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Offspring of Can, Am, NSDTR-US CH JavaHill's River Surfer CKC SH WCX/US WCX (6/21/2009-2/2/2019)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of AKC CH Brandywine Sweet Jasmine WC CKC JH WC:

Brandywine Jazz Man (8/1/2011-)
Brandywine Start Me Up BN RE OA AXJ NF CA CGC WCI (8/1/2011-)
Brandywine Time'L'Tell BN RN NA OAJ NF CA CGC WC (8/1/2011-)
Brandywine Jon's Foxie Lady (8/1/2011-)

Out of AKC CKC NSDTRC-US CH Fionavar Sea Fury at JavaHill Am Can JH Can WCX, Am WCI ROM:

Believe Her Soul's A Nanaimo (7/20/2011-) [FCI HD - A2]
Believe In A Splash Of Magic WC (7/20/2011-) [OFA DTR-1875G30F-VPI (Good)]
Believe's The Queen's Ghillie WC (7/20/2011-)

Out of Ch. Dalry's Fashionably Late WC RN-CKC RA-CARO ADC SGDC:

Dalry's Summer Vibe AADC AGDC (3/28/2014-)
Dalry's Willow in the Wind (3/28/2014-)
ATCh Dalry's Jus' Tickettyboo VBA (3/28/2014-)
Dalry's Lakeshore Lea (3/28/2014-)
Dalry Stylin' Surfer Dude (3/28/2014-)
Dalry Tucker in Camoflauge (3/28/2014-)
ATChC Water Witch of Dalry MAD MGDC MTRDC MSCDC MJDC MSnDC (3/28/2014-)
Dalry's Lucky Penny (3/28/2014-)
ATChC Dalry Ready Aim Fire CGN; RN (CKC); DJ (NADD); MSCDC, Bronze AoM, VBA (3/28/2014-) [OFA DTR-2506E53F-VPI (Excellent)]
Can. Ch. Dalry's Fraser River Outlaw (3/28/2014-)

Out of CH Foxgroves Just Whistling Dixie SH CDX Cdn/US WCX AGN:

ATChC, SD-CH, G-CH Foxgrove's Jump to Source MSCDC, MTRDC, MGDC/GS-N/NW 3 Elite/SOG 4, M-DOG 6, S-TOG 10 (8/18/2012-)
Foxgrove's Amazing Grace (8/18/2012-)
Foxgrove's Sweet Chai Latte (8/18/2012-)
OTCH Foxgrove's Everything's Jake MH WCX (US/Cdn) (8/18/2012-) [OFA DTR-2012G30M-VPI (Good)]
Foxgrove's Indigo Sky (8/18/2012-)
Foxgrove's A Penny From Heaven (8/18/2012-)
Foxgrove's Natural Edge WCI, US WC (8/18/2012-) [OFA DTR-1951G26F-VPI (Good)]

Out of Can. CH Tom's Pretty Penny of Stonaway:

Stonaway's Sparklin Surf n Sun (4/9/2012-) [OFA A (Moderately Dysplastic)]
Stonaway's Tyee MacKenzie (4/9/2012-)
Stonaway's Texas Two Punch (4/9/2012-)
Stonaway's Touch of Lily (4/9/2012-7/4/2014)

Out of Landsend Sugar N' Spice CD:

Landsend Top Hat N'Tails (6/26/2014-)
Landsend Oakley Tennant (6/26/2014-)
Landsend Digby (6/26/2014-)
Landsend Mayflower (6/26/2014-)
Landsend Tiller (6/26/2014-)

Out of Can. CH Furelise of Great Pleasure JJr:

CAN CH Kalmegess's Tres Magnifique AGXS, AGXJS (8/1/2011-) [OFA DTR-1820G26M-VPI]
Kalmegess's Dr Tres (8/1/2011-)
Can. CH Kalmegess's Hidden Tresure (8/1/2011-) [OFA DTR 1818G26M-VPI. Good]
Kalmegess Tres oclock Sumwhere (8/1/2011-)
Kalmegess Tresmendus Toblerone (8/1/2011-)
Kalmegess's Tres Azure (8/1/2011-)
CAN CH Bellacuru's Tres Modern Millie (8/1/2011-) [OFA DTR-1867E30F-VPl (Excellent)]

Out of Wagosh's Lucky Charm CDX,RN,WC,JH:

Wagosh's Tia's Blazing Sunrise (5/18/2013-)
Ch Wagosh's Lady Kyla A Laces RE, CD, CGN. (5/18/2013-)

Out of AKC/CKC CH Honeyrun's HiJinks at Keepsake:

