Red-Toller's Innmood Bonny

Call name:
Country of origin:Norway
Registration:FCI N05178/02


Red-Toller's Innmood Bonny
Red-Tollers Antonio Poppe
Whistling Cliff Under The Red Sky
Multi. Ch. Bright Flower's Elegant Danish Boy
EW-2000 PL DRC-VDH LUX NL CH Chevy Fa-antastic Under The Red Sky
NUCH Shaggy Toller's Bailey Bee-Q
DK CH EUV-95 Bright Flower's Chief
DKCH EUV'96 LCH BESG'96 VV'96 DCH-VDH BESG'97 Ardunacres Diplomat
NO UCH NORD V-02 Red-Tollers Taxigirl
Redtoffy (DKK28154/95)
NUCH DKCH NV-88 Flyingtollers Boomer
Tollbreton Dania
Red-Tollers Yevy Cuba
Winfren Vulpaqula Rex
Nuch Red-Tollers Aubry