Yucca vom Keien Fenn  (2/20/1995-)

Call name:
Country of origin:Germany
Registration:Other ÷HZB LRET 1351A
Breeder:Dr. H. Niehof
Owner:Ursula PŲzlberger
Hip clearance:A2
Elbow clearance:0/0
PRA status:Clear (Łber Erbgang)


Yucca vom Keien Fenn
FTCh Tibea Tosh
FTCh Palgrave Quin
FTCh Shot of Palgrave
FTCh Palgrave Holly
FTCh Tibea Topaz
FTCh Hedenhampark Dash of Philray
FTCH Oday Alice of Tibea
Wanda vom Keien Fenn
Leicester vom Keien Fenn
Titan du Vallon de Villard
Inka vom Keien Fenn
N'debele Zibet
Perkin Flump at Meadowmill
Ndebele Juba