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Offspring of Drogstas Cat-E-Chu-Pa Huts (10/9/1990-2001)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Allydor's Cirry:

Fisherwife's Salut (3/23/1995-) [FCI ua]
Fisherwife's Salomon (3/23/1995-) [FCI ua]
Fisherwife's Salman (3/23/1995-)
Fisherwife's Sally (3/23/1995-)
Fisherwife's Salle (3/23/1995-)
Fisherwife's Salko (3/23/1995-)
Fisherwife's Salina (3/23/1995-)

Out of Allydor's Bonney:

Allydor's Gully Fox (6/25/1995-) [FCI ua]
Allydor's Goldy Dream (6/25/1995-)
Allydor's Glossy Diza (6/25/1995-) [FCI ua]
Allydor's Glorry Girl (6/25/1995-)
LPI Allydor's Gerry Big Boy (6/25/1995-) [FCI ua]

Out of Harbourlights Nifty Nickie:

Rodahunds Fagre Fingal Mas-Son (1/18/1994-)
Rodahunds Fagre Filur Mas-Son (1/18/1994-)
LPI S LCH Rodahunds Fagra Fidelie Mas-Dotter (1/18/1994-) [FCI ua]
Rodahunds Fagre Fabian Mas-Son (1/18/1994-) [FCI ua]

Out of Allydor's Debbie Sweet:

Allydor's Honky Tonk (1/2/1996-)
Allydor's Honey Bee (1/2/1996-) [FCI ua]
Allydor's Holly Sweet (1/2/1996-)
Allydor's Hjolly Bob (1/2/1996-) [FCI ua]
Allydor's Hilly Billie (1/2/1996-) [FCI ua]
Allydor's Henny Lady (1/2/1996-)
LPI Allydor's Helny-Pa Huts (1/2/1996-) [FCI ua]
Allydor's Heddy Fox (1/2/1996-) [FCI A]
Allydor's Harley Davidson (1/2/1996-) [FCI ua]
Allydor's Happy Diamonds (1/2/1996-) [FCI ua]

Out of Simonstorps Artemis:

Hut's Stenskvatta (5/5/1995-)
Hut's Spovsnappa (5/5/1995-)
Hut's Sothona (5/5/1995-) [FCI ua]
Hut's Snatterand (5/5/1995-)
Hut's Smatrapp (5/5/1995-)
Hut's Smaskrake (5/5/1995-)
Hut's Salskrake (5/5/1995-)
Hut's Phantom Of The Opera (5/5/1993-)
Hut's Oliwer Twist (5/5/1993-) [FCI ua]
Hut's My Fair Lady (5/5/1993-) [FCI Grade 2]
Hut's Les Miserables (5/5/1993-) [FCI ua]
Hut's Dancing Queen (12/19/1991-) [FCI ua]
LP Hut's Dancing Madame (12/19/1991-) [FCI ua]
Hut's Dancing Girl (12/19/1991-) [FCI ua]
LP S VCH Hut's Dancing Doll (12/19/1991-) [FCI ua]
Hut's Dancing Dog (12/19/1991-) [FCI ua]
Hut's Dancing Boy (12/19/1991-) [FCI ua]
Hut's Annie Get Your Gun (5/5/1993-) [FCI ua]

Out of LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nimbus:

Rodahunds Bus-Buller Mas-Son (1/18/1994-) [OFA DTR-278G39M-T]
Rodahunds Bus-Buggie Mas-Dotter (1/18/1994-)
Rodahunds Bus-Bubbla Mas-Dotter (1/18/1994-) [FCI ua]
Rodahunds Bus-Brasse Mas-Son (1/18/1994-) [FCI ua]
Rodahunds Bus-Borje Mas-Son (1/18/1994-) [FCI A]
Rodahunds Bus-Bonnie Mas-Dotter (1/18/1994-) [FCI ua]
Rodahunds Bus-Bettina Mas-Dotter (1/18/1994-)
Rodahunds Bus Maja Vet Hut [FCI ua]

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