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Offspring of Can Ch Anando Copper Calamity JH WC CD (4/11/2001-7/14/2018)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Can Ch Westerlea's Betsy Sunshine CD JH WCX NSDTRC WCI:

Can Ch Westerlea Summer Sunshine (8/25/2003-)
Westerlea's Lady Daphne (8/25/2003-) [OFA DTR-931E33F-Pl]
Can.Ch. Westerlea Bright Bawbee JH WCI (8/25/2003-8/17/2011) [OFA DTR-915G31F-Pl]
Can/Am Ch Westerlea The Nelson Touch Am WC JH Can WC (8/25/2003-) [OFA DTR-848G-25M-Pl]

Out of Ch Emma at Glen Etive CD AGX MAD S-OGC TN-N TG-N:

Baywood Piper Of Glen Etive (10/1/2004-)
Baywood Riley Of Glen Etive (10/1/2004-)
Baywood Nero Of Glen Etive CGN, CD, RE (10/1/2004-2/2/2017)
Baywood Denbigh Of Glen Etive (10/1/2004-)

Out of Can Ch Starway Highland Bonny Lass:

Starway Copbon Irish Cooper (3/17/2005-)
Starway Copbon Tidal Tilly (3/17/2005-)
Starway Copbon Golden Mocha (3/17/2005-)
Starway Copbon Red Jake (3/17/2005-)
Starway Copbon Red Digby (3/17/2005-)
A/C CH Starway Copbon Gatekeeper RN (3/17/2005-10/15/2015) [OFA DTR-1262F50M-VPI]

Out of SHR Can/Int'l CH Vermilion's Loaded Remington WC:

Vermilion's Kali Keel (3/4/2006-) [OFA DTR-1131E25F-VPI]
Vermilion's Mr. Kool (3/4/2006-)
Vermilion's Knock-Out Kid (3/4/2006-)
Vermilion's Kruegerrand (3/4/2006-)

Out of Starways Crimsom Dory:

Starways Heli Copdor Scout (12/1/2005-9/20/2012)
Starways Tobias Leviticus (12/1/2005-)
Starways Heli Copdor Rusty (12/1/2005-)
Starways Heli Copdor Cosmo (12/1/2005-)
Starways Heli Copdor Kiko (12/1/2005-)
Starways Orkney Isle Aiko (12/1/2005-)

Out of CH Kylador's Autumn Glory CGN:

CAN CH Readyfor Brandywine Pandora (8/30/2004-3/16/2016) [OFA DTR-960G24F-PI]
Readyfor Burnished Sequoia (8/30/2004-12/24/2013) [OFA DTR-966E24F-PI]
Readyfor Bright Cally Starlite (8/30/2004-4/8/2013) [OFA DTR-957G24F-PI]
Readyfor Bentley (8/30/2004-1/22/2013) [OFA DTR-962E24M-PI]
Readyfor Benton (8/30/2004-8/7/2008) [OFA DTR-963G24M-PI]
Readyfor Bivouacs Farley (8/30/2004-1/2015) [OFA DTR-958E24M-PI]
Readyfor Brush Of Bronze (8/30/2004-12/19/2018) [OFA DTR-959G24M-PI]
CAN CH ATCH Readyfor Bronze Challenger MADC MGDC CGN EXS BRONZE EXG Level 3 CWAGS Scent Investigator Dog (8/30/2004-6/28/2019) [OFA DTR-965G24M-PI (Good)]
Can Ch Readyfor Brighan Tye (8/30/2004-3/11/2019) [OFA DTR-964G24M-PI]

Out of AKC/NSDTRC-USA CH TollerPride's Beekauz I'm Naughty JH WCI:

TollerPride's Seabiscuit by 4 (8/30/2018-) [OFA DTR-2823E24M-VPI]
TollerPride's Rags to Riches (8/30/2018-)
TollerPride's Seattle Slew (8/30/2018-)
TollerPride's Secretariat (8/30/2018-)
TollerPride's Bold Ruler (8/30/2018-) [OFA DTR-2822E24M-VPI]

Out of Can Ch Foxgrove's Saucy Dancer CDX, JH, WC, AGIS, AGNJS, RA:

Saucydog's Jack Of Lynjarel (9/15/2003-10/4/2013)
Saucydog's Moneypenny (9/15/2003-)
Saucydog's Liesl Spirit (9/15/2003-7/9/2012)
Saucydog's River Dancer (9/15/2003-)
Saucydog's Painter Smudge (9/15/2003-)
Saucydog's Prince (9/15/2003-)
Can Ch Saucydog's Molly Malone CD (9/15/2003-11/16/2019) [OFA DTR-900G29F-PI]
Can Ch Saucydog's Sing Along Cassidy CGN (9/15/2003-1/11/2017) [OFA DTR-842G24F-PI]
Saucydog's Sassy Wee Gaelan (9/15/2003-)
Can Ch Saucydog's Second Wind WC, CGN, JH, CD (10/13/2006-) [OFA DTR-1256E30F-PI]
Saucydog's Gemma Dolig CD (10/13/2006-)
Saucydog's Fundy Tide (10/13/2006-)
Saucydog's Penny Jewel (10/13/2006-)
Saucydog's Bingley (10/13/2006-)
Saucydogs Peregrin Pippin Took (10/13/2006-)
Saucydog's Digby (10/13/2006-)

