Golden Retriever

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Offspring of C.I.B., Blr, Rus, Pl, Ukr Ch Golden Rose-Bay's Nordic Magical Mystery (4/5/2014-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)


Navilis Elbrus (5/4/2020-)
Navilis Efficient Energy (4/5/2020-)

Out of Ch Angelonato Orhid Gold:

Angelonato Make my Day
Blr JCh, Blr GrJCh, Blr Ch Angelonato Mystic Charm (3/4/2018-) [AA]

Out of Solnechnaya Dubrava Tevi:

Fern Flower Daenerys Targaryen (11/18/2016-)

Out of Ch. Russia, Jun. Ch. of Russia, Ch. RKF, Ch. RRC, Grand Champion Gabriela My Fluffy Bunny With me Forever:

Dzhalis Cinderella Crystal Slipper (7/23/2017-)

Out of Sidus Aureum Buona Sera:

Sidus Aureum Esenia (9/1/2018-) [AA/02]

Out of Andorra RocknRoll Club:

JCH Blr, CH BLR, CH Breed, CH UA Fergie Rocknroll club (2/6/2018-) [В/B]

Out of Сh Blr Charlott Chantilly:

RoJCh, MN Ch Angelonato Kristal Brilliant (2/22/2016-) [A]
Angelonato Queen of Hearts (2/10/2016-) [AA]

Out of JCh Blr, Ch Blr Antalia ROCKNROLL CLUB:

JCh Belarus Ch Belarus Geneve ROCKNROLL CLUB [FCI AA]
Desert Rose Rocknroll Club
Gift Ofheaven Rocknrollclub (4/15/2018-) [OFA GR- 129061G24F-VPI]
Great Britain Rocknrollclub (4/15/2018-)
Grace Kelly Rocknrollclub (4/15/2018-)
Grenada Rocknrollclub (4/15/2018-)
JCh, JGCh, JCh Breed`19, Ch Ukraine, Cruft’s Qualification' 19 Golden Rose Rocknrollclub (4/15/2018-) [A]
Golden Mania Rocknrollclub (4/15/2018-)
Gold Rush ROCKNROLL CLUB (4/15/2018-) [FCI AA]
Goldfield ROCKNROLL CLUB (4/15/2018-) [AA]
Game Of Chance Rocknroll Club (4/15/2018-) [OFA GR-128991G24F-VPI]
Dandy ROCKNROLL CLUB (12/7/2016-)
JCh Blr, Ch Blr, JCh Rus, Ch Rus, Ch Breed Dream about Me ROCKNROLL CLUB (12/7/2016-)
Dancing in the Moonlight ROCKNROLL CLUB (12/7/2016-)
Winston the Daydreamer ROCKNROLL CLUB (12/7/2016-)

Out of JCH RUS, JCH CLUB Right Hunter Angel Song:

Right Hunter Afrodita Goddess Beauty (6/24/2017-) [FCI АА]

Out of Ch. Blr Angelonato Olive Blossom:

Angelonato Persian Diamond (11/27/2017-) [АА]
Angelonato Pure Love Edgardegold (11/28/2017-6/30/2018)
Blr, Rus, Ukr Ch Angelonato Power of Love (11/27/2017-) [AA]
Angelonato Jason Star (2/27/2016-) [AA]
Angelonato Jonathan Rich (2/27/2016-)

Out of INT.CH. Angelonato Heaven Sent:

Angelonato Gangster (6/25/2018-)
TLN JW'19 TLN W'19 EST J CH Angelonato Greatest Showman (6/25/2018-)
Angelonato Grandioso Belg. & Lux. JunCh. (6/25/2018-) [FCI A]

Out of MANOLITA Rozmachany Ogon:

SWEET MARZIPAN Rozmachany Ogon (10/28/2018-)
SWEET FLORANGER Rozmachany Ogon (10/28/2018-)
SWEET ADVOCAATE Rozmachany Ogon (10/28/2018-)
SWEET COCO Rozmachany Ogon (10/28/2018-) [HD A]
SWEET TOSCA Rozmachany Ogon (10/28/2018-)
JCh. PL, Junior Club Winner'19 SWEET DELICE Rozmachany Ogon (10/28/2018-) [HD B]
SWEET MARRON Rozmachany Ogon (10/28/2018-) [HD A ]
SWEET PISTACHE Rozmachany Ogon (10/28/2018-)


Gudvin’s Riddle Russkiy Razmer (9/10/2018-)

Out of JCh Blr, Ch BLR, Breed Ch, Ch RU Sky Pride Starla:

Grand Champion Sky Pride Davidson Grand (3/12/2018-)
Sky Pride Dreamers Keepers (3/12/2018-)
Sky Pride Dreaming Winter (3/12/2018-)
Sky Pride Diamond Rain (3/12/2018-) [FCI B]

Out of J Ch Rus, Grand Ch Rus, Ch Rus, Club Ch Leymary Genevieve:

Leymary Enigma (6/7/2018-)

Out of JCH BLR, CH BLR Kanrit Daly Karry:

Kanrit Daly Angelique (5/4/2017-) [OFA GR-126378G26F-VPI]
Kanrit Daly Antarctica (5/4/2017-)

Out of CH Rus, JCH Rus Adrenalin Rush PepsiCo ot LadyYuli:

Artemida ot Ladyyuli (2/6/2016-) [B]
Afrodita ot Ladyyuli JCH RUS,JCH Club RUS, CH RUS, CH RKF, CH club rus (2/6/2016-) [FCI С]
JCH Rus Afina ot Ladyyuli (2/6/2016-) [FCI B]

Out of Island Of Malta Prima Santolina EST, LT CH:

Aš Gražus Čiobrelis Prima Santolina (3/13/2016-)

Out of Ch.LT-EE, JCh.LT-LV PERDITA Rozmachany Ogon:

LT, LV, EE, BALT JCH, LT CH Gizel Aukso Smelis (6/3/2016-) [HD A]

Out of Ch Skandi Sanraiz Gekata for Angelоnato:

Angelonato Wisdom Inside (9/15/2015-) [AA]
EST J CH LVA J CH Ogre JW'16 LTU J CH BALT J CH ROU J CH ROU CLUB JW'16 BLR J CH BLR JW'16 Angelonato Wow Factor 2x Romania Junior Club Winner'16 (9/15/2015-) [FCI B/B]
JCH Angelonato Within Temptation (9/15/2015-) [AA]

Out of Ch Sky Pride Mistika:

Ch Sky Pride Moonlight Shine (12/1/2016-) [A/A(2018)]
JCh, Ch Sky Pride Midnight Magic (12/1/2016-) [A/A(2018)]
BISS, BIS, JCH ,CH , Grand CH Sky Pride Mister Masterpiece (12/1/2016-) [A/A(2018)]
Sky Pride Mystical Touch (12/1/2016-)
Sky Pride Morning Star (12/1/2016-)

Out of Qdore ENGLISH ROSE:

Audrey Hepburn Dwie Korony [AA]

Out of JCh, Ch Tramin Picasa:

MultiCh, Multi BIS,Multi BISS Sky Pride New Moon (5/16/2016-) [FCI A/A]
Sky Pride Natalia
Sky Pride Nightwish (5/16/2016-)
Sky Pride Niagara (5/16/2016-5/18/2017)
Sky Pride National Anthem (5/16/2016-)

Out of Int.Ch,Srb - Mk.Ch,Srb.Jun.Ch. Evita The Golden Promise:

Jch SrbCh.Srb Soul Simphony Gabriella Club Winner 2019 (2/16/2017-) [FCI HD-A]

Out of JCh Blr, Ch Blr Phoebe Moon Shiver Kattyval:

Jasmine RocknRoll Club (10/29/2019-)

Out of JCH BLR/BREED/RUS/MD CH BLR/BREED/MD/RUS/GR Kanrit Daly Marmalatta:

CH PL Angelonato Amberlie (4/23/2016-) [HD A]
Angelonato Erion (4/23/2016-) [A]

Out of VET CH Rosebelly's Noblesse Oblige:

Desigual's Creme de la Creme (10/18/2017-) [FCI HD A / A ]

Out of CH BLR, CH BREED Bonita Zhasmin:

JCH UA; JGCH UA, CH UA ; BBB UA Perlina Poltavi from Laster Gold (5/1/2016-) [HD A]

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