Golden Retriever

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Cash x Doc

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Cash x Doc
MapleHills One for the Money JH
MapleHills Penelope
MapleHills Heir To The Throne
MapleHills Cruzing With The Ocean Breeze
MapleHills Lovely Rita JH
Maplehills Keep It Simple'N Sweet BCAT TKN CGC
Maplehills Chloe Collison
Maplehills Little Woman
Maplehills Wrigley Doyle
Maplehills Little Darling Dot Thomson
Maplehills Our Lucky Penny
Maplehills Brunnen
Maplehills Charlie's Golden Ticket
Maplehills Hooper
Lorfield's I Get Around MH47 MNH4 CCA WCX HTHF
Lorfield's Time Well Wasted
Goldenloch's Run'N Crockett MH WCX *** OS
Goldenloch Abagail Lady Of The Lake
Goldenloch President's Lady
Goldenloch Henry of Harris
Absolut (SR06429305)
Goldenloch Pride of Lincoln
Goldenloch Sir Bailey Bagger MH WCX CCA
Goldenloch Roxie
Goldenloch Free As The Wind JH
Lorfield's Slip Sliding Away JH WC
Wynwood Sunshine Allie
Wynwood's Bound for Glory
Maplehills A Penny For Your Thoughts
Marplehills Samers
HRCH Maplehills Les' Running Reese
MapleHills Livin Like Lieven
Maplehills Laurel Tree Goddess
Maplehills Piper The Sniper
MapleHills Feel the Bern
Prairie Fire's Goodtime Running Wild MH ***
Indian Creek's Prarie Fire Kenda
Prairie Fire's Cyrus The Great
Goldpuppies Brassfire's Sweet Birdie
Prairie Fire's Red Hot Sriracha MH **
Prairie Fire's Waltzing Matilda
Maplehills Some Like It Hot JH
MapleHills River Chief
Maplehills Ruger Captain Drake
MapleHills A Night at the Roxbury
MapleHills Molly Magee
MapleHills Sweet Sadie
MapleHills Deuces Wild
MapleHills I Love Lucy
MapleHills October Arnold
MapleHills Sawyer Sparky Meyer
MapleHills Lexington
MapleHills Flying High Flynn
MapleHills Sir Earnest Prince of Sparta
Maplehills I'M Your Huckleberry JH
FC Thistle Rocks Red Ike MH QA2 WCX
Josie Rea
Kodiak's Yogi Bear
Leelo's Coke With A Splash Of Midori
Thistle Rock's Greatest Reward JH WC
Evans Queen Mossy
Thistle Rocks New Kid On The Block MH24 WCX QAA
Thistle Rocks Je'a Blue Jeans SH **
Thistle Rocks E&J's Tucker
Bewitched Thistle Rocks Moosehead MH
Red Elk River Fern
Wham Bam's Rum And Coke MH ** WCX OS
Redmark Hollieberry
Redmark's Red Autumn Rose WC, CGC, MH
HRCH Redmark Maggie SH
Redmarks Pinch Hitter **
Redmarks Mighty Maverick
Wham Bam Doubles Shot of Rum
Redmark's Red Storm Rising SH, WC
Sydney Redmark
Redmark Live Wire Flash Fire UD SH WC CGC TDI
Thistle Rocks Red Leelo OD
Thistle Rocks Lilly Of Peace
Maplehills Whiskey Girl
MapleHills Sora Belle
MapleHills Harvest Riesling
MapleHills Winchesters Morning Super Sport
MapleHills Remington Troubadour
MapleHills Quinn's Emie of LQS
MapleHills Duck Duck Lucy
MapleHills Marshal Dillon
MapleHills Let It Go Mary
MapleHills Rudy
MapleHills Finnley Chestere
MapleHills Finn of Maple Street
Maplehills Tango on the Water
MapleHills Boy Scout
MapleHills Love is Like a Rose
MapleHills Ruby Rogers
MapleHills Betty White Rose
Maplehills Webshire Special Dare-livery JH
Webshire's Love Dare MH WCX CCA
Webshire's It Takes Two JH WC RN
Maple Hills Guns N Roses MH WCX
Maxhaven's Captain Skywalker
Heatherwoods Golden Remington
Maple Hills Max A Moose
Maple Hills Sadie's Lucky Dance
Maplehills Captain Jack Sparrow
Maple Hills Angel
Maplehills Bette Davis Eyes JH

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