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Offspring of Harbourlights Im Just Ducky (6/9/1989-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

By Harbourlights Nifty Duke:

Harbourlights Lunenburgs Draw (12/15/1997-)

By Harbourlights Rip An Tare:

Harbourlights Oregons Pride (6/8/1997-)
Harbourlights Tides of Kahli (6/8/1997-)
Harbourlights Take Me Huntin (6/8/1997-)

By Harbourlights Gorgeous George:

Harbourlights Scotia Special (8/2/1990-)
Harbourlights Ginger Spice (8/2/1990-)
Harbourlights Foxy Lindy (8/2/1990-)
Harbourlights Ducky Lad (8/2/1990-)
Harbourlights Mike's Magic (8/2/1990-)

By Harbourlights Big Splash:

Spike of Habourlights (4/4/1993-)
Harbourlights Red Cinder (7/30/1992-)
Harbourlights P Tit Renard (4/4/1993-)
Harbourlights Moon Shadow (7/30/1992-)
Harbourlights Sandbar Piper (5/13/1996-)
Harbourlights Salty Dog WC (4/4/1993-8/3/2006) [OFA DTR-259G43M-T]
Harbourlights Saffron Spice (5/13/1996-)
Harbourlights Frisky Sam (1/8/1995-)
Harbourlights Foxy Lady 3rd (5/13/1996-)
Harbourlights Ducky-Splash (1/8/1995-)
Harbourlights Daffy Duck (4/4/1993-)
Harbourlights Countess Dufferin (1/8/1995-)
Harbourlights Chance Two (7/30/1992-)
Harbourlights Canadian Imprint (4/4/1993-)
Harbourlights Canadian Cody (4/4/1993-)
Harbourlights Little Suse (5/13/1996-)
Harbourlights Hot Shot (4/4/1993-)
Harbourlights Happy Gunther (11/5/1996-)
Harbourlights Son of Splash (4/4/1993-)
Harbourlights Smiths Pride (7/30/1992-)
Harbourlights Secret Star (1/8/1995-) [FCI C]
Harbourlights Canadian Belle (4/4/1993-1/1/2005)
Harbourlight Jalapas Churchill (5/13/1996-) [OFA DTR-337F27M-T]
Harbourlight Christmas Ceilida (11/5/1996-)

By Harbourlight's Big Mac:

Harbourlights Captn Grit (4/30/1991-)

By Harbourlights Ala Gatter:

Harbourlights Misty Dawn (12/10/1991-)
Harbourlights Scotia's Pride (12/10/1991-)
Harbourlights Fundy Wave (12/10/1991-)
Harbourlights Jessy Marie (12/10/1991-)
Harbourlights Jacob Sabastian (12/10/1991-)
Harbourlights Gree Hill Lucy (12/10/1991-)

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