Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Eng Sh Ch Ritzilyn Brandon JW (6/30/2000-9/2012)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Tyrocoll Wind In The Willows:

Tyrocoll Christmas Holly [5:6]

Out of Choriand Catch Kandy To Hessonite:

Hessonite Mirror Ball [5:5]

Out of Terringford Lullabyes:

Eriswell Phoebe The Deacon [6:5]

Out of Lillieslea Love Me N Leave Me:

Lillieslea Label Me Lovely [31:31]

Out of Delcott Celebration:

Delcott Harmony [6:5]

Out of Beaverston Lady Skye:

Beaverston Lady Shellidora [21:25]

Out of Kenyee Realms Of Gold:

October Mist Echo [4:7]

Out of Beaverston Lady Shaynara:

Beaverston Lady Shilonara [4:4]

Out of Aust Ch Giltedge Roll Out The Red Carpet (AI) CCD RN ET:

Aust Ch Giltedge Lady In Red (AI) CCD RN (1/26/2018-) [AVA 9:8]
Giltedge All Bets On Red (AI) (1/26/2017-) [1,3 ]
Giltedge Sparkling Red (1/26/2018-) [AVA 5:3]

Out of Hawksmoor Wait For It:

Hawksmoor Faith And Honour [3:7]

Out of Crowood Jasmine:

Blissfully Blessed [3:8]

Out of Kennelridge Made in Heaven:

Kennelridge Tricolore [20:20]

Out of Guella Quintessence Of Tarnbrook:

Tarnbrook Wild Sprite [3:8]

Out of Johannson Heavenly Desire:

Johannson St Phoebe [9:7]
Johannson St Cecillia [6:5]
Johannson St Augustine [4:4]

Out of Shantallah Summer Mist at Cherimore:

Scotch And Misty Of Lochallie [4:5]
Cinnamon Coral Cluster

Out of Carryonow Delectable Daph:


Out of Rheincroft Rag Satin:

Rheincroft Ragger [5:4]
Rheincroft Rag Slippers [Hip Score 5:5]

Out of Goldfellow Skyehaven:

Goldfellow Bonfire (8/18/2016-) [FCI B/B]

Out of Aquataine Flamboyant:

Aquataine Bonaire [5:4]
Aquataine Santorini At Pondcroft [9:5]

Out of Soneve Scarlett:

Soneve Lady In Red [4:7]
Soneve Red Sky at Night (6/6/2010-)
Soneve Simply Red By Siatham (6/6/2010-) [BVA 6:7]

Out of Miss Moonlight:

Venus Rising [4:7]
Sweet Constance [8:5]
Moonlights Magic [4:5]

Out of Aust Ch Aneiraby Diamantina Starr:

Aneiraby Aurora Australis (AI) (10/16/2014-) [2:2]
Aneiraby Eye Of Orion (AI) (2014-)

Out of Ritzilyn Chuckleberry at Trumpsgold:

Trumpsgold Tasmin [3:5]
Trumpsgold Taradale [5:3]

Out of Sh Ch Thornywait Pussycat Doll with Roxali JW:

Roxali Dixie D'lite [5:6]
Roxali Kiki Kaboom [4:4]
Roxali DaVinchi At Ritzilyn (6/8/2010-) [A2/A2 (5:4)]

Out of Sh. Ch. Ritzilyn Rinky Dink JW:

Ritzilyn Hoochy Kooch [8:5]
Ritzilyn Dixie Diamond (4/7/2011-)
Ritzilyn dream on (7/4/2011-)
Ritzilyn Diamond Jack at Millesime (4/7/2011-) [4:3]
ENG. SH. CH. Ritzilyn Doctor Pepper (7/4/2011-) [BVA 4:3]
Ritzilyn Hot Totty At Wynrita (8/2/2009-) [3:3]
Ritzilyn Deal Me In (4/7/2011-) [FCI HD A]
Ritzilyn High Time (7/2/2009-)
HUN/ROM/SRB JCH Ritzilyn Hooray Henry (3/7/2009-) [A (2010) - FCI]
Ritzilyn Hurdy Gurdy NJK, Rostock Jeugendsieger '10 (7/2/2009-) [HD A (NW 40 BA 0) - 2010]
Ritzilyn Hi Jack (7/2/2009-) [BVA: 3:5]

