Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Int.Ch.,PL&Hu.Ch, PL.J.Ch. Chicago of Top Team (9/15/1994-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Arna znad Wegorapy:

Niefrasobliwa Nutka Sen Andzi

Out of Knacky z Lesnych Ostepow:

Aria z Ulicy Torowej
Aza z Ulicy Torowej

Out of CALLA BLACA Goldenmania:

Pol. Ch. DUKAT Goldenhause (4/8/2003-) [A]

Out of Sasquehanna Zlota Wolnosc:

Anadara Zlota Wolnosc (2/19/2001-)
Afer Zlota Wolnosc (2/19/2001-)

Out of Complement Nabu:

Laurea Dignitas (4/18/2001-)

Out of BEATRIX Cerasus:


Out of Afrodyta Gordius:

Kissy Pomarszczony Czar (7/8/2003-)

Out of Complement Zattavia:

YUKON Kwintesencja (3/25/1998-)
YO-YO Kwintesencja (3/25/1998-)
YELLOWSTONE Kwintesencja (3/25/1998-)
YAWNER Kwintesencja
YOUNG FOREVER Kwintesencja (3/25/1998-)
YES OF COURSE Kwintesencja (3/25/1998-)
Ch.Mł.Pl.,Ch.Pl. YOUR MAJESTY Kwintesencja FCI CACIB, BoB, BoG, BiS (3/25/1998-) [A2]

Out of Amanta Cerasus:

Altavista Goldenka

Out of PL Ch. La Scala Oligarchia:

CHRISTIAN DIOR Modny Drobiazg (5/4/1998-)
Ch.Pl Michelle Pfeiffer Modny Drobiazg (3/22/1999-)
Mia Farrow Modny Drobiazg (3/22/1999-)

Out of Irish Cofee Oligarchia:

ADMIRAL Potega Milosci (5/1/1997-)
Augustyna Potega Milosci (5/1/1997-)
Ch.Pl. Adelajda Potega Milosci

Out of Jamaica of Top Team:

mecenas sasquehanna
Tajaga Sesquehanna
Sasquehanna Taj-Taja (2/10/2000-)
Sasquehanna Midori
Int.Ch.Ch.Pl Sasquehanna Minako
CH.PL Sasquehanna Milord (4/27/1999-)

Out of ChPol Sasquehanna Zlota Jesien:

Sasquehanna SMYKALKA
Sasquehanna Smakosz (9/18/2000-)
Ch PL. Sasquehanna Slomka (9/18/2000-) [1/2]

Out of Diana Ostrazica:

Kochanica Francuza Alter Idem (7/4/1999-)
Pl.Ch. Wirginia Alter Idem (FCI) (7/21/2000-1/3/2016) [A1]
Ch.Pl. Kniaz Igor Alter Idem (FCI) (7/4/1999-)
Krwawa Mary Alter Idem (FCI) (7/4/1999-12/28/2012)
Ch.Pl. Krolewna Sniezka Alter Idem (FCI) (7/4/1999-) [A1]

Out of Birdcherrys for Your Love:

BRILLANT Orginal (8/27/1997-)
Baron the Best Potega Milosci (8/27/1997-)
Bellissima Gracja Potega Milosci (8/27/1997-)

Out of Cosa Nostra Goldi:

Zarina Bufor (4/12/2002-) [A1]
Fiona Bufor (1/19/2001-)
Fantazja Bufor (1/19/2001-)
Faworyt Bufor (1/19/2001-)

Out of HOPSASA Oligarchia:

AGAWA Kia (11/8/1997-)
ABSOLUT Kia (11/8/1997-)
AGENT Kia (11/8/1997-)
ABSOLWENT Kia (11/8/1997-)
AGRAFKA Kia (11/8/1997-)

Out of Zw. Ml, NSwR BAZOOKA MONA z Lesnych Ostepow:

Giga Ustronskie Gronie (9/21/1999-)
Fawor Ustronskie Gronie (6/16/2000-)
Ch.Pl GRINGO Ustronskie Gronie CACIB (9/21/1999-8/14/2009) [Unknown A/A(2002)]

Out of Pl.Ch. Complement Dina Dobra Decyzja:

Complement Ale Psota (5/21/1996-11/3/2009)
Complement Ala Bama (5/21/1996-)
PL.J.Ch., PL.Ch. Complement Advocatus

Out of Lady Godiva Oligarchia:

Ch BLR Prima Pamela
Prima Paloma Blanka (11/17/1997-)
Prima Pulito (5/6/2000-)
Vice-WW'00, Pl Ch. Prima Panna Mloda (11/17/1997-)
Prima HIGHLAND DREAM (3/30/1999-)

Out of Ml.Ch.Pl. New Order Oligarchia:

Filip Ungaro (6/27/1999-)
First Ungaro (6/27/1999-)

Out of Pl.Ch. Hopla Zyjemy Oligarchia (FCI):

CIE-LT & LV & EST & BALT & PL & RUS & BY CH Kashmir Oligarchia (2/26/1996-) [A1]

Out of LTU CH Lady Minevra Oligarchia:

LTU,LV,RUS CH Blansa Herkus (11/30/1997-5/29/2013) [HD C(199?)]
ChLit, Lat, Est, Bye, Bal Britanis Herkus (11/30/1997-) [HD A1]
Baleta Herkus (11/30/1997-)

Out of Ch.Pl. AGAPEMA Norsken:

CAC, CACIB Lusus Cave Canem (7/6/1996-)
Sophia Cave Canem (9/20/1997-)
Seneka Cave Canem
Safona Cave Canem (9/20/1997-5/21/2001)
Ch. Pl. SOKRATES Cave Canem (9/20/1997-) [HD-A1]
Ch.Pl.Ch.Lt.Ch.Lv SAGITTA - SAGA Cave Canem (9/20/1998-)
JCH.PL,CH.PL Eunice Biale Zloto Cave Canem (6/14/2001-) [A1 Free]
Ch.PL Sybilla Cave Canem (9/20/1997-2007) [A1 Free]

Out of Linda (NHSB 1625927):

NORRIS Negrus (8/21/1997-)
FERNARDO Negrus (7/16/1996-)
FARIDA Negrus (7/16/1996-)
Felecita Negrus
First Lady Negrus
Fanny Gold Negrus
Ch.Pl. Nissan Negrus
FATIMA Negrus (7/16/1996-)

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