Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Rockhaven Ben Bolt *** OS (7/11/1935-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Corkey Of Winona:

Skip Of Winona (7/8/1948-)

Out of Stilrovin Jane:

Stilrovin Toughy (1/4/1941-)

Out of Stilrovin Lady Dianne=Lady Dianne (A126188):

The Chukkar (5/29/1939-)
Dusty Ben Bolt (8/2/1940-)
Stilrovin Gypsy (8/2/1940-)
Golden Boy II (8/2/1940-)
Stilhaven Lassie (5/29/1939-)
Stilrovin Mickie (5/29/1939-)
Stout's Loppi (5/29/1939-)
Prince Cedric Of Cedar Haven (6/15/1937-)
Rockwood of Cedarhaven II ** (5/29/1939-)
Tarzan Of Cedar Haven (6/15/1937-)
Snow Shoes (6/15/1937-)
Don Juan Of Cedar Haven (6/15/1937-)
Keewaydin Kay (10/16/1938-)
Lady Andy Sandy (10/16/1938-)
Rockwood of Cedarhaven (6/15/1937-)
Winrovin Hunter (10/16/1938-)
Blonde Beauty (A204142) (6/15/1937-)

Out of Kate of Willow Lake:

King Of Willow Loch (5/23/1939-)
Stilrovin Pluto *** (5/23/1939-)

Out of Beavertail Susie:

Gunnerman's Sky High
Gunnerman's Duchess (5/15/1944-)

Out of Juno of Willow Loch:

Prairie Creek Farm Jack (3/5/1942-)
Goldie Of Prairie Creek Farm (3/5/1942-)
Stilrovin Sandy *** (12/14/1940-)
Ned of Prairie Creek Farm (3/5/1942-)
Prairie Creek Farm Sandy (12/14/1940-)

Out of Brandywine Elizabeth:

Brandywine Athona
Brandywine McIntyre

Out of Glittering Gold's Bright:

Glittering Gold's Squire (11/3/1940-)
Jason Of Gahoolieacres (11/3/1940-)
Shore Acre Red (11/3/1940-)
Alice Ben Bolt (11/3/1940-)

Out of Beavertail Gay:

Golden Bomber Of Elm (7/6/1941-)
Haven Gay Duke (7/6/1941-)
Sky (A575104) (7/6/1941-)
Rusty (A581545) (7/6/1941-)
Pepper (A581544) (7/6/1941-)

Out of Beavertail Beryl:

Beavertail Grouse (7/26/1939-)
Beavertail Gamester (7/26/1939-)
Beavertail Guide (7/26/1939-)
Beavertail Goldie Locks (7/26/1939-)
Beavertail Gay (7/26/1939-)
Am. CH. Beavertail Gay Lady (7/26/1939-)

Out of H.R.H. Pupchien:

Janey (S152972) (4/15/1945-)
H. R. H. Candace
H.R.H. Coin (4/15/1945-)
H. R. H. Capitola (4/15/1945-)
H.R.H. Constance (4/15/1945-)
H.R.H. Colletta (4/15/1945-)

Out of Shelter Cove Penney:

Coulee Beau (7/7/1945-)
Ruby Of Lolo Creek (7/7/1945-)
Golden Lady II (A995441) (7/7/1945-)
Happy of Lolo Creek (7/7/1945-)

Out of Goldwood Ditt OD:

Goldwood Duchess (7/1/1938-)
Goldwood Denis (7/1/1938-)
Goldwood Dora (7/1/1938-)

Out of Stilrovin Penny:

Gold (A708145) *** (7/10/1942-)

Out of Beavertail Rock Ripple:

Uncle Judge's Misty (7/4/1945-)
Tuffy Sir Hare (7/4/1945-)
Grackle Of Farmington (7/4/1945-)
Jinx (7/4/1945-)
Two Gun Skipper (7/4/1945-)
Milnetz Mittens Taffey (7/4/1945-)
Holly Cope's Own

Out of Gypsy Queen of Chateau d'Or:

Locust Hills Rob Roy (6/12/1939-)
Locust Hills Laddie Boy (6/12/1939-)
Gypsy Queen (A633510) ** (6/12/1939-)
Sheba Jay (6/12/1939-)

Out of Belle Of Willow Lake:

Goldie Of Willow Loch (10/31/1938-)
Boomsy Of Willow Loch (10/31/1938-)
Trigger Of Willow Lake (10/31/1938-)
Heather of Willow Loch (10/31/1938-)
Rita Of Willow Loch (10/31/1938-)
Victoria of Willow Loch (10/31/1938-)

Out of Patience of Yelme:

Stilrovin Ben Bolt (7/14/1938-)
Stilrovin Winona Chief (7/14/1938-)
Stilrovin Minnesota Chief (7/14/1938-)
Stilrovin Guinea Girl (7/14/1938-)

Out of Happy of Willow Loch:

Shelter Cove Empress (4/28/1945-)
Shelter Cove Classie (4/28/1945-)
Shelter Cove Golden Magic (4/28/1945-)
Shelter Cove Queen (4/28/1945-)
NFC Shelter Cove Beauty FDHF (1/7/1941-11/1950)
Shelter Cove King (4/28/1945-)

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