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Offspring of Gunhills Banjo Of Sansue (11/17/1986-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Tansy Topper Of Gayplume:

Gayplume Violetta [22:22]

Out of Rhinestar Golden Delight:

Blushing Charlotte [11:15]

Out of Tudor Rose:

Karstels Tudor Karina [7:8]

Out of Channri Country Lady:

Panteidal Fleur [4:3]
Panteidal Bronwen [7:7]
Panteidal Del [5:3]

Out of Hollyanne Rozanne:

Perrimay Rainbow [4:4]

Out of Breckfield Guelder Rose:

Hope My Lady Of Aquataine [19:18]

Out of Wyebank Argylle Sunrise:

Serdelau Navigator [6:6]

Out of Janward Giorgio:

Keness Sky Rocket [6:6]

Out of Thirldene November Star:

Jamily Golden Lily [5:10]

Out of Blisworth Aphrodite:

Withambridge Indiana Jones [9:6]
Withambridge Santa Lucia [6:4]

Out of Kass Bailey:

Delightful Dreamer [8:9]

Out of Treeriver Emma:

Treeriver Simba [7:5]

Out of Abbicass Heart Of Gold:

Cross Legged Sam [9:7]
Bucks Fizz Delight [7:9]

Out of Wyebank Special Edition:

Wyebank Meadow Foxglove [4:4]

Out of Dancing Queen (daughter of Shandeen Sportsman):

Renoka Truly Scrumptious [8:8]

Out of Nunsbrook Night Fever:

Ben of Night Fever

Out of Patari Choral Sundown:

Patari Starlight Magic [5:5]

Out of Dorjealey Glenrothes:

Tislaw Dubonnet [5:9]

Out of Labranna Zareinah:

Labranna Zellettah
Labranna Zellandrah

Out of Colryn Calypso Of Tyneglow:

Tyneglow October Magic [4:3]
Tyneglow October Jewel [5:5]
Tyneglow October Spice

Out of Tamsbrook Tranquil Storm Of Muirbeck:

Muirbeck Drummer Boy [8:4]
Muirbeck Daydream Believer [9:12]

Out of Starlance Charade at Turambar:

Turambar Dont Stop Dancing [8:8]
Turambar Dainty Dancer [13:6]
Turambar Delightful Dancer Of Revelsgold [19:6]
Turambar Debonair Dancer [7:6]

Out of Unavale Sweet Sue At Heleanne:

Heleanne My Lady Cara [5:6]
Delightful Tamarisk For Unavale [4:4]

Out of Brynlyn Spice:

Brynlyn Pollyanna [6:3]
Brynlyn Basil at Tugwood [9:3]

Out of Gaineda The Dutchess at Westrock:

Westrock Felicia [7:6]
Westrock Noble Destiny At Archways [10:11]
Westrock Foxy Lady of Overwater [7:10]

Out of Renoka Renascence:

Renoka Skylark [11:9]

Out of Gaineda Jubilee of Pajival:

Pajival Cassanova [5:4]
Pajival Sheer Romance [6:4]
Pajival Golden Cascade [4:3]

Out of Edgeley Elegant:

treeriver toby

Out of Sandalgem Yeolande Malee:

Sandalgem Showmiz [9:10]
Sandalgem Lord of Dorset (3/1995-1/13/2008)

Out of Dorjealey Adara:

Dorjealey Sugarbean [13:7]
Dorjealey Sugarplum [7:5]

Out of Shinehill Fine'n'Fancy:

Beautifull Bibi [14:8]
Musical Maestro Of Monks Dale [8:4]
Lovely Lady Of The Dale At Ramsley

Out of Goldshot Kirsty:

Beautiful Bunty [6:9]

Out of Verdayne Guelder Rose:

Verdayne Juniper [3:3]
Verdayne Jynx At Grovelands [4:4]
Verdayne Jonquil [16:15]

Out of Lady In Love:

Jolly Jezebel of Slanwood (9/2/1993-) [BVA Hip Score 4:3]

Out of Sansue Liberty Bow:

Sansue Fitzgerald [11:11]
Sansue Fidelity [7:6]

Out of Linchael Audace at Henwick:

Henwick Grouse'N Heather (3/13/1996-) [BVA Hip Score 6:5]
Henwick Gaiety Gal (3/13/1996-)
Henwick Gaelic Charm (3/13/1996-) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]