Out of Reve des Vives:

victoire des vives
je05 victor francos valley des vives

Out of SEU(U)CH Dainty's Flame Of Fame:

SEu(u)ch Dainty's Friendly Fire (8/4/2010-) [A0]
SE U(U)CH DK CH(U) Dainty's For The Sake of Love (4/8/2010-) [A/A]
SE U(U)CH Dainty's Foreign Affair (4/8/2010-) [FCI A/A]
D.CH Dainty's Foreign Currency (4/8/2010-) [A2]

Out of Baricia Magic Touch:

Baricia Xia Xiang via Jonsen (4/3/2003-) [7:7]

Out of Camrose Katerina:

Camrose Tulisa [9:6]
Camrose Tacita (8/7/2011-) [2:2]

Out of Ch. Stonedale Light My Fire:

BISS Multi Ch. 1st Class Bella Gioventu' (10/10/2010-) [BVA 5:4]

Out of Kidston Serendipity:

Kidston Nell Gwyn [15:3]
Kidston Tutankhamen of Cassatess [4:7]
Kidston Tarantella With Cassatess [6:4]

Out of Lorinford Bumps A Daisy:

Lorinford Manhattan Sweet

Out of FIN & EST Ch BH TK1 Gladtail Opium Kiss:

FI CH TK1 Goldfellow Starflower (10/29/2009-) [A/A]
Goldfellow Starborn (10/29/2008-) [CC 00]
Goldfellow Stargirl (10/29/2008-)

Out of Dunsaron Anna Mae At Teddywoods:

Dunsaron Rag Dolly Anna At Teddywoods [5:5]
Dunsaron Dianna (5/11/2003-) [8 - 7]
dunsaron Joanna (5/11/2003-) [6 - 5]

Out of Tullochmohr Posh Spice:

Tullochmohr Sheer Elegance [7:8]
Ch Tullochmohr Dream Fantasy

Out of Lornabbel Lucky Star At Shepedor:

Shepedor Scrumpy Jack [6:5]
Shepedor Brandy Bubbles at Quilp [Hip Score 6:5]

Out of Glenmoray Tammany at Gayshart:

Gayshart Kyrielle [7:8]

Out of Aus. Ch. Thuaidh Chelsea Bright Crystal:

Freja's Fairy Tale at Thuaidh (4/21/2009-) [A]
C.I.E.-Slo CH.- RSM CH.- Osterr. CH., -Attitudinal test English Breakfast at Chelsea's (4/21/2009-) [FCI B (4:4)]

Out of Glenmoray Roxanne at Lestorm:

Lestorm Goldberry (1/31/2005-) [6/6]

Out of Ronjalee Rolla At Goldlyn:

Goldlyn Going Solo (3/10/2005-)

Out of Fairfield Floral Mystery At Zenevieva:

Zenevieva Top Shelf (9/21/2008-)
Zenevieva Top Knotch (9/21/2008-)
Zenevieva Top Secret (9/21/2008-)
Zenevieva Top Tottie (9/21/2008-)

Out of Delcott Governess:

IND.CH. Delcott Ashley (3/19/2005-8/16/2015)

Out of Thornywait Miss Behaving J.W.:

Thornywait Who Is It [5:4]
thornywait prince michael
Thornywait Euphoria with Roxali (6/21/2009-) [Hip Score 5:6]
Thornywait Lady In My Life (6/21/2009-) [A/A(2011)]
C.I.E. SE U(U)CH N UCH Thornywait Gift To Floprym NV'11 (6/21/2009-) [FCI A-B]

Out of lyebreach loch tulla:

Lyebreach Lambretta [3:6]
Lyebreach Solitaire [7:6]

Out of Bolberry Open Secret:

Bolberry Red Coral [7:6]
Bolberry Red Admiral Of Naederac (2004-) [BVA 6:6]

Out of BISS Aust CH & Neuter Ch Dobro Diamond Magic:

