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Offspring of Can CH Kylador's Designated Driver CD SHDX CGC NAC NGC AD FbDCH ShDCH AMCGC (6/16/1993-12/7/2007)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Aust Ch Ximinez Riverdance ET ADX JD:

Ch Ximinez Driving Msdolly (10/4/2003-)
Ximinez Dancin Fordriver (10/4/2003-)
Ximinez Shouldbe Dancing (10/4/2003-)
Ximinez Dancin Inth Dark (10/4/2003-)
Australian Ch Ximinez Right Turn On Red (4/10/2003-)
Ximinez Runninthe Red (10/4/2003-)
Ximinez Wotz Up Dolly (10/4/2003-)

Out of Aust Ch Ximinez Kel Mark My Work:

Ximinez Drivin Me Crazy NJC NAC (10/20/2002-)
Aust Ch Ximinez Driver Reviver AFCH (10/20/2002-) [2:1]
Ximinez Pull Over Driver (10/26/2002-)
Ximinez Hot Toddy (10/20/2002-)
Ximinez All Wheel Drive (10/20/2002-)
Ximinez Drive Time DJ (10/20/2002-)
Ximinez Cruise Control (10/20/2002-)
Ximinez Keep Driving (10/20/2002-)

Out of Can Ch Woodstream's Tawny Secret:

Caltansis Second Testimony (9/18/1997-)
Caltansis Second Jigger (9/18/1997-)
Caltansis Second Annapolis (9/18/1997-) [OFA DTR-504G43F-NOPI]
Caltansis Second Amazement (9/18/1997-)

Out of Woodstream's Sea Breeze:

Pikkinokka's Tramontana (6/12/1997-)
Pikkinokka's Seaside Zephyr (6/12/1997-) [OFA DTR-377F24F-T]
Can Ch Pikkinokka's Seaside Tempest (6/12/1997-) [OFA DTR-376F24F-T]
Pikkinokka's Seaside Scirocco (6/12/1997-)
Pikkinokka's Seaside Santana (6/12/1997-)
Ch Pikkinokka's Seaside Mistral (6/12/1997-) [OFA DTR-434G35M]
Pikkinokka's Seaside Khamsin (6/12/1997-2008)

Out of Magpielane Rambling Wind:

Magpielane Spring Wind (3/21/2003-)
Magpielane Autumn Wind (3/21/2003-)
Magpielane Summer Wind (3/21/2003-) [FCI 0/0]

Out of Can Ch Kylador Integrity Of Number 9 FbDX:

Tollegend White Horse Running (10/4/2000-)
Tollegend Tremendous Talent (6/22/1997-)
Tollegend Tradition Continues (1/4/2002-)
Tollegend Tiggerific Trooper (6/18/1998-1/21/2013)
Tollegend Tee Eye Double G Err (6/18/1998-)
Tollegend Team Canada (6/22/1997-) [OFA DTR-436E36F-T]
Tollegend Rumbly Tumbly Zaya (6/18/1998-)
Tollegend Ref Fur Ee (6/22/1997-) [OFA DTR-496G46M-PI]
Tollegend Rebound Touchdown (10/4/2000-) [OFA DTR-675G28F-PI]
Tollegend Pregame Party Sam (10/4/2000-)
Tollegend Penalty Shot (1/4/2002-)
Tollegend Overtime Goal (6/22/1997-)
Tollegend Kanga Bala Bay (6/18/1998-)
Tollegend Kanasta Tango (6/22/1997-)
Tollegend Guess Who's Coming (10/4/2000-)
Tollegend Grey Cup Outrider (10/4/2000-)
Tollegend Get In The Game (10/4/2000-)
Tollegend Game Misconduct (6/22/1997-)
Tollegend Four Strong Winds (11/6/1999-)
Tollegend Four Leaf Clover (11/6/1999-)
Tollegend Four Cast Warning (11/6/1999-)
Tollegend Four Buy Four (11/6/1999-)
Tollegend Five Minute Major (1/4/2002-)
Tollegend Expansion Draft (6/22/1997-) [OFA DTR-378G24F-T]
Tollegend Delayed Offside (6/22/1997-)
Tollegend Defensive Blitz (10/4/2000-)
Can CH Tollegend Canada Cup (6/22/1997-) [OFA DTR-467G42F-PI]
Tollegend Blustery Day (6/18/1998-)
Tollegend Agustis Four Us (11/6/1999-)
Tollegend 100 Acre Wood (6/18/1998-)

Out of Beinnbhreagh Flying Finish:

Tollegend Desert Hot Springs (10/20/2001-)
Tollegend Kama Sands (10/20/2001-)
Tollegend Hot Desert Night (10/20/2001-)
Tollegend Twentynine Palms (10/20/2001-)
Tollegend Shifting Sands (10/20/2001-)

Out of Ch Ximinez Lifes A Beach:

Ch Ximinez Payth Toll (9/7/2004-)
CH Ximinez Return To Sender TD (9/7/2004-6/5/2018) [OFA DTR-1012G27M-PI]
Ximinez Dune Buggy Babe (9/7/2004-)
ximinez Going ThDistance (9/7/2004-)
Ximinez Onth Beach Road (9/7/2004-)
Ximinez Elle Plates (9/7/2004-)
Ximinez Drive Toth Beach (9/7/2004-)
Ximinez Pee Plates (9/7/2004-)
Ximinez Beach Toll Road (9/7/2004-)

Out of Tollegend Expansion Draft:

Lochinvar's Spirit of Jasper (10/29/1999-)
Lochinvar's Sky (10/29/1999-)
Can Ch Lochinvar's Seabreeze Chinook (10/29/1999-) [OFA DTR-534F24F-PI]
Lochinvar's Seaborn Thalassa (10/29/1999-) [OFA DTR-536G24F-PI]
Lochinvar's Kona (10/29/1999-)
Lochinvar's Clipper (10/29/1999-)
Lochinvar's Bruce (10/29/1999-)

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