Katyra's Lasting Riddle (1/18/2012-)
Katyra One Last Kiss (1/18/2012-)
Katyra's Last Crusade (1/18/2012-)
Katyra's Lasting Impression CDX PCDX RE NAJ NA RATCHX3 FDC TKI CL4 VCX SCN SIN DDN NW1 (1/18/2012-7/2/2020)
Int'l CH Katyra Keepsake's Last Laugh (1/18/2012-) [OFA DTR-2093G44F-VPI (Good)]
CH Katyra's Lasting Legacy (1/18/2012-)

Out of Tollwest Celestial Seasonings CD RE CGN:

JavaHill's Go Go Girl (8/27/2011-)
JavaHill's Just Go With It (8/27/2011-)
AKC GCH JavaHill Gotta Go With M @Bearhaven (8/27/2011-) [OFA DTR-1916G33F-VPI]
JavaHill's Go For Broke (8/27/2011-6/11/2015)
AKC GCH, IABCA CH JavaHill's Girl On The Go RN (8/27/2011-7/15/2019) [OFA DTR-1807G24F-VPI (Good)]

Out of MOTCH Redzone's A Bit ov Mischief SH WCX RE AGNJ SGDC:

Redzone's Running Hot S, DJ, CW-SPA, CW-SDA, (2/26/2018-)
Redzone's Major Above the Moon DM, RL1-AOE, JLL-L1 (2/26/2018-)
SHR Redzone's Paradise Key JH NA NAJ NF WCX CGC TKN (2/26/2018-) [OFA DTR-2786G27F-PI]
Redzone's Charlot (2/26/2018-)
Redzone's Fox'N'Houndin'Ducks (2/26/2018-)
Redzone's Skye Walker (2/26/2018-)
Redzone's Sweet Lovely Trouble DJ (2/26/2018-)

Out of MACH Springvales Elegant Angel WCX SH MX MXJ MXB MJB:

Springvale's Trempealeau Ranger (7/6/2014-)
Springvale's Third Time's a Charm CGC/WC/RE (7/6/2014-) [OFA DTR-2245G29F-VPI GOOD]
Springvale's Rocky Raccoon (7/6/2014-)
Springvale Gustafson Doro (7/6/2014-)


Saranac's Goose Island (11/25/2018-)
Saranac's Adirondack Lager (11/25/2018-)
Saranac's Order Up A Flight (11/25/2018-)
Saranac's On Tap (11/25/2018-) [OFA Fair/Preliminary]
Saranac's All Hopped Up (11/25/2018-)
Saranac's Half Pint (11/25/2018-)

Out of OTCH CH Lochnquay's Madriver Fairytale AGI AGNJ CGN RN (US/Can) WCX SH:

Madriver La Legende Des Lutins (3/17/2015-)
Madriver Fighting Irish (3/17/2015-)
Madriver It's Moll-Lucky Day (3/17/2015-)
CH Madriver Dram of Highland Malt (3/17/2015-)
Madriver Lady Avalon (3/17/2015-)
Madriver's Once in a Bleu Moon (3/17/2015-)
Madriver Deis to French River (3/17/2015-)

Out of ATCHC Redwyn's Talk of the Town Can/US WCX JH, SH, AGX AGXJ MADC MGDC MSCDC:

Redwyn's Windansea Arlo (6/29/2011-)
Can CH Redwyn's Wendake Wave Walker PCD RN CRNMCL CGN TT CL1-R CL1-F CL1-H (6/29/2011-) [OFA DTR-2079E50M-VPI Excellent]
ATCHC Redwyn's Mi'kmaq Moondog AADC AGDC MSCDC (6/29/2011-)
ATCHC Redwyn's Coast Mountain Surf'n AGN AGNJ, SGDC, RN, AAD, MSCDC, (6/29/2011-) [OFA DTR-2017E45F-VPI (Excellent)]

Out of Javahill's Music by the Elfman RA NAP OJP CGC:

AKC CH FoxRun JavaHill Swedish Golf Boss BN JWW CGC (8/24/2014-)
FoxRun JavaHill A Putt Above The Rest NAJ CGC (8/24/2014-)
JavaHill Nothin' But Birdies At FoxRun (8/24/2014-)

Out of Ardbrae's Foxy Lass At Berdia:

Berdia's Finnigan (5/15/2011-9/14/2013)

Out of CKC Ch. Torlan's Head Over High Heels WC, CGN:

Torlan's Rock The Boat (5/4/2012-)
Torlan's Red On White (5/4/2012-)
Torlan's Red Socha Sunrise (5/4/2012-)

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