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Offspring of CAN AM GCH Tollchester's Top Secret AM/CAN RN CGC CGN (1/7/2006-1/10/2019)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of CAN CH Tollchester Wish'ful Thinking:

Tollchester's Community Pierce (7/6/2014-)
Tollchester Community Jeff (7/6/2014-)
Tollchester Community Abed (7/6/2014-)
CU On Cloud Nine Tollchester (7/6/2014-)
Tollchester's Community Shirley (7/6/2014-)
Tollchester Community Britta (7/6/2014-)
Tollchester Community Annie (7/6/2014-)

Out of Shady Woods Under the Red Sky:

Annie Get Your Gun Tollchester (2/28/2013-) [OFA DTR-2085G30F-VPI (GOOD)]

Out of Tollchesters Newest Attraction:

Tollchester Attraction Alex (12/15/2014-)
Tollchester's Attraction Beth (12/15/2014-)
Tollchester Attraction ToSun (12/15/2014-)

Out of Nopper It Takes A Village:

Tollchester’s Pai (12/13/2016-)

Out of USJ Tollwest's Taken By Surprise FDCh-S MBDX NJC NAC NCC TG-N AGNJS NPS AGNS CGN SJ-N R:

Tollwest's Sinfully Sweet (2/17/2014-)
UNJ Can CH Tollwest's Sinfully Spicy RN CGN SHDCH NJ-N ETD CW-SP NN PTN PTA PTS PTM PTE (2/17/2014-) [OFA Preliminary Good (15 months)]

Out of Pride's Magic Potion:

Tollchester Princess Tiana (5/27/2013-) [OFA DTR-2038G24F-VPI (GOOD)]
Sir Charles Of Ballinger (5/27/2013-)
Redfeather's Eagle Spirit (5/27/2013-)

Out of Tollchester Money For Nothing:

Tollchester's Secret Liaison with Edlyn CGC (12/29/2011-) [OFA DTR-2031E37F-VPI]
Tollchester All My Secrets (12/29/2011-)
Tollchesters Secret Rumor (12/29/2011-)
Tollchester Passionate Secrets (12/29/2011-)
Tollchester Best Kept Secrets (12/29/2011-)
Tollchester's Keeping Secrets (12/29/2011-)
Ch. Tollchester Noppers Secret (12/29/2011-)
Tollchester's Secret Lullaby (4/28/2009-)
Tollchester's Secret Devotion (4/28/2009-)
Tollchester's Secret River (4/28/2009-)
Tollchester's Secret Boomerang (4/28/2009-5/16/2019)
Tollchester's Secret Obsession (4/28/2009-)
Tollchester's Secret Criminal (4/28/2009-)
Tollchesters Secret Luv Affair (4/28/2009-) [DTR-1739G59F-VPI]
Tollchester's Secret Admirer (4/28/2009-12/2018)
Tollchester's Secret Garden (4/28/2009-)

Out of CH Readyfor Cajun Purdy Gurl:

Readyfor Jump In The Fraser (9/26/2009-3/16/2021) [OFA DTR-1549F25M-VPI]
Readyfor's Jumpin' Jack Skagit (9/29/2009-) [OFA DTR-1548G24M-VPI]
Readyfor Just Call Me Thom (9/26/2009-) [OFA DTR-1550G24M-VPI]
Readyfor Journey On The River (9/26/2009-) [OFA DTR-1545G25F-VPI]
Readyfor Jewel's Firefly (9/26/2009-) [OFA DTR-1547G24F-VPI]
Readyfor Just Right (9/26/2009-10/12/2019)
Readyfor's Journeying Supernova (9/26/2009-6/1/2018)
CH Readyfor Just Believe'N Breagh CGN, RE, AGDC, AADC, MADC (9/26/2009-3/22/2017) [OFA DTR-1544G24M-VPI (Good)]
CH Readyfor's Joie de Vivre CGN (9/26/2009-) [OFA DTR-1543G24F-VPI (GOOD)]

Out of Tollchester Cocoa Bella Reese:

Tollchester Bella's Monkey (5/1/2015-)
Tollchester Bella's Aspen (5/1/2015-)
Tollchester Bella's Chestnut (5/1/2015-)
Tollchester Bella's Walnut (5/1/2015-)
Tollchester Bella's Willow (5/1/2015-)
Tollchester Bella's Coconut (5/1/2015-)
Tollchester Bella's Peach (5/1/2015-)
Tollchester's Cherry Blossom (5/1/2015-)

Out of Tollchester Pitty The Fool:

Tollchester’s Petit Princesse (4/12/2015-) [OFA DTR-2398G24F-VPI GOOD]
CAN CH Tollchester’s Mauvais Garcon (4/12/2015-) [OFA DTR-2352G28M-VPI GOOD]
Tollchester’s Prince Charmant (4/12/2015-)
Tollchester’s Mon Amour (4/12/2015-)
CAN CH Tollchester’s Capitaine Etoiles (4/12/2015-)
Tollchester’s Marvielle (4/12/2015-)
CAN CH Tollchester’s Chef d’oeuvre (4/12/2015-) [OFA DTR-2581G45M-VPI Good ]

Out of Can Ch Pikkinokka's Jump For Joy CD RN CGN:

CAN CH Tollwest Turn'n 4 Tollchester CGN (11/14/2007-) [OFA DTR-1328G25F-VPI]
Tollwest's Turn'N On The Charm RN CGN (11/14/2007-) [OVC Normal/OFA Prelim Good 19m]
Tollwest's No Turning Back (11/14/2007-)
Tollwest's Turn On A Dime (11/14/2007-)
Tollwest's Turn To RockN'Roll (11/14/2007-3/8/2008)
LUX CAN CH Tollwest Tollchester Turn M'on (11/14/2007-)
Tollwest's Turn Me Loose (11/14/2007-3/5/2008)

Out of Can Ch Tollwest's Wild Cherry Pepsi PCD RN CGN:

Tollchester's Dr Pepper (1/22/2009-) [DTR-1740F46F-VPI FAIR]

Out of AKC CKC CH Tollchester California Dreamin Javahill:

Tollchester's Valentine Arrow (2/14/2013-)
Tollchester's My Valentine (2/14/2013-)
Tollchester's Valentine Gram (2/14/2013-)
CAN CH Tollchester Mission Acomplishd (2/14/2013-) [OFA DTR-1999G24M-VPI (Good)]
CAN CH Tollchester Take It And Go (2/14/2013-) [OFA DTR-2000E24M-VPI]
Tollchester's Legend Of Zelda (2/14/2013-)
CAN CH Tollchester Keep The Faith (2/14/2013-) [OFA DTR-2015G25F-VPI (GOOD)]

Out of AKC CKC CH JavaHill's Northern Dancer at Cairnton CKC AKC WC:

Cairnton Tollchester's Skittles (10/26/2016-)

Out of Jocars Columbia Lacy:

Can Ch. Jocar's Young Padawan (2/17/2015-)
Jocar's Tollchester Twin Solo (2/17/2015-)

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