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Offspring of AKC CKC NSDTRC-US CH Tollchester KD's Top Brass RN BRT (1/7/2006-12/7/2018)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Ketchup of Great Pleasure:

Ollie Olivia of Great Pleasure (6/27/2015-)
Olieve Lente of Great Pleasure (6/27/2015-)
O'Tessa of Great Pleasure (6/27/2015-)
Odilon of Great Pleasure (6/27/2015-)

Out of Morgana of Great Pleasure:

Ourken Of Great Pleasure (7/21/2015-)
Odie Of Great Pleasure (LOSH1180699) (7/21/2015-)
Oriana Fella Of Great Pleasure (7/21/2015-)
Odessa Of Great Pleasure (7/21/2015-) [FCI HD/A]
Onalah Of Great Pleasure (7/21/2015-)
Olfons Of Great Pleasure (7/21/2015-)
O'die Of Great Pleasure (LOSH1180694) (7/21/2015-)
Omar Shariff of Great Pleasure (7/21/2015-) [FCI HD-A]

Out of Beinnbhreagh's Paint By Number:

Pikkinokka's Sangilak PB 'n J (3/9/2010-)

Out of Tollchester's Brightest Star:

Tollchester's Composer Mozart (10/3/2011-)
Tollchester Composer Jules (10/3/2011-)
Tollchester Composer Felix (10/3/2011-)
Tollchester's Composer Schubert (10/3/2011-)
Tollchester's Composer Hayden (10/3/2011-)
Tollchester's Composer Beethoven (10/3/2011-)

Out of AKC CH KD's Hot Tamale:

KD's Summer Passion Tully (5/20/2008-)
KD's Summer Shiny, Summer Not (5/20/2008-)
KD's Summer Solstice Countess Fosco (5/20/2008-)
AKC GCH CH KD's n TR's My Summer Girl OA AXJ (5/20/2008-) [OFA DRT-1396G26F-VPI]
KD's Summer Lovin' (5/20/2008-)
KD's Max-i-Million Summer (5/20/2008-)
KD's Summer's Bella Bambina (5/20/2008-)

Out of CH KD's Ante Up:

Redfeather's Last One Standing (7/15/2008-)
Redfeather's Last Splash Amber (7/15/2008-)
Redfeather's Tally's Last Hoorah (7/15/2008-)
Redfeather's Last Duke Of The North (7/15/2008-)
Redfearth's Lady Dog Standing (7/15/2008-)
Redfeather's Lasting Fun (7/15/2008-)
Redfeather's The Last Cowboy (7/15/2008-)

Out of Jocar's Goofy Little Character:

Can Ch. Jocar's Kode Red (4/19/2009-8/21/2019)

Out of CKC Ch Pikkinokka's Second Wind:

Pikkinokka's Brasswind Clio (12/11/2009-8/30/2019)
Pikkinokka Brasswind Pleasure (12/11/2009-)
Can Ch Pikkinokka's Douance Maestro (12/11/2009-)
Pikkinokka's Brasswind Dakota WC, WCI, WCX (12/11/2009-) [OFA DTR-1679G36F-VPI (GOOD)]

Out of Can Ch. Pikkinokka's Nopper Kitsune:

Ch. Nopper's Calamity Jane (10/8/2010-)
Nopper's Poker Alice (10/8/2010-)

Out of Pikkinokka's Moon Song:

AKC CH Pikkinokka's Gift of Moonboots (9/3/2009-) [OFA DTR-1801E47M-VPU]

Out of Tollchester Problem Child:

Tollchester's Mischief Maker (10/29/2011-)
Tollchester's Bowtie Man (10/29/2011-)
Tollchester's Mr. Peabody (10/29/2011-)
Tollchester's Super Dad (10/29/2011-)
Tollchester's Big Ben (10/29/2011-)
Tollchester It's My Party (10/29/2011-)
CAN CH Tollchester's Gold Digger (10/29/2011-) [OFA DTR-1836G25F-VPI GOOD]

Out of Pikkinokka's Reign of Fire:

Nopper's Suzie Shooter (1/10/2011-)
Nopper's Doc Holliday (1/10/2011-)


APPLE PIE DEL LAGO GERUNDO (7/4/2013-) [FCI 09/07/2015 (A)]
C.I.E. MULTI CHAMPION Gerundoredmuffin CH ITA,CH RSM,CH HRV (4/7/2013-) [Unknown 13/75926 FCI (A0)]

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