Dobro Ice Magic (AI) (10/5/2009-) [BVA 2/2]
Dobro Bobby Dazzler (AI) (10/10/2009-)
Dobro Magic Happens (AI) (10/5/2009-) [2/2]
Aust CH Dobro Master Blend (AI) (10/10/2009-) [BVA 1/5]

Out of Italian CH. Pinkerly Jackie O:

Pinkerly O'Hara (3/28/2006-)
Pinkerly O'Toole (3/28/2006-) [3:4]

Out of Graceleigh Valentina:

Graceleigh Isabella [10:8]
Graceleigh Pure Passion at Laytoncroft [4:3]

Out of Ritzilyn Cider with Rosie:

Ritzilyn Extravaganza [5:6]
Ritzilyn Easy Peazy for Cesarka (1/11/2002-) [BVA 9.5]

Out of Sansue Double Delight at Galenco:

Galenco Bewitched (10/9/2003-)
Galenco Bedazzled (10/9/2003-)
Galenco Benjamin (10/9/2003-)
Galenco Bojangles (10/9/2003-)
Galenco Bacchus At Crisansa (10/9/2003-) [3:4]
Galenco Berkeley (10/9/2003-)
Galenco Brogan (10/9/2003-)
Galenco Bailey (10/9/2003-) [3:7]

Out of Glenmoray Falena:

Glenmoray Midnight Susie at Galenco (9/12/2001-) [15:14]
Glenmoray Money Penny at Galenco (9/12/2001-) [7:22]

Out of Royal Crest Gold-n Tripleplay:

Something Pretty (12/11/2005-)
Promiseman (12/11/2005-) [FCI ]
Here Comes Knight (4/8/2004-)

Out of Messano Indian Gold:

Messano Spinning Jenny [4:24]
Messano Jenny Nettles [7:4]
Messano Jenny Wren [8:3]

Out of Stanroph Endelwood Natasha 3RCC, KCJW, ShCM, SGWC:

Carolake Izzy Whizzy (9/28/2007-)
Carolake In For A Penny (9/28/2007-)
Carolake I Touched The Moon (9/28/2007-) [10:4]
Carolake It's Magic (9/28/2007-)
Carolake It Must Be Love (9/28/2007-)
Carolake In A Spin (9/28/2007-)
Carolake Indigo (9/28/2007-)
Carolake Ivanhoe (9/28/2007-)
Carolake Imperial Island (9/28/2007-)
Carolake In Demand JW (9/28/2007-) [BVA 6:5]

Out of Shardanell Daisychain via Ipcress:

Ipcress Shamrock at Bojasca (6/24/2008-) [3:3]
Ipcress Lavender At Shardanell (6/24/2008-) [BVA 7:6]

Out of Soneve Susannah of Siatham:

Ch Siatham Classic Quillquest (8/3/2008-)
Sh Ch Siatham Calamity Jane Sh CM (7/3/2008-) [8:8]
Pl.Jr.Ch. Siatham Careless Whisper (3/7/2008-10/4/2017) [A1A1]

Out of Solea Land Melody:

Ravishing To Bits TerraMagica (1/29/2006-)
Record Breaker TerraMagica (1/29/2006-)
Royal Brandy TerraMagica (1/29/2006-) [Clear]
Rocky Balboa TerraMagica (1/29/2006-)
Rhett Butler TerraMagica (1/29/2006-)
Rock My Bluff TerraMagica (1/29/2006-)
Royal Blossom TerraMagica (1/29/2006-)
Rhapsody In Blue TerraMagica (1/29/2006-)
Rhythm'N'Blues TerraMagica (1/29/2006-)

Out of Baricia Make it Magic:

Baricia Dazzle N Dream For Gartraith [28:16]
Baricia All That Glitters JW [3:4]
Baricia Ribbons N Roses [4:4]
Sh. Ch. Baricia Bobby Dazzler JW [Hip Score 3:3]

Out of Snowiecott Solo:

Snowiecott Mid Sommer (8/20/2004-)
Snowiecott Maverick (8/20/2004-)
Snowiecott Huckerby (8/20/2004-)
Snowiecott Hot Shot (8/20/2004-)
Snowiecott Amber Lee (8/20/2004-)
Snowiecott General Lee (8/20/2004-) [7:6]
Snowiecott Daisy Duke (8/20/2004-) [6:6]