Out of AKC/NSDTRC CH Cayuga's Casserina Ballerina JH NA NAJ WCI:

MACH3 Redrock's Venture With Me UD RE MXC MJC MXP MJP MXF T2B WC CGC VCX (6/2/2004-11/7/2019)
Redrock's The Sky's The Limit (6/2/2004-) [OFA DTR-1059G37F-PI]

Out of CH Readyfor Cajun Purdy Gurl:

Can CH. Readyfor Gotcha Lookin (10/29/2007-10/8/2018) [OFA DTR-1308G24F-VPI]
Readyfor Graybrooke Sager (10/29/2007-5/16/2018) [OFA DTR-1303E24F-VPI]
Readyfor Good Sir Francis Hal (10/29/2007-5/22/2018) [OFA DTR-1304E24M-VPI]
Readyfor Going For Gold (10/29/2007-6/6/2017) [OFA DTR-1305E24M-VPI]
Readyfor Giselle's Freddy Bear (10/29/2007-3/1/2018) [OFA DTR-1307E24M-VPI]
Readyfor Ginger Spice (10/29/2007-12/26/2015) [OFA DTR-1309E24F-VPI]
Can Grand CHEx, Am Grand CH Readyfor Going to the Max CGN WC RN AGNJS CD AKC ROMX (10/29/2007-5/10/2019) [OFA DTR-1302E24M-PI (Excellent)]
Can CH Readyfor Gunna Winter Lassie (10/29/2007-) [OFA DTR-1306G24F-VP]

Out of Can. Ch. Westerlea's Watermark Zephyr RN:

Watermark Caramel Macciatto (8/4/2008-)
Watermark's Red Jasper Blaze (8/4/2008-)
Watermark Kiro Katastrophe (8/4/2008-)
CH Watermark's Mighty Tryton (8/4/2008-)
Westerlea's Prairie Swan Song CD WCI JH (8/4/2008-)
Westerlea's Dance To The Piper (8/4/2008-)
Westerlea's Saltspring Spirit (8/4/2008-)

Out of Saucydog's Mallorcan Sunrise:

Saucydog's Princess Louisa (2/21/2010-)
Saucydog's 1000 Pines Tiger Lily (2/21/2010-)
Saucydog's Birken (2/21/2010-)
Saucydog's Sidney (2/21/2010-)
Saucydog's All Riled Up (2/21/2010-)
Saucydog's Quincy Miller (2/21/2010-)
Jagador's Bennachie Sunset (2/21/2010-)
Saucydog's Maeve Isabel Molly (2/21/2010-)
Saucydog's Bella (2/21/2010-)

Out of VATCh Ch Berdia's Electra Ice Storm CD WCI JH AGI US-WC RE (CARO) ROM:

ATCh Ch Dalry El's Bells CDX JH WCX AGN RE CR (CARO) AAC-SAM (4/3/2004-) [OFA DTR-022E25F-PI]
Dalry Mist of Hope at Berdia (4/2/2004-1/2/2014)
Dalry Qwynn 'El (4/3/2004-) [Borderline unilateral]
Dalry's Electra Lite (4/3/2004-)
Dalry's Samu'El (4/3/2004-1/9/2015)
Dalry's El Nino Seka (4/3/2004-9/29/2018) [OFA DTR-1189G53F-VPI]
Dalry's Mystic'El Dream (4/3/2004-4/30/2015)

Out of Can Ch Saucydog's Saffron Lucy:

Saucydog's Ginger (4/21/2007-)
Saucydog's Beckett (4/21/2007-)
Saucydog's Jada (4/21/2007-)
Saucydog's Lola (4/21/2007-)
Saucydog's Daisy (4/21/2007-)
Saucydog's Russet (4/21/2007-)
Can. Ch. Saucydog's Sultry Sally C.G.N. (4/21/2007-) [OFA excellent]

Out of Can Ch Beinnbhreagh's Sara Soda JH WCI RN:

Can Ch Watermark Chelsea Dawn (5/8/2004-9/9/2017) [OFA DTR-956G28F-PI]
Watermark's Ruby Tally (5/8/2004-)
Watermark Jelly Bean (5/8/2004-5/26/2017)
Watermark Tank Goodness AX, AXJ (5/8/2004-)
Watermark Emmaline Cecelia RA (5/8/2004-6/12/2014)
Watermark Copper Callista (5/8/2004-10/2017)
Watermark Tango Rose (5/8/2004-)

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