Out of Shinehill Jinger Cookie:

Shinehill Rags to Riches [7:4]

Out of Sansue True Diamond Of Alecire:

Alecire Sweet Samba [3:3]
Alecire Sister Sue [6:7]
Alecire Petite Minuet
Alecire Gay Quadrille

Out of Cotefield Carmela Of Pinecrest:

Pinecrest Anastasia (4/1/1990-) [BVA Hip Score 11:11]

Out of Ravenglade the Dutches:

Ravenglade Happy go Lucky [5:4]

Out of Mortonbury Emma:

Mortonbury Roxanna (10/24/1990-) [6:5]
Mortonbury Lucinda of Deloro (11/24/1991-) [9:12]

Out of Archgold Marcsthyme:

Purdey of Redhall (1/12/1988-) [8:12]

Out of Gloi Last Tango With Kerrien:

Kerrien Star De La Chaumine [9:9]
Kerrien Polar Dawn Of Tregeseal [18:8]
Kerrien Polar Breeze Of Gracewood [BVA 7:6]

Out of Rambleyne Lucinda:

Hiliarys Midas [24:22]
Flora Of Rochris [5:9]
Zoes Megan [BVA Hip Score 7:6]

Out of Sansue Free Sprite:

Sansue Blue Nun [7:6]
Sansue Mystic Meg Of Glenhaven [5:8]
Sansue Tiessa [7:6]
Sansue Tiara [4:4]
Sansue Tilda of Bridrick [6:9]
Sansue Bluebell of Barncluith [18:5]
Sansue Mastermind of Bearhard (1995-) [16 -11]
Sansue Master Daniel (2/20/1995-) [B1]
SPA,PT CH Sansue Tiger Moth [6:7]

Out of Eng. CH. Sansue Flair's Opal:

Sansue Magic Penny of Treeveville 1CC [13:11]
Eng. SH. CH. Sansue Magic Maize JW (3/20/1997-) [BVA(8:8)]
Sansue Magic Man 2 CC, 3 Res CC (3/20/1997-1/7/2012) [6:3]

Out of Sansue Royal Faith:

Stonat Santa Fe [4:4]
Stonat Santa Sofia [4:5]
Stonat Santa Rosa of Alibren (5/28/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 5:4]

Out of Canina Tunnel Of Love:

Canina Look Of Love Of Chreasure [6:6]
Canina Sea Of Love At Woodsmoor [9:9]
Eng. SH. CH. Canina Love Inexcess (2/12/1992-) [5:5]

Out of Starlance Evita Of Revelsgold:

Revelsgold Love Me Do [16:16]
Revelsgold Ticket To Ride [23:27]
Revelsgold Lucy In The Sky [18:17]
Eng. CH. Revelsgold Sargeant Pepper (6/6/1991-) [16:8]

Out of Eng. CH. Sansue Xtra Polite:

NUCH Sansue Lollipop for Vi-Vi's
Sansue Lady in Ruby
Sansue Louisa Of Cardrona (7/16/1988-10/25/2001) [5 : 6]
Sansue Lola Of Romside (7/16/1988-) [4:3]
Sansue Maryrose At Westrock (8/2/1994-) [BVA Hip Score 23:8]
Sansue Marsha (8/2/1994-) [BVA Hip Score 5:4]
Sansue Lady In Scarlet (5/15/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 9:7]
Sansue Lady In Red At Perodale (5/15/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 5:21]
Sansue Lady In Carmine (5/15/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 5:4]
Sansue Loyalist (7/16/1988-) [B/B]
Sansue Lolita (7/16/1988-)
LUX CH Sansue Lord Of The Manor (5/15/1992-) [B1]
Sansue McIver JW (8/2/1994-) [BVA Hip Score 6:11]
Can. CH Sansue Lochinvar

Out of Eng. CH. Sansue Royal Fancy:

Sansue Royal Stamp [14:29]
Sansue Royal Sash (6/7/1990-) [8:6]
Sansue Royal Sabre of Tyrol [3:5]
Sansue Royal Seal (6/7/1990-) [HD UA (199?)]
Sansue Vireo Of Nunsbrook [Unknown 7:8]

Out of Rossbourne Party Piece of Sansue:

Sansue Cheers (7/20/1989-) [BVA Hip Score 6:4]

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