Out of Summeramba Double Bubble:

Tyracoll Uptown Girl
SUMMERAMBA SPEAK NO EVIL (3/19/2008-) [ 5:5]
Summeramba Hear No Evil JW (3/19/2008-) [Hip Score 4:5]
Summeramba See No Evil At Mulfield [Hip Score 5:3]
Summeramba Mr Happy (9/10/2005-)
Summeramba Mr Clever (9/10/2005-)
Summeramba Mr Cheeky (9/10/2005-)
Summeramba Mr Greedy (9/10/2005-)
Summeramba Mr Tickle (9/10/2005-)
Summeramba Mr Perfect (9/10/2005-)
Summeramba Mr. Bump (9/10/2005-)
Summeramba Little Mis Magic of Mulfield (9/10/2005-) [12:18]
Summeramba Feta (3/6/2004-) [A2]
Summeramba Brie At Invergoil Culzean (3/6/2004-) [18:15]
Eng Sh Ch Summeramba Stilton JW (3/6/2004-) [4:4]

Out of Winnatts Mariette:

Winnatts Rachel At Otterscroft [5:6]
WINNATTS Rebecca (11/3/2008-) [7:4]
Winnatts Rafael JW (11/3/2008-) [6:5]

Out of Stanroph Spirit of the Dawn in Linoaks:

Linoaks Highasakite JW [Hip Score 6:4]
Linoaks Secret Spirit (6/29/2002-) [B1]
Linoaks Shooting Spirit [24:26]

Out of Sophaisy Sugar and Spice:

Hamanay dolly mixture (1/20/2003-4/15/2018) [AA]

Out of Summeramba Fettucini:

Summeramba Piccante (3/23/2005-)
Summeramba Carbonara (3/23/2005-) [6-6]

Out of Vice-WW'04, It.Ch.- Lux Ch - Austrian Ch. Breakfast at Tiffany's:

Pinkerly Pretty in Pink [HD B1]
Italian CH. Pinkerly Point Break (3/26/2006-) [7:7 BVA]
Italian- Austrian CH. Pinkerly Pride & Prejudice (3/26/2006-) [5:4 BVA]

Out of Altindan Phoenix Park:

Altindan Ain't Misbehavin' [5:6]
Altindan Anything Goes (2007-) [BVA 3:5]

Out of Ger Jr Ch, Moondust Highland's Heritage:

Tr Fr Bryant of the Morning Valley (5/27/2008-) [HD-B]
Broadway of The Morning Valley (5/27/2008-) [FCI A]
Barkley of the Morning Valley (5/27/2008-) [A1]
Bam Bam Of The Morning Valley (5/27/2008-) [OFA GR-101574G26M-VPI]

Out of Eng.Sh.Ch Remington Remember Me KCJW:

Remington Rhapsody In Blue At Graceleigh [6:7]
Remington Romancing The Gem Among Goldkitts (7/2/2002-) [BVA 7:4]
Remington Ringmaster (11/7/2002-10/24/2013) [A/A]

Out of Redtowers Eternal Flame:

Redtowers Kid Galahad [6:7]
redtowers little sister via alsden (8/6/2004-) [6:3]

Out of Kennelridge Chorus Girl For Bernewode:

Bernewode Destinys Child [6:5]
Bernewode Daytripper

Out of Sophaisy Dolly Gray:

Sophaisy Between The Sheets [3:3]
Sophaisy Morning Glory (7/18/2002-) [7:3]

Out of Lucastes Lady Madonna:

Lucastes Sweet Caroline [7:4]
Lucastes Jazz Singer (6/10/2002-11/14/2009) [29:7]

Out of Stanroph Sierra Sapphire at Lindjan:

Choriand Chilli Concarne (2/2/2002-) [A1]
Sh Ch Choriand Chilli Vanilli [Hip Score 6:6]

Out of GB.Sh.Ch Ritzilyn Chickadee For Straland:

