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Offspring of Can Ch Littleriver's Delhaven Dancer (7/17/1997-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Ch Littleriver's Really Belle:

Honeyrun's Murphy (12/13/2003-)
Honeyrun Riley Mackenzie (12/13/2003-)
Honeyrun - Bounder (12/13/2003-)
Honeyrun River Dancer UD (12/13/2003-)

Out of Can Ch Littleriver's Sassy Girl:

Littleriver's Evangeline (12/19/1998-)
Littleriver's Coy (12/19/1998-)
Littleriver's Cheyenne (12/19/1998-)
Littleriver's Angeline Girl (12/19/1998-)
Littleriver's Mollie (12/19/1998-)
Littleriver's Mandy (12/19/1998-)
Littleriver's Whiskey (12/19/1998-)

Out of Littleriver's Cinnamon:

Littleriver's Gracie (5/30/2002-)
Littleriver's Trail Blazer (5/30/2002-)
Littleriver's Topaz (5/30/2002-)
Littleriver's Lapland Hunter (5/30/2002-11/7/2012) [FCI A/A]

Out of Littleriver's Christmas Bell:

Littleriver's Brigus (6/7/2002-)
Littleriver's Starsonthe Water (11/19/2001-)
Littleriver's So Hanna Souling (11/19/2001-)
Littleriver's Red Bell Dancer (11/19/2001-)
Littleriver's Phoebee (11/19/2001-)
Littleriver's Coper (11/19/2001-)
Littleriver's Bailey Tokadjian (11/19/2001-)
Ch Littleriver's Bryn (1/4/2004-2/3/2012) [OFA DTR-881G24F-PI]
Littleriver's Crosby (11/20/2005-)
Littleriver's Jennifer (11/20/2005-)
Littleriver's Halle Bell (11/20/2005-)
Ch OTCh Littleriver's Tynee Dancer PCD RE WC, Am UD RE (11/20/2005-)
Littleriver's Lady Pentelope (11/20/2005-)
Littleriver's Razz Ma Tazz (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Daisy Lynn (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Ginger Dog (12/13/2002-)
Littleriver's Foxy D J (11/19/2001-)
Littleriver's Westhill Ladyfox (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Ana (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Abby 2nd (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Astro Gazer (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Brodie 2nd (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Racey Reva (1/4/2004-)
Littleriver's Angel Dancer (11/20/2005-)
NSDTRC AKC CH Littleriver's Quinn Creek Reba JH (11/20/2005-12/10/2014) [OFA DTR-1207G36F-VPI]
Littleriver's Rubi (6/28/2004-)
Littleriver's Happy Argus (6/28/2004-)
Littleriver's New Glaswegian (6/28/2004-12/17/2004)
Littleriver's Red Canuck (6/28/2004-10/1/2012) [B]
Littleriver's Nova Girl (6/28/2004-8/9/2011) [OVC Normal (0036217)]
Littleriver's Kona (7/1/2003-)
Littleriver's Kirby (7/1/2003-)
Littleriver's Winnie Rene (7/1/2003-)
Littleriver's Salty Dog (7/1/2003-)
Littleriver's Julius Maximus (7/1/2003-)
Littleriver's Zino (7/1/2003-)

Out of Littleriver's Bounty:

Littleriver's Snickers (3/1/2003-)
Littleriver's Princess (3/1/2003-)
Littleriver's Tollie (3/1/2003-)
Littleriver's Copper Nova (3/1/2003-)
Littleriver's Thingil Aragorn (3/1/2003-)

Out of Littleriver's Lady Scarlet:

Littlerivers Desert New Star (2/12/2006-5/23/2009)
Littleriver's West Wind Sage (2/12/2006-) [OFA Good]
CH Littleriver's Ruby Red Beekauz WC CD RN (2/12/2006-) [OFA DTR-1118G24F-VPI]
Littleriver's Socks (6/22/2005-)
Littleriver's Otis (6/22/2005-)
Littleriver's Miss Molly (6/22/2005-)
Littleriver's Siska (6/22/2005-)
Littleriver's Emery (6/22/2005-)
Littleriver's Farrell (6/22/2005-)
Littleriver's Mort (6/22/2005-)
Littleriver's Logan (10/7/2003-)
Littleriver's Mikey (10/7/2003-)
Littleriver's Buffy (10/7/2003-)
Littleriver's Bailey Nowlan (10/7/2003-)
Littleriver's Hamly Healer (10/7/2003-)
Littleriver's Teela (10/7/2003-)

Out of Littleriver's Molly 2nd:

Littleriver's Taffy (2/23/1999-)
Littleriver's Abby (2/23/1999-)
Keirka of Littleriver (2/23/1999-)

Out of Anemone Of Great Pleasure:

Littleriver's Adk Hunter (5/10/2003-)
Littleriver's White Brooke (5/10/2003-)

Out of Beinnbhreaghs Double Cross:

Littleriver's Kanelle (6/15/2002-)
Littleriver's Jesse Sky (6/15/2002-)
Littleriver's Madeline (6/15/2002-)
Littleriver's Macey Red (6/15/2002-)
Littleriver's Copper 2nd (6/15/2002-)
Littleriver's El Zorro (11/19/2001-)
AKC/NSDTRC/CAN CH Littleriver's Decoy Dancer UDX RE JH NA NAJ AXP AJP CGC (11/19/2001-9/17/2015) [OFA DTR-689G24M-PI]
DK PL CH Littleriver's Dancing Queen (11/19/2001-4/23/2013) [FCI B]
Littleriver's Captain Ahab (11/19/2001-)
Littleriver's 2 Great Pleasure (6/15/2002-) [FCI A]
Littleriver's Fundy Rygel (12/7/2004-)
Littleriver's Fenway (12/7/2004-)
Littleriver's Rouge Rudy (12/7/2004-)
Littleriver's Murphy (12/7/2004-)
AKC CH; Can CH Littleriver's Limited Edition (12/7/2004-) [OFA DTR-999G25M-PI Good]
MEX/INT CH Littleriver's Mexican Senorita WCX JH MEX/AKC CD (11/19/2001-3/26/2012) [FCI LDCF03159B HD]
Littleriver's Foxie Lady (11/19/2001-)
Littleriver's Kona 2nd (6/20/2004-)
Littleriver's Amber (7/15/2003-)
Littleriver's Bella (7/15/2003-)
Littleriver's Carly (7/15/2003-)
Littleriver's Misty (7/15/2003-)
Littleriver's Rilee (7/15/2003-)
Littleriver's Sparkle (7/15/2003-)
Littleriver's Duff (7/15/2003-)
Littleriver's Rubie (12/21/2002-)
Littleriver's My Lady Madison (12/21/2002-)
Littleriver's Millbr McCready (12/21/2002-)
Littleriver's Maggy Ann (12/21/2002-)
Littleriver's Life Of Riley (12/21/2002-)
Littleriver's Delhaven Dreamer (6/15/2002-) [OVC Clear]

Out of Littlerivers Mama's In The Red:

Littleriver's Ceilidh Robb (4/9/2005-)
Littleriver's Cece (4/9/2005-)
Littleriver's Finally Findley (4/9/2005-)

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