Golden Retriever

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Offspring of JCh Sansue Hi'Land Storm (12/28/1995-2/5/2008)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Sherly's Golden Asja-Alice:

Sherly's Golden Early

Out of Moondust Amazing Kate:

Arrowsflight Allow Me Amorette (3/20/1998-)
Arrowsflight Algonquin She Quira (3/20/1998-)
Arrowsflight Ancient Aimy (3/20/1998-)

Out of Exclusive Mercedes v.d. Tender Bende:

Kir Royal v.d. Tender Bende (12/15/2005-)
Kristal Diva v.d. Tender Bende (12/15/2005-)
Kaiser Karel v.d. Tender Bende (12/15/2005-)
Kleine Storm v.d. Tender Bende (12/15/2005-)
King Arthur v.d. Tender Bende (12/15/2005-)
King Murphy v.d. Tender Bende (12/15/2005-)
Knight Oscar v.d. Tender Bende (12/15/2005-)
Kristal Kaja v.d. Tender Bende (12/15/2005-) [HD A]

Out of Imogen von Tobi's golden Lana:

Matilda von Tobi's golden Lana (6/10/2006-)

Out of Int.Hr.CH A Friend Of Wind Bubbles:

Ambra of the Cedar Tree Star [0:0]
ChYu Astra of the Cedar Tree Star (2/21/2000-)

Out of Ildiko von Tobi's Golden Lana:

Nakeeta von Tobi´s golden Lana (7/12/2006-)
Natene von Tobi´s golden Lana (7/12/2006-)
Nannett von Tobi´s golden Lana (7/12/2006-)
Nakara von Tobi´s golden Lana (7/12/2006-)
Navena von Tobi´s golden Lana (7/12/2006-)
Nelwyn von Tobi´s golden Lana (7/12/2006-)
Nahjus von Tobi´s Golden Lana (7/12/2006-) [A1]
Niels-Storm von Tobi´s golden Lana (7/12/2006-)

Out of Angelface of Redpine:

Lightning Dreams Amazing-Grace

Out of Yesterday's Memory of Redpine:

Essex of Chrisemma (6/2/2004-) [A2]

Out of Two Hills Injara:

Yours Sincerely Lily in the Field (5/20/2005-)

Out of Cordel vom Haag:

Little Lilly vom Haag (7/2/2006-)

Out of Gesche vom Geesthang II:

Phoebe vom Geesthang (1/22/2004-) [B2 (2005)]

Out of Int., German & VDH-Ch.,German J.Ch. Lavenders Generation Amazing Little Luzie:

Lavenders Generation Evening Storm (10/6/2003-)
Lavenders Generation English Rose (10/6/2003-)

Out of Nörenbergs Jana:

Ilka vom Geesthang

Out of Never Be Clever v.d. Kaladene:

Pearl Drift Another Ambition (7/29/2001-) [B1]

Out of Tvistholm Gitta:

Famous Viking April Storm Artemis (4/3/1998-)
Famous Viking April Storm Asgard (3/4/1998-) [B 1]

Out of Westley Johanna:

Sibella of the Hellacious Acres (4/3/2003-2/25/2015) [B2]

Out of German Ch. Bows of the Hellacious Acres:

Int, VDH, German, Swe, Lux, Dutch Ch. Martha of the Hellacious Acres (8/25/2003-)
Victoria of the Hellacious Acres (6/19/2001-5/5/2007) [FCI A]
Marcella of the Hellacious Acres (8/25/2003-)

Out of Amherst A Star is Born:

Amherst Genesis
Amherst Gillian (2/21/2001-) [A (2002)]
CH. Amherst Glendora (2/16/2001-) [0/0 in Germany A]

Out of Ritzilyn against all odds:


Out of Sansue Jackie O':

Thenceforth Ariella (5/28/1998-)
Thenceforth Adina (5/28/1998-)
Thenceforth Antigone (5/28/1998-)
Thenceforth Artemis (5/28/1998-)
Thenceforth Aphrodite (5/28/1998-)
Thenceforth Amneris (5/28/1998-)
Thenceforth Agamemnon (5/28/1998-)
Thenceforth Apollo (5/28/1998-)
Thenceforth Antares (5/28/1998-) [B1]
Thenceforth Aristides (5/28/1998-) [B1]

Out of Joyous Angel Eyes:

Sietske v.d.gouden spetters (3/27/2001-)
Sweetie Sara v.d.gouden spetters (3/27/2001-)
Sunshine Jody v.d.gouden spetters (3/27/2001-)
Sam v.d.gouden spetters (3/27/2001-)
Stormy Boya v.d.gouden spetters (3/27/2001-)
Taco v.d.gouden spetters (3/27/2001-)
Sprightly v.d.Gouden Spetters (3/27/2001-)
Sound of Music v.d. Gouden Spetters (3/27/2001-) [BVA A/A]

Out of Nortonwood Precious:

Life is Life Hi'land's Hanna (6/8/2001-) [A (2003)]
Life is Life Hi'land's Sina (6/8/2001-) [B (2003)]
Life is Life Hi'land's Hope (6/8/2001-)
Life is Life Hi'land's Elsa (6/8/2001-) [C (2003)]
Life is Life Huckleberry Nochoe (6/8/2001-) [A/A (2002)]
Life is Life Hi'land's Harvey (6/8/2001-) [A/A (2002)]
Life is Life Happy Hour (6/8/2001-) [C (2004)]
Life is Life Hi'land's Hannes (6/8/2001-5/5/2014) [A/A (07/10/2002)]

Out of Ger./Lux. Jr. CH. Moondust Eleanor:

Moondust Jolie Mome (3/19/2002-)
Moondust Jabbe Dabbe Doo

Out of Liberty Floortje Van 't Keijsershof:

Beetle (NHSB 2348560) (5/16/2001-12/24/2014)

Out of LTU CH Lady Minevra Oligarchia:

Caravagio Herkus (6/27/1999-)
Caracum Herkus (6/27/1999-)
Cleopatra Herkus (6/27/1999-)
Camel Trophy Herkus (6/27/1999-)
Casablanca Herkus (6/27/1999-10/10/2010) [B 0]

Out of Buttons of the Hellacious Acres:

Int. Ch. Off Course of the Hellacious Acres PL Winner 2003 (2/26/1999-8/23/2008) [B1]

Out of Dutch Ch., Multi Ch. Bubbles of the Hellacious Acres:

Stubble of the Hellacious Acres (9/26/1998-)
Snuggles of the Hellacious Acres (9/26/1998-2/1/2010)

Out of Garbank Rainbow:

Moondust Continental Drift (9/30/1997-) [B1]

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