Eng. CH. Beauchasse Dominie  (9/17/1947-)

Call name:
Country of origin:United Kingdom
Registration:Other KCSB 1793AF
Breeder:Mr. W. D. Barwise
Owner:Mr. W. D. Barwise


Eng. CH. Beauchasse Dominie
Eng. CH. Torrdale Happy Lad
Torrdale Sandy Boy
Torrdale Laddie
Theurrech Of Elsiville
Eng. CH. Dukeries Dancing Lady
Eng. SH. CH. Abbots Wisdom
Eng. CH. Abbots Music < Mountclogg Mossrose
Eng. SH. CH. Beauchasse Bergamot
Beauchasse Pioneer
Torrdale Merry Michael
Torrdale Silver Shoes
Dorcas Leola
Tormist Amber
Dorcas Felicia