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Offspring of Am GCHB/Can CH Littleriver's Montana Cowboy ROM (12/28/2006-4/17/2015)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Can CH Readyfor Gunna Winter Lassie:

Readyfor Nymeria's Winterfell (3/2/2013-) [OFA DTR-2025G25M-VPI (Good)]
Readyfor Nut Quacker (3/2/2013-) [OFA DTR-2027G24M-VPI (GOOD)]
Readyfor Noble Jazz (3/2/2013-)
Readyfor Northern Lights (3/2/2013-) [OFA DTR-2023F25F-VPI (FAIR)]
Readyfor Next Dance ADC (3/2/2013-) [OFA DTR- 2026E24M-VPI (Excellent)]
CH Readyfor No Stone Unturned (3/2/2013-) [OFA DTR-2029E24M-VPI (EXCELLENT)]
Readyfor 'Nternational XChange (3/2/2013-) [FCI B1 (Good)]

Out of Am Can CH Javahill Torri Alohashine RE JH WC ROM:

AKC GCH JavaHill Inland Surf2 Quinncreek (10/29/2010-) [OFA DTR-1790G33F-VPI (Good)]
Ch JavaHill Surf2 Paradise Beach JH RN WCI, Can JH WCI (10/29/2010-) [OFA DTR-1920G44F-VPI]
JavaHill Surfs2 The Fox River (10/29/2010-) [OFA DTR-2194F47M-VPI]
JavaHill Surf2 Orange (10/29/2010-)
MBIS MBISS AKC GCHP NSDTR-USA CH CKC GCH JavaHill Surf2 An 8 Second Ride RN BN VCX CGC Am/Can WC RN (10/29/2010-) [OFA DTR-1656G24M-VPI (Good)]
Javahill Jet In 2 The Surf CD GN RA JH WC NA NAJ VC CGC (10/29/2010-) [OFA DTR-1699G27M-VPI]
AKC CH JavaHill Surf2 Island Boy (10/29/2010-)
Can, Am, NSDTR-US CH JavaHill's River Surfer CKC SH WCX/US WCX (6/21/2009-2/2/2019) [OVC 0043667]
Am GCH Can CH JavaHill Surf's Up At Tollwest ROM (6/21/2009-2/5/2014) [OFA DTR-1562F30F-VPI]
AKC GCH JavaHill Aloha Surfer Girl JH RA WC TDI CGC (6/21/2009-) [OFA DTR-1502G24F-VPI]
JavaHill To Surf And Protect JH WCI CGN (6/21/2009-9/21/2018)
GCH CAN/NSDTRC-US CH Javahill Surf N' Aloha Sun JH AM WC CAN WCI (6/21/2009-) [OFA DTR-1498G24F-VPI]

Out of BISS Can CH Redfox Chaotic Spring CD RI:

CDN CH Redfox Spring's Shenanigans CGN (2/20/2013-) [OFA DTR-2072G29F-VPI]

Out of CH Caltansis 15 Sage AdviceTips:

Caltansis 18 Carats of Pleasure (9/22/2009-)

Out of AKC GCH/NSDTRC CH Brynwood's Oh My Goodness CD RN WC JH VCX:

SHR/GCH/NSDTRC CH Brynwood's On The Edge CD,RN,JH,WC, VC (5/5/14-) [OFA DTR-2184G24M-VPI]

Out of Can. Ch. Saucydog's Sultry Sally C.G.N.:

Saucydog's Lilly (8/4/2012-)
Saucydog's Trbel (8/4/2012-)
Saucydog's Bella Donna (8/4/2012-)
Saucydog's Finnegan (8/4/2012-)
Saucydog's Skye (8/4/2012-)
Saucydog's Archer Hoard (8/4/2012-)

Out of AKC GCH QuinnCreek's Designer D'tail'd RN:

QuinnCreek's Coastal Cowboy (3/10/2011-)
QuinnCreek's Cowboy Fly Fish'N Rod (3/10/2011-)
QuinnCreek's Cowboy Casanova VCD2 RE AXP MJP XFP THDN DSA CGC (3/10/2011-)
QuinnCreek's Urban Cowboy (3/10/2011-)
OTCH QuinnCreek Brynwood's Cowboy Kisses CDX UDX OM2 RN CGC (3/10/2011-)
AKC CH QuinnCreek's H'llRais'N Cowgirl (3/10/2011-) [OFA DTR1852G33F-VPI]

Out of Duckers Scotia Piper AKC/CKC WC:

Tollerpride's Casey's Finighan (4/27/2012-)
Tollerpride's Sandy Sullivan (4/27/2012-)
AKC/CKC CH Tollerpride's Moss of Mirkwood (4/27/2012-5/9/2019)
Tollerpride's Rip Roarin Roary (4/27/2012-)
Tollerpride's Hi Minded Archer (4/27/2012-)
CH Tollerpride's Make Mine Murphy RN (4/27/2012-)

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