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Flying Flap Ears S-Wurf

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Flying Flap Ears S-Wurf
Flying Flap Ears Stella (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Storm (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Saphira (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Snow (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Spot (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Sirius Black (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Skywalker (0/0)
Batmoors' Rubeus Hagrid (0)
Batmoors' Ron Weasley (0/0)
Batmoors' Argus Filch (0)
Batmoors' Albus Dumbledore
Batmoors' Minister Fudge
Batmoors' Remus Lupus (0)
Batmoors' Dudley Dursey (0)
Batmoors' Severus Snape
Batmoors' Ginny Weasley (0)
Batmoors' Jo' Robling
FTCh Eastdale Harry (0)
Eastdale Hogan
Eastdale Hope
Eastdale Honey
Eastdale Hugo
FTCh Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead (0)
FTW Greenbriar Viva of Ffynongain
Greenbriar Victor
Greenbriar Valour
Greenbriar Vincent
Greenbriar Vodka
Greenbriar Vagabond
Greenbriar Vince
Greenbriar Verve
FTW Greenbriar Vogue
Greenbriar Vigour
FTW Daughting Dulcie of Eastdale
Talulla Tilly
Yellow Storm Daze
Bouncing Bailey Boy
Batmoors' Leadhills Mennock (FCI 00)
Batmoors' Leadhills Ale (00)
Batmoors' Leadhills Tarras (0)
FTCh Bierspool Blackbill of Lakedown (0/0)
Bierspool Blackbull
Bierspool Blackjack
Bierspool Blackbart
Bierspool Blackbess
Bierspool Blackpearl
Bierspool Blackberry
Hillus Holland (FCI 0)
Hillus Churchill
Hillus Boss
Hillus Greener Of Fowlersmoon (0)
DKJCH Hillus Powell (0)
Flying Flap Ears Katana (0/0, OCD 0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Keiko (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Keks
Flying Flap Ears Krümel (0/0, OCD 0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Kermit (borderline)
Flying Flap Ears Kenobi (0/0, OCD 0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Keanu (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Kenai (borderline, OCD 0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Kleene Mila (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Krambambuli (0/0, OCD 0/0)
DKBrCh Lochiness Han Solo (0)
FTW Levenghyl Baccarat at Lochmuir (0/0)
Levenghyl Solitaire of Cynhinfa (0/0)
Levenghyl Roll The Dice (0/0)
Levenghyl Gambler (00)
Levenghyl Vegas With Olivertash (0)
Levenghyl Twist (0)
Levenghyl Roulette
Lochiness Foxberry (0)
Lochiness Bramble (0)
Flying Flap Ears Coco Chanel (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Chumbawamba (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Cheveyo (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Campino (0/0)
Flying Flap Ears Cody (0/0)
Domus ex Duria (0/0)
Darius ex Duria (0/0)
Danus Ex Duria (0/0)
Dominicus Ex Duria (0/0)
Dea Thornproof Dazzle Ex Duria (0/0)
Diva Ex Duria (0/0)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging A'Nell (0/0)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging A-Findus (0/0)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging Aaron (0/0)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging Aika (0/0)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging Al-Gomez (0/0)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging Arthur (0/0)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging Ashley

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