NJP (5/27/2016-)
Golden Melodies Chevrolet Malibu (5/27/2016-)
Golden Melodies Just N' Time (10/8/2018-)
Golden Melodies A Stitch In Time (10/8/2018-)
Golden Melodies Three Times A Lady (10/8/2018-)
Golden Melodies Time Travelers Search 4 Sanity (10/8/2018-)

Out of Scion Celebrity Appearance:

Am CH Scion Lunar Eclipse (12/5/2016-) [OFA GR-124417G24F-VPI]
UKC-CH Eclipse's One More Is Never Enough At TimberRidge CGCA TKA (12/5/2016-) [OFA GR-124540G25M-VPI]

Out of Kattwalk Lil Miss Smarty Pants:

Kattwalk's Perfect Pitch (8/25/2018-10/7/2019)

Out of GCH Casey's Barbee OD:

CH Casey's Bewitched (10/31/2017-) [OFA GR-127422G24F-VPI]
Casey's Foxwoods Nevermore (10/31/2017-)

Out of CH Suthern I've Put A Spell Over U:

Erigold's Gunz B Blazin CGC TKN (10/18/2018-) [OFA GR-131399F25F-VPI]

Out of Int/NatJR Ch. Mtn. View's This Girl Is On Fire:

CH. TrueStar's Mr. Incredible BISS BPIS BBBE (8/30/2018-) [OFA GR-130533G24M-VPI]
Truestar's Know By Heart POA (2/23/2019-)
TrueStar's A Trip Down Memory Lane CGCA CGCU BN RN SCN (2/23/2019-)
Ch Truestar's Perfect Timing @ Mtn. View POA (8/30/2018-) [OFA GR-130386E24F-VPI]
Truestars Stitchin To Remember Lilo (2/23/2019-)
Truestar-Crossbow's Shenanigans N' Malarkey! (2/23/2019-)

Out of U-CH Zest Feel The Love RN DN MX MXJ WC CCA VC:

U-CH Zest Get Up And Go BISS (5/19/2016-) [OFA GR-122922F25F-VPI]

Out of Shyan'n Windrift Footprints In The Sand:

Shyan's Leap of Faith (9/4/2017-) [OFA GR-127142F24F-VPI]
Shyan's Travelin' the Oregon Trail 2 Goldn Clover (9/4/2017-) [OFA GR-132541G42M-VPI]

Out of Am GCH Captivate's Star't Me Up OD:

Captivate's Free Falling (9/9/2015-)
Am CH Captivate's Falling Head Over Heels OD (9/9/2015-) [OFA GR-120733G26F-VPI]
Captivate N Summerwinds Fall 'N Under Her Spell (9/9/2015-) [OFA GR-120643G25-VPI]
Captivate's Legend Of The Fall At Goldreams (9/9/2015-)
Am CH Captivate's The Apple Didn't Fall Far RN, CGC (9/9/2015-) [OFA GR-120734G26M-VPI]
Captivate's Falling For You (9/9/2015-)

Out of BISS GCHB Nautilus Waiting To Take You Away:

Knotty Pine Beneath the Blu Sky FDC, CGC (2/23/2018-)

Out of Ch. Shyan's Final Caption:

Shyan N' Laws Boston Creme (4/21/2016-)
Shyan's Velvet Cake (4/21/2016-) [OFA GR-122938E26F-VPI]

Out of CH Zumbro & TB Doubled Their Fun BOSS:

GCH Teddybear's Playing Fast and Loose (12/5/2017-) [OFA GR-127954G24M-VPI]

Out of CH Kattwalk's Sparks Are Gonna Fly At Cobblestone OD:

GCH CH Cobblestone's Clandestine Affair (2/2/2017-) [OFA GR-125173F25F-VPI]
GCH CH Cobblestone's Flying By The Seat Of Her Pants OD (4/25/2015-) [OFA GR-119031G24F-VPI]
BISS Am GCH Cobblestone's We Love To Fly And It Shows MBISS (4/25/2015-) [OFA GR-120159G28F-VP]
Am GCHS MBISS Cobblestone Flyte Of The Bumblebee SDHF (4/25/2015-) [OFA GR-120205E28F-NOPI]
Cobblestones Dustup at Starridge (2/2/2017-)

