Atr Duffy Rascal Toduk CD  (2/8/1989-)

Call name:
Country of origin:Unknown
Registration:AKC SF557149


Atr Duffy Rascal Toduk CD
Caernac Duffy of Lost Meadow *** WCX OS
FC AFC Mioak's Main Event OS FDHF
AFC Wild Fire Of Riverview CDX WCX OS FDHF
Mioak's Ginger *** OD
Caernac's X-Tra WCX ***
Bainin of Caernac CD *** OS
Topbrass Razzle Dazzle Rose CD TD WCX OD
Atr Red Feather Rascal
AFC Yankee's Smoke'n Red Devil OS
FC AFC Northbreak Kinike Sir Jim OS FDHF
Yankee Fluff ***
Captain's Feather Winch
Mioak's Tuff Stuff ***
Captain's Dancer Kelly