Pastime's Poundcake  (7/7/1982-1992)

Call name:
Country of origin:Unknown
Registration:FCI SF19206M/82


Pastime's Poundcake
FIN CH Nattens Sportsman FIN OCH
Ballyduff Maroon
GB Ch Sandylands Mark
GB.Ch. Ballyduff Marina
Nattens Ygraine
SE UCH NO UCH INT UCH Chruston Wapanachki of Trewinnard
NORD UCH INT UCH Nattens Elsinore
FIUCH Mallards Caddis Cased
NO CH NORD UCH INT CH NORD V-78 Licithas Blizzard
NORD UCH INT UCH Baronor Phoenix
SE UCH NO UCH Licithas Poppet
Mallards Sand Eel
SUCH NUCH Ballyduff Fergus
Mallards Deep Purple