Out of CH Brio Summer Hot Summer Not OD:

Brio Summer Kind Of Wonderful (9/27/2017-)
Brio Summer Celebration (9/27/2017-)
Brio Boys Of Summer (9/27/2017-)
Brio No Cure For The Summertime Blus (9/27/2017-)
Brio Summerwhere Over The Rainbow (9/27/2017-)

Out of Am CH Captivate's Too Hot To Handle BPISS, OD:

RBIS MBISS BOSS GCHS Captivate's Last Chance At The OK Corral (8/14/2014-) [OFA GR-117065G35M-VPI]

Out of CH Avalor's Summit Up @ Asterling:

CH Asterling's Prince Of The Five Burroughs (2/10/2016-)

Out of Shyan's Special Secret:

Shyan?s Final Player at Shadalane (12/12/2016-) [OFA GR-126373G27M-VPI]
U-CH Shyan's She's Here By Merit Not Favor RN, CCA (11/28/2015-) [OFA GR-120909G24F-VPI ]
Shyan's She Calls Omaha At Nolichucky (11/28/2015-) [OFA GR-120930G24F-VPI]


Kayenna's Kerrygld Buttercream (8/9/2018-)
Kayenna's Samurai Sword (8/9/2018-)

Out of CH Sandpiper's Bright Stripes N Bright Stars WC:

Sandpiper N Bear Country Roses Are Red (12/7/2017-)

Out of Crossbow's Harris-Tweed!:

Crossbow's Tipperary True (3/19/2017-)
Crossbow's Irish Eyes Are Smiling! (4/4/2018-)

Out of CH Kattwalk's Murder In Tempo:

Kattwalk's You Snewz You Looze. (11/14/2015-)
CH. Kattwalk's Good Newz Bad Newz At O'Quince (11/16/2015-)
Am CH & Int'l CH Kattwalk's Breaking Newz @Goldenstar BISS (11/16/2015-) [OFA GR-121180G26F-VPI]

Out of AmGCH CH - CanCH Harmony's Candy Apple:

Jasara's Stick Up Your Paws (11/22/2017-4/20/2021)

Out of BISS GCH Sandpiper's The Jewel RN JH WC VC BISS:

CH Sandpiper's Scent From Heaven RN, NAP, NJP, BCAT, DS, CGC, TKI (1/15/2018-)
Sandpiper's Carrot Top (1/15/2018-)
Sandpiper's Golden Button SH (2/26/2019-) [OFA GR-133147G26F-VPI]

Out of Int'l CH Golden Melodies-Goldengael's Butterfly Kisses:

Golden Melodies Spicy Chai (7/8/2017-)
Golden Melodies Ginger Spice (7/8/2017-)
Golden Melodies Spice Of Life (7/8/2017-)
Golden Melodies Brinley Thyme (7/8/2017-)
Shyan's Golden Melodies Center Sage (7/8/2017-)
Golden Melodies Vanilla Bean Porter (7/8/2017-)
Golden Melodies Pumpkin Spice Latte (7/8/2017-)
Golden Melodies Allspice (7/8/2017-)
Golden Melodies Sugar & Spice, All Things Nice (7/8/2017-) [OFA GR-126452G24F-VPI]
Golden Melodies Coriander Don't U Meander (7/8/2017-) [OFA GR-126451G24F-VPI]

Out of BOSS GCH CH Magnolia Captivate Not Tonight Honey MBPISS:

Captivate's Son-Times U Gotta Look @ The Sun (9/16/2015-)

Out of Trekkers Miss Confection CGC:

Trekker's Excellent Adventure (7/27/2015-)
Trekker's Miss Holiday (7/27/2015-)

Out of Hearthside's At Last:

Hearthside's Love Me Tender (7/7/2015-)
CH Hearthside Hawaiian Ballet (7/16/2015-)

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