Golden Retriever

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Offspring of AmCH AFC Lorelei's Golden Rockbottom UD OS SDHF (3/7/1948-12/22/1957)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Merri-Gold Treva:

Treva's Merri-Gold Penny (4/20/1951-)

Out of Featherquest Chip's Splinter:

Twopence Of Featherquest (1/20/1950-)
Featherquest's Golden Lady (S396905) (1/20/1950-)
Featherquest Rockwood (1/20/1950-)
Featherquest Rockette (1/20/1950-)

Out of Champagne Gold:

Promise Of Taramar (3/2/1950-)
Sherry Of Prides (3/2/1950-)
Golden Playboy (S399784) (3/2/1950-)
Play Boy Of Twin Hill (3/2/1950-)
Golden Moments Of Taramar (3/2/1950-)
Flicker (S683148) (3/2/1950-)
Jason's Golden Fleece II (3/2/1950-)

Out of Lorelei's Golden Torch **:

MacPherson's Tobie (6/7/1951-)
Torch's MacDougal (6/7/1951-)
Lorelei's Golden Flare CD (6/7/1951-)
Budel's Golden Cybele (6/7/1951-)
Lorelei's Rocket of Ruanme (6/7/1951-)

Out of Lassie of Lassellsville:

Lassellsville Rustle (6/12/1950-)
Lassellsville Rockette (6/12/1950-)
Lassellsville Ripple (6/12/1950-)
Lassellsville Judy (6/12/1950-)
Lassellsville Cayuga Girl (6/12/1950-)
Lassellsville Cap'N Jeff (6/12/1950-)
Lassellsville Bingo Bess (6/12/1950-)
Lassellsville Golden Lori (6/12/1950-)
Lassellsville Golden Monty (6/12/1950-)

Out of Natasha Valinki:

Lorelei's Golden Natasha (6/15/1951-)
Hilltop Golden Redhead (6/15/1951-)
Sunny Wood Golden Sprig (6/15/1951-)
Sunny Wood Golden Mug (6/15/1951-)

Out of Betteneyes April Day CD:

Jester Of Cricket Hall (10/26/1950-)

Out of Can. CH. Des Lacs Temptation:

Shadywell Golden Rip
Can. CH. Shadywell Shawnaki CanCD
Can. CH. Shadywell Golden Boy
Can. CH. Shadywell My Surprise

Out of Am./Can. CH. Gold-In-Hills Sally CD:

Friars' Golden Morning Mist (5/4/1951-)
Gold In Hills Rocky Bye Babe (5/4/1951-)
Gold-In-Hills Kuno (5/4/1951-)
Gold-In-Hills Ace Of Spades (5/4/1951-)
Gold-In-Hills Golden Rocket (5/4/1951-)
Am. CH. Gold-In-Hills Kimba (5/4/1951-)
Am. CH. Gold-In-Hills Hollee Am/Can CD (5/4/1951-)

Out of Am. CH. Stilrovin Red Head Reliance:

Sanchar's Copper Valli (10/27/1950-)
Sanchar's Copper Flashing (10/27/1950-)

Out of Am. CH. Sun Glow Of Catawba:

Money Bogge Mustard (2/24/1950-)
Money Bogge Garlic (2/24/1950-)
Money Bogge Chive (2/24/1950-)
Money Bogge Sugar (2/24/1950-)
Money Bogge Chili (2/24/1950-)
Money Bogge Sage (2/24/1950-)

Out of Am. CH. Hornet Of Tigathoe ***:

Lorelei's Golden Verity (3/31/1951-)
Lorelei's Golden Topper (3/31/1951-)
Lorelei's Golden Patience (3/31/1951-)
Lorelei's Golden Hope (3/31/1951-)
Lorelei's Golden Gayety (3/31/1951-)
Lorelei's Golden Defender (3/31/1951-)
Lorelei's Golden Avenger (3/31/1951-)
Lorelei's Golden Faith (3/31/1951-)
Lorelei's Golden Prudence (3/31/1951-)

Out of Tanya Of Feather Fetch:

Am. CH. Feather Fetch Tucker (6/7/1951-)

Out of Featherquest Pamela:

Lorelei's Lucky Sweep (7/26/1949-)
Lorelei's Lucky Speed (7/26/1949-)
Lorelei's Lucky Oro (7/26/1949-)
Lorelei's Lucky Lady Lee (7/26/1949-)
Lorelei's Lucky Charm (7/26/1949-)
Lorelei's Lucky Bet (7/26/1949-)
Lorelei's Lucky Ace (7/26/1949-)
Lorelei's Lucky Shot (7/26/1949-)
Lorelei's Lucky Nan *** (7/26/1949-)
Am. CH. Lorelei's Lucky Gallant (7/26/1949-)
Lorelei's Lucky Penny OD (7/26/1949-)
Am. CH. Lorelei's Lucky Star (7/26/1949-)

Out of Masaka Of Wynford:

Hot Chili Of Audlon (4/2/1951-)
Flip Of Audlon (4/2/1951-)
Rushmore's Golden Arrow *** (4/29/1951-)
Nilo Nathaniel (4/2/1951-)
Pink Lady of Audlon ** OD (4/2/1951-1961)

Out of Am. CH. Gold Button of Catawba ** OD:

Shuffle Of Tigathoe (5/26/1950-)
Royal Flush Of Tigathoe (5/26/1950-)
Riffle Of Tigathoe (5/26/1950-)
The Trey Of Tigathoe (5/26/1950-)
The Deuce Of Tigathoe (5/26/1950-)
Flush Of Tigathoe (5/26/1950-)
Ace Of Tigathoe (5/26/1950-)
Ace High of Tigathoe (5/26/1950-)
Dealer Of Tigathoe (5/26/1950-)
CH Little Joe Of Tigathoe *** OS (5/26/1950-7/20/1963) [OFA GRC-25]

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