Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Melody Makers Willow (3/5/1997-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Tyna z Vlcich luk:

Omej z Vlcich Luk (3/23/1999-) [1/1]

Out of Hena z Vlcich luk:

Fanynka z Vlcich luk (10/28/1999-3/29/2000)
Vasco z Vlcich luk (5/31/2000-)

Out of Gasana Slapska alej:

Sally Dyre Bony (11/24/1999-) [HDD 1/1]

Out of Erna z Okresickych luk:

Inka od Sustraku (3/23/2000-) [HDD 2/1]

Out of Dadi z Vlci stepi:

Cendy z Jiznich lesu (1/5/2002-)

Out of Fati z Mlynarovy pece:

Brixa z Mlynarovy rokle (3/22/1999-) [HDD 1/2]

Out of Brita Poklad Doubravky:

Elsa Poklad Doubravky (7/29/1999-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Brica z Vlcich luk:

Dorana z Vlci stepi (10/16/2002-)

Out of Nikola z Vlcich luk:

Bonnie Zlaty Pisek (9/3/2000-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Cita Britland:

Andy z Veselskych luk (8/14/1998-2/20/2012) [2/2]

Out of Aradona Markamar Scheelit:

Jalla Poklad Doubravky (3/9/2000-) [HDD 2/1]
Jessy Poklad Doubravky (3/9/2000-) [HDD 2/1]

Out of Bessy Aurea Rosa:

Benny Bellis Perennis (4/24/2002-) [2/0]

Out of Britta Scandinavia Finland:

Anthea Bohemia Ritmo (5/3/1999-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Rosa z Vlcich luk:

Geda z Vlci stepi (11/11/2001-) [HDD 0/0]
Geisona z Vlci stepi (11/11/2001-) [HDD 1/1]
Gajera z Vlci stepi (11/11/2001-)

Out of Diana Elva Bohemia:

JCH CZ Ammy od Rajske struhy (4/29/2000-) [0/2]
Andy od Rajske struhy (4/29/2000-)

Out of Helvetia z Vlcich luk:

Nesokia z Vlci stepi (3/31/1999-) [HDD 1/0]
Ysaye z Vlci stepi (6/16/2000-) [HDD 0/1]

Out of Bodie Chlupate stesti:

Agata z Prelickeho mlyna (8/6/1999-) [HDD 2/1]
Ch CZ Angie z Prelickeho mlyna (8/6/1999-) [HDD 2/0]

Out of CZ + SK Ch Kitty Golden Araukarity:

CZ CH Baddy z Hajku (1/22/1999-) [1/1]
Berry z Hajku (1/22/1999-) [HDD 2/2]
Brita z Hajku (1/22/1999-) [HDD 2/0]
Barry z Hajku (1/22/1999-) [HDD 2/2]
Bessy z Hajku (1/22/1999-) [1/1]

Out of Idyla z Vlci stepi:

Sajga z Vlci stepi (5/7/2000-1/10/2013) [FCI C/B (2001)]
Saga z Vlci stepi (5/7/2000-) [A/B (2001)]
Sakkara z Vlci stepi (5/7/2000-) [D/D (2001)]
Sala z Vlci stepi (5/7/2000-) [B/A (2001)]
Samet z Vlci stepi (5/7/2000-) [B/D (2001)]
Salle z Vlci stepi (5/7/2000-12/30/2008)
Salmon z Vlci stepi (5/7/2000-)
Samos z Vlci stepi (5/7/2000-)
Samara z Vlci stepi (5/7/2000-)

Out of Blondie Chlupate stesti:

Jess Chlupate stesti (10/24/1999-)
Jessy Chlupate stesti (10/24/1999-) [HDD 1/2]
Jerry Chlupate stesti (10/24/1999-) [0/0]

Out of Ukana Tohocinska:

Bella Tohocinska

Out of Tila Tohocinska:

Amanda Tohocinska (1/1/2000-)

Out of Brina Venusiny Luhy:

Thymelaea z Vlci stepi (5/23/1999-) [HDD 2/2]
Tilia z Vlci stepi (5/23/1999-) [1/1]

Out of Lizz z Vlci stepi:

Lobelka z Vlcich luk (2/9/1999-) [HDD 1/2]

Out of Haja z Vlcich Luk:

Perovnik z Vlci Stepi (4/9/1999-) [0/1]

Out of Basra z Vlcich Luk:

Gita z Drahotesic (7/23/2002-) [HD C/C (200?)]

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