Eng.Sh.Ch. Ritzilyn Dynah Might (6/27/2003-) [BVA 14/4]
Ritzilyn Daisy Mae at Galenco (6/27/2003-) [6:12]

Out of Ronjalee Ruby Tuesday:

Ronjalee Red Ribbon for Flesselles [5:5]

Out of Lindjan Lullaby at Trebell:

Lindjan Lovecraft (5/15/2002-) [9:12]

Out of Laurenley Colleen:

Laurenley Peace Lily [4:6]
Laurenley Peace Rose (11/11/2007-) [BVA 7:6]

Out of Sh Ch Ousevale Lady Eleanor JW:

Ousevale Really Risque
Ousevale Rioja [5:3]

Out of Stanroph Sandancer for Pearlbarn:

Pearlbarn Promise at Aymsbury (6/18/2003-) [3:3]
Pearlbarn Pina Colada [4:6]

Out of Eng Sh Ch Pearlbarn Periwinkle for Ritzilyn:

Ritzilyn Plain Sailing [4:6]
Ritzilyn Peachy Cream [4:4]
Ritzilyn Charleston At Folderslane (5/15/2003-) [6:3]
Ritzilyn Sugar Bush for Pearlbarn (5/15/2003-) [4:7]
Ritzilyn Pizzazz For Eastbury (6/28/2004-) [5:4]
JEW'07, INT CH, SPA/PT/GBZ/DK CH, HR JCH Ritzilyn Rick O'Shay (4/15/2006-8/31/2018) [4:5 BVA]
Ritzilyn Rock Candy With Cesarka (4/15/2006-) [4:4]
Ritzilyn Pasadena JW (6/28/2004-) [BVA 7-8]
Eng CH Ritzilyn Polly Esther (6/28/2004-) [7:4]
Jr. Ch Ritzilyn Jiggery Pokery (9/17/2001-)
RITZILYN MICHIGAN (5/15/2003-) [4:4]
Ritzilyn Jimjams For Mousseglen (9/17/2001-) [6:6]
Eng. SH. CH. Ritzilyn Manhattan (5/15/2003-) [BVA 7 - 7]
German JCh, German CH Ritzilyn Passing Glance (6/28/2004-) [C1/C1]
Ritzilyn Judge Jools at Cesarka (9/17/2001-2/25/2016) [Unknown BVA 5:4]
Bundesjugendsieger '02 Ritzilyn Jigger (9/17/2001-) [HD C1]
SH CH Ritzilyn Jitterbug of Cherrygold (9/16/2001-) [5:4]
Ritzilyn Kitty Hawk for Redtowers (5/15/2003-) [3:4=7]
Vice-EW'06, C.I.B/C.I.E. FIN/EE/LV/LT/RU/BY MVA Ritzilyn Jimmy Mac EEV-06 EEVV11, BH, TK1 (9/17/2001-1/25/2012) [B0/B0 (2002)]
German Ch. & German J.Ch. Ritzilyn Jokers Wild (9/17/2001-) [6/5 , C1/C1]

Out of Glenmoray Takara (1 CC):

Glenmoray Finale With Folderslane [19:17]
Glenmoray Misty Shadows at Broels [8:9]

Out of Xanthos Purple Patch:

Can. Ch. Xanthos Glastonbury (4/7/2002-) [OFA GR-84030G37M-PI]
Eng. SH. CH. Xanthos Galadriel At Standelbec (4/7/2002-) [4:5]
Xanthos Gandalf (7/4/2002-)
DE/VDH/LUX CH Xanthos Gryffindor Bundessieger 2003 (7/4/2002-) [3:6]

Out of Xanthos Lochniamh:

Poundmeadow Star Dust [11:3]
Poundmeadow Planet Quest (6/23/2004-)

Out of Messano Eager Beaver:

Messano Moment of Truth [7:2]
Messano Magic Master (6/18/2003-)
Messano Minnie The Moocher (6/18/2003-) [4-4 BVA/KC]
Messano Mustang Sally (6/18/2003-) [5-6 BVA/KC]

Out of Tyrocoll Spice Girl for Messano:

Messano Otis Redding JW (9/6/2004-) [BVA/KC 8 - 6]

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