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Offspring of Am Can CH Pebwin Making The Odds OS (11/3/1991-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Merimaur's Irish Mist:

Merimaur's Irish Music (1/13/2000-) [OFA GR-74845F25F-PI]

Out of Can Ch Verdoro's Citroen Dyane:

Verdoro's Boston Marathon (3/25/2008-)
Can Ch Verdoro's Boston Tea Party (3/25/2008-) [OFA GR-100890F25F-VPI]

Out of Ch. Clarkcreek Isadora Growlsellini BISS:

MBISS GCHB CH Clarkcreek Pebwin Even The Odds OS (10/8/2007-) [OFA GR-101011F31M-VPI]
U-CH Clarkcreeks Enchanted Evening (10/8/2007-)
CH. Clarkcreek Pebwin Break 'N Even OD (10/8/2007-) [OFA GR-100025F27F-VPI]
Clarkcreek Bettor Than Even (10/8/2007-) [prelim clear 7/09]
Ch Clarkcreek Oceans El-Even BISS (10/8/2007-) [OFA GR-99921F27M-VPI]

Out of Chebaco Pebwin Head O'Th Bay:

Pebwin Vatersay Bay (2/11/2000-) [OFA GR-76123F26F-PI]

Out of Gemstar's Porcelain Doll:

Can Ch Gemstar's Swing' n At Amberview (12/28/1998-) [OFA GR-71107G24M-PI]

Out of CanCH Cameo Kiss of Fire:

Guardian Angel of Cameo (10/4/2000-) [OFA GR-78437F28M-PI]

Out of Wochica's Me Myself and I:

Wochica's Stirring The Pot (8/17/1999-) [OFA GR-75027F30F-NOPI]
Am. CH. Wochica's Causing A Comotion (8/17/1999-)

Out of AmCH Gold-Rush Keep The Faith:

Gold-Rush Supernatural (1/9/2000-) [OFA GR-75392G25F-PI]
Gold-Rush I'm So Ashamed (1/9/2000-) [OFA GR-79801G39F-PI ]

Out of Ch. MY First In Flight OD:

MY Cross Country Flight (12/21/1999-) [OFA GR-74996G25F-Pl]
Ch. MY Transatlantic Flight (12/21/1999-10/27/2009) [OFA GR-80555f44M-PI]

Out of Am. Ch. Tahnee's Endvr X On The Richter:

Tahnee Aarongold YB Serious (12/27/1999-) [OFA GR-74865F24F-PI]
Tahnee Sunnyglens Y Should I (12/27/1999-9/13/2010) [OFA GR-74583F24M-PI]

Out of CH Tahnee's Last Resort WC OD:

CH Sunnyglen's Northern Light (11/11/1999-12/26/2006) [OFA GR-74116G24F-PI]
Sunnyglen Tahnee's Defiance (11/11/1999-1/17/2014) [OFA GR-74184G24F-PI]
CH Sunnygln Tsuwa Flying Dragon (11/11/1999-) [OFA GR-74705F25M-PI]
Sunnyglen's Flying Cloud (11/11/1999-)

Out of Pebwin You Asked For It:

Pebwin Quite Rightly So (3/11/1999-)

Out of CH Bonacres Fourget Me Not:

Sumlucs St Oakes I-Deal-y Yours (2/27/2000-)

Out of Twin-Beau-D Signet's Premiere OD:

Twin-Beau-D Scorpio's Dream (2/10/1993-) [OFA GR-50677F33M-T]
Twin-Beau-D's All the Rave (3/4/1996-) [OFA GR-61497F28F-T]
Am CH. Twin-Beau-D's Bonnie Bedelia SDHF (2/10/1993-3/14/2005) [OFA GR-47819G24F]
BIS BISS Am CH Twin-Beau-D's Peterbuilt OS SDHF (3/4/1996-5/27/2005) [OFA GR-60223F24M-T]

Out of Am/Can Ch Corum's Lois Lane OD:

Corum's Food For Thought (4/12/2002-1/25/2007)
Corum's Say Cheese (4/12/2002-)
Corum Good to the Last Drop (4/12/2002-)
Corum Feel the Beet (4/12/2002-)
Can/Th.Ch. Corum Bring Home the Bacon (4/12/2002-) [OFA GR-82936F24M-PI]
Can Ch Corum's Cherry on Top (4/12/2002-)

Out of CH Briarwood Final Legacy OD:

CH Briarwood MY Hi Flyin Legend SDHF OD (12/7/1992-6/19/2003) [OFA GR47413G25F]
CH Briarwood Legend Continues (12/7/1992-) [OFA GR-47479F25M]

Out of Ch Jayba Twin-Beau-D South'n Belle:

Am./Can. CH. Twin-Beau-D Rhapsody Roulett (2/20/1993-) [OFA GR-49329F28M]

Out of Tangleloft Pickalilly:

Suncoast's Primetime Hitman WC (8/6/1998-2/17/2007)

Out of Am/Can CH Edgehill Masters C N Double OD:

Edgehill Keep The Home Fire Burnin (5/22/1998-) [OFA GR-69043G25F-T]

Out of BVISS(USA) Can CH Tempo's Star Carol At Creekside Can OD:

Can CH. Creeksidefrm Betterthanchoklit (8/6/2001-) [OFA GR-83135G33F-PI]

Out of AmCH Sunbeam Heaven Can Wait OD:

AmCH Sunbeam Bet You Even Money (3/17/1999-) [OFA GR-78660G47M-PI]
Mex/Intl Ch. Sunbeam's Leven On A Jet Plane (3/17/1999-)
Sunbeam's Main Event (3/17/1999-)
Sunbeam Justmoor Seven Of Nine (3/17/1999-)
AmCH Sunbeam's Seein's Believen SDHF OS CD WC VCX (3/17/1999-8/22/2010) [OFA GR-71721F24M-PI]
Ch. Sunbeam's Evensong At Karamor UDX RA OA AXJ OD (3/17/1999-1/15/2008) [OFA GR-72093G25F-PI]

Out of Shadowrun's Ace In The Hole:

Rainbow's Viva Las Vegas (6/5/1997-) [OFA GR-69640G38F]
Rainbow's Royal Flush (4/27/1996-) [OFA GR-62749F30F]
Rainbow's Wager on Shadowrun (6/5/1997-) [OFA GR-67137E31F-T]
Rainbow Dealers Choice (4/27/1996-) [OFA GR-60997F24M ]

Out of Am. CH Edgecombe's Magic Flute:

Edgecombe Bayberry Good News (4/9/1993-) [OFA GR-48701F24M]
Edgecombe's The Good Earth (4/9/1993-) [OFA GR-51138F33F]

Out of Synergold Calla Canadensis CDX CGC AX AXJ O-OAC-V SJC-V NGC-V:

Electralon Bold Inspiration CD AX OAJ V-OAC OJC NAP NJP (6/25/1993-8/25/2005) [OFA GR-49828G25F]

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