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Full siblings of Littleriver's Maddie (12/19/2003-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database which have the same sire and dam as this dog. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Littleriver's Cavalier Maggie (5/23/2003-)
Littleriver's Nova Ally Wishes (5/23/2003-)
Littleriver's Copper Three (5/23/2003-)
Littleriver's Kaper (5/23/2003-)
Littleriver's Abbie (5/23/2003-)
Littleriver's Daffy (5/23/2003-)
Littleriver's Mick (5/23/2003-)
Littleriver's Ryehill Jake (12/19/2003-)
Littleriver's Dunnkohn (12/19/2003-)
Littleriver's Dudley Do Right (12/19/2003-)
Littleriver's Jackson (12/19/2003-)
Littleriver's Calvin (12/19/2003-)
Littleriver's Tosca (12/19/2003-)
Littleriver's Ava Noelle (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Ozark Rose (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Happy Sunshine (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Rocket (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Kylah Girl (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Maddie 2nd (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Rhea (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Roselita (12/18/2004-)
Littleriver's Maxwell (6/12/2005-)
Littleriver's Maggee (6/12/2005-)
Littleriver's Taz (6/12/2005-)
Littleriver's Maggie Jessie (6/12/2005-)
Littleriver's Spacepiper (6/12/2005-)
Littleriver's Mamma's Owe Debt (12/19/2003-) [OFA DTR-878E24F-PI]
Littleriver's Viking Warrior (5/23/2003-) [FCI B]

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