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Offspring of Am./Can./Mex. CH. Beckwith's Copper Ingot OS (9/24/1966-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Beckwith's Tallyred Terri:

Beckwith's Masterpice/Beckwith's Masterpiece (5/19/1972-)

Out of Miss Rufus Jackson Buckskin:

Beckwith's Shannon Buckskin (12/19/1969-)

Out of Beckwith's Tallyeo Terri/Beckwith's Tallyeo Terrr:

Beckwith's Michele Of Krishna CD (5/19/1972-)

Out of Beckwith's Tawny of Tallyeo:

Berby's Jason of Golden Acres (8/4/1971-)
Berby's Queen of Keesus CD (8/4/1971-) [OFA 1800]

Out of Golrusk's Calypso CD:

Golrusk's Apricot Jam (1/11/1969-)

Out of Can. CH. Beckwith's Flare At Northgame:

Northgame Becky's Choola

Out of Cholley's Golden Sandy CDX:

Am/Can CH Can OTCH Beckwith's Copper Queen UD WC (4/22/1969-)

Out of Liberator Beckwith Brook:

Am/Can Ch. Beckwiths Quite A Fellow (2/6/1973-)

Out of Am. CH. Carmel Golden's Beag Carraig:

San Barr's Love Child (12/17/1971-)
San Barr's Royal Sportsman Ib (12/17/1971-)
Am/Can Ch. San Barr's Royal Rogue Ib (12/17/1971-)
Am./Can. CH. San Barr's Niamh Cinn Or I B OD (12/17/1971-)

Out of Ryden's Pollyanna:

Dodee's Sally Anne CD (4/14/1972-) [OFA GR-2653]
Little Bambino CDX

Out of Am. CH. Spannen's Waw-Wil-A-Way Gypsy:

Ca-Ri's Autumn Sunshine (6/30/1970-)
HCS And K's Amchitka Cheechako (6/30/1970-)
HCS And K's Apollo Moon Shot (6/30/1970-)
Audacious Lady CDX (6/30/1970-) [OFA GR-2277]

Out of Beckwith's Golden Gaiety/Beckwith's Golden Griety CD:

Beckwith's JML Amberglo Image (7/10/1969-)
Beckwith's JML Rustigold (7/10/1969-)
Beckwith's JML Ingots Sparkle (6/9/1970-) [OFA GR-1102]
Jml's Mid-Summer Morning (7/10/1969-)
JML's Gaiety's Light N' Luv'ly CD (12/12/1971-) [OFA GR-2958]
Sungold JML Serenade (12/12/1971-)

Out of Am. CH. Honor's Charade OD:

Beckwith's Honor Graduate CD (1/26/1970-) [OFA GR-1409]
Am. CH Honor's Good Omen (1/26/1970-)
Am. CH. Topaz Honor Bright (1/26/1970-) [OFA GR-899]
Honor's Gin Rummy (1/26/1970-) [OFA GR-01308]
Am/Can CH. Honor's Grandeur CDX WC OS SDHF (1/26/1970-12/21/1978) [OFA GR-1562]

Out of Brackenhollow Golden Yoke:

Golden Yoke's Eclipse (10/1/1972-)

Out of Am. CH. Royal Flush Of Yeo UDT WC OD:

CH. Starfarm Feather (3/17/1972-)

Out of Synspur Beckwiths Stacey CD OD:

Beckwith's Chelsea (4/5/1971-)
Beckwith's Chickadee (4/5/1971-)
Am. CH. Beckwith's Cimarron (4/5/1971-)
Beckwith's Commanche UD OBHF (4/5/1971-) [OFA GR-3610]

Out of Am./Can CH. Hammerlock's Gayhaven Tonca:

Hammerlock's Sugar 'N Spice (11/9/1968-)
Am. CH. Beckwiths Ingots Ember CDX TD WC OD (11/9/1968-) [OFA GR-803]

Out of Am. CH. Truell Pond Lucy Of Liberator CD OD WC:

Liberator Dawn of Greylynn CD
Liberator Beckwith's Gaye (4/13/1971-)
Liberator Mr Bojangles (4/13/1971-)
Am. Ch. Golden Sherry of Liberator UDT OD (4/13/1971-) [OFA GR-1718]

Out of Beckwith Chrys-Haefen Belinda OD:

Beckwith's Radiant Mist (4/13/1969-)
Beckwith's Royal Knight (4/13/1969-)
Beckwith's Royal Heiress CDX (4/13/1969-)
Am./Can. CH, Can. OTCH. Beckwith's Royal Radiance Am. UD (4/13/1969-)
Am./Can. CH. Beckwith's Royal Valkommen CDX WC (4/13/1969-3/5/1979) [OFA GR-822]

Out of Beckwith's Wildwing Feather:

Weber's Golden Heather (11/30/1971-)
Beckwith's Sasha of Cimmarron UD * (11/30/1971-)

Out of Am/Can CH. Beckwith's Malagold Cherub Am UDT Can CDX OD:

Am/Can CH. Beckwith's Apricot Brandy UDT OD (11/4/1970-) [OFA GR-1237]
Beckwith's Amiga Mia OD (11/4/1970-12/12/1977) [OFA GR-1275]
Am/Can CH. Beckwith's Autumn Wind CD OD (11/4/1970-) [OFA GR-1241]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Beckwith's Highland Holly CD WC OD:

AM CAN CH Beckwith's Empress Goldust (9/8/1971-)
Beckwith's Enchanting Smuka UDT, WC (9/8/1971-)
Beckwith's Echo Of Loch Tay OS (9/8/1971-11/5/1985) [OFA GR-1738]

Out of Can CH Beckwith's Sunny Day:

Beckwith's Oh Blithe Sprite CD (11/28/1972-) [OFA GR-2555]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Beckwith's Frolic of Yeo Am./Can. CDX OD:

Beckwith's Malagold Orion (9/15/1968-)
Beckwith's Zipper of Topbrass (9/15/1970-) [OFA GR-1224]
Beckwith's Malagold Orbit CDX (9/15/1968-) [OFA GR-00463]
Am. CH. Malagold Beckwith Brite Opal (9/15/1968-) [OFA GR-492]
Beckwith's Wildwood Zed (9/15/1970-) [OFA GR-1232]
Am. Ch. Beckwith's Frolic's Zachary Am/Can CD (9/15/1970-10/11/1975) [OFA GR-1222]
Am. CH. Beckwith's Malagold Omega WC OD (9/15/1968-2/10/1981) [OFA GR-457]
Am. Ch. Beckwith's Liberator Zephyr (9/15/1970-)
CH Malagold Beckwith Om K Ivan CD OS (9/15/1968-11/15/1980) [OFA GR-542 & GR-1210]
Am./Can. CH. Beckwith's Malagold Ojibway (9/15/1968-)
Am./Can. CH. Beckwith's Malagold Flash Am./Can. UDT WC OS SDHF (9/15/1968-9/9/1981) [OFA GR-552]

Out of Beckwith's Chickasaw Jingle OD:

Beckwith's Golden Vim Vam Wham CDX (3/17/1970-)
CanCH Beckwith's Very Vandandy AmCDX
AmCH Beckwith's Viceroy To Newton CD (3/17/